10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Huskimo

New designer dog breeds have emerged in the last few decades. These dogs are bred to achieve a variety of different characteristics by breeders who are selective in choosing parents that will produce the desired characteristics and traits. The Huskimo is one such breed that features the best qualities of each parent. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Huskimo to help you become more familiar with this beautiful and impressive hybrid dog breed.

1. Huskimos are Siberian Husky and American Eskimo dogs

According to Wagwalking, Huskimos were developed by breeders who crossed a Siberian Husky with an American Eskimo dog breed. The intention was to create an energetic breed with a medium side and it was a successful endeavor. The puppies may inherit traits from both parents so you never know for certain if they will look more like a Husky, like the Amerian Eskimo, or like a mixture of the two. Since both are beautiful dogs, either way, you’re going to have an attractive pet.

2. Huskimos require lots of exercise

Be warned before adopting a Huskimo puppy that you’re going to have your hands full. From the time that they’re small until they reach a slower elderly stage of life, this dog has a lot of energy. It’s going to be important to make sure that he gets to go out and exercise daily. This can help him to burn off the excess energy that he has. It is also essential for keeping his muscles developed and toned. A daily walk will help, but ideally, his home will have a large fenced yard where he can run and play.

3. Huskimos are good family dogs

If you’re looking for a pet for the family, the Huskimo may be a good choice. They’re social and loving dogs who are great around families with children. They love to play and to give and receive affection. They welcome attention when properly socialized and make good playmates for younger children and teenagers. They thrive on the energy of others and love to get involved with family playtime in the yard.

4. Huskimos are perfect jogging or hiking companions

If you are the outdoors type and enjoy making long hikes and treks in the wilderness, a Huskimo will be a good companion to take along. According to Doggie Designer, Huskimos have exceptional tolerance to color or harsh climates. They have strong endurance for long periods of activity. You are likely to wear out on a long hike before your Huskimo does.

5. Huskimos come from sled dogs

Huskimo is a breed that is half Siberian Husky, which is an older breed that was created for pulling sleds across the frozen tundra. They’re strong and durable workers with tons of stamina. the other half is a German Spitz dog that was rebranded as the American Eskimo dog bred for enduring harsh climates and originally a Nordic breed that made its way to the US via German settlers.

6. The Huskimo is a relatively new breed

Although its ancestors have been around for centuries, the Huskimo is a fairly new breed of dog. It was first developed in the 1990s. If you haven’t heard of a Huskimo until now don’t feel bad. There are a lot of people who haven’t because they’re not yet that common. The designer breed is just beginning to receive attention for its positive qualities as a family pet.

7. Huskimos require firm training

Huskimos have a strong pack instinct and a natural desire for leadership. This can be an issue if they are not taught who is the boss from the time they are puppies. A Huskimo needs to have a clear leader that gives orders confidently to prevent them from growing disobedient. If this is something you’re not good at doing, you can still be the pet parent of a Huskimo, but you will need to enroll him in puppy training classes and also learn how to assert leadership so he will become obedient. This is a dog with a strong will and a need to either fall under a strong leader or take the job himself.

8. Huskimos are intelligent and trainable

Huskimos are dogs with relatively high intelligence. This can help when it comes to training them. As long as you lay down the law and let your Huskimo know that you’re in charge, he is bright and learns quickly with proper training techniques. He responds best to positive reinforcement. Huskimos do not respond well to yelling or physical violence as it can break their gentle spirit and amazing personality. Consistent and firm techniques with a rewards system are good training methods for Huskimos.

9. Huskimos have a double coat

The reason that Huskimos are so hardy when it comes to freezing temperatures is because of their double coat. The fur is dense with a smooth undercoat that provides insulation from the cold. The outer layer is rougher. Although the coat is dense and thick, it’s not that difficult to maintain. The undercoat should never be cut as it can take years for it to grow back properly. Huskimos do very well with a weekly brushing to keep their hair from matting. Aside from that, their fur is beautiful and remarkably easy to maintain.

10. Huskimos come in a range of coat colors

You can find Huskimo’s in a variety of different colors, but the most popular with white. The next popular coat color is white with biscuit cream, which is almost pure white, which comes from the American Eskimo parent. They may also inherit coat colors from the Siberian Husky parents which range from black to pure white with multiple combinations of red, brown, and gray. The most beautiful Huskimos have strikingly blue eyes which go nicely with any coat color combinations, but especially with a pure white coat.

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