Mountain Cur: 10 Things You Need to Know

Mountain Curs are great family dogs

A working dog all the way, the Mountain Cur is a lovely dog. It’s been bred to work and that’s why it’s stocky body and it’s very heavy coat work well. The cur is a dog that stands around 18-26 inches and weighs anywhere from30 to 60 pounds depending on age, diet and gender. These dogs are known for their ability to work hard, and they are not the kind of dog that you want to get if you are just looking for a dog that’s happy to lounge around the house and enjoy a few playful romps in the yard. In fact, this is a breed that needs to work, and that means it is not the right breed for every household. Read on to find out all you need to know about the mountain cur and whether or not it is the right breed for your family.


The mountain cur is not a lap dog. It’s a very strong dog that is not made to become easily submissive. It needs a very firm owner that is willing to assert him or herself as the alpha so that this breed recognizes its leader. These are dauntless dogs that fear very little and often end up coming across as quite aggressive as a result. They don’t make much noise and they are very great guard dogs. These dogs are known as great hunting dogs thanks to their keen sense of smell and their ability to successfully hunt game. They are very, very protective of their family and their home, which is what makes them wonderful watch dogs. There is nothing happening in or around your home that you don’t know about ahead of time with this dog around.

What you should know, though, is that this a breed that does well with kids. It’s one that should be raised with kids rather than being introduced to kids later in life, but that doesn’t mean an older dog won’t take to your kids. As with any breed, however, the American Kennel Club does not recommend that children and dogs are left alone together at any time. There is always a chance that a child might startle a dog or a dog might attack. Please keep supervised your children and dogs when they are playing together.


One of the things many homeowners consider when getting a dog is grooming. Some don’t mind it and others want a dog breed that hasn’t much need for frequent grooming. The mountain cur is a dog that has a very light to easy grooming schedule. It has a very short coat, which means you only need to brush it occasionally in an effort to remove dead hair. This is not a dog that can be bathed often since too much bathing can cause this dog to develop dry skin and health issues that can affect his quality of life. The biggest responsibility you will find associated with grooming this particular breed is the fact that this dog needs its nails clipped regularly and its ears cleaned regularly.


What comes as really good news for people that love the mountain cur is that it is a generally healthy breed. There are no health issues that are known to plague this dog specifically because it is a mountain cur. The most common health issues associated with this breed are general health issues that could affect any dog in the world. Since this breed is quite healthy by nature, it makes a great pet for people who want to ensure that they spend as little time at the vet as possible. However, there are some considerations to make, such as the fact that all dogs are prone to health issues of any kind. Even the healthiest breed can develop issues such as cancer, fleas, broken bones and many others at the drop of a hat. That’s why it’s imperative that you always get your dog to the vet the second you realize that something seems wrong with him or her.

Living Space

You will not want this dog if you do not have a home with a yard. The mountain cur needs space, a yard and a place to work. Your small apartment in the middle of the big city will not suffice. This dog needs a house and it is going to need a yard. The more work you have for this dog to do, the better. A dog that has more room to run and play and exert its energy is going to have fewer behavior issues at home. The American Kennel Club really recommends that you do not require a dog of this nature to live in a small, cramped apartment with no yard. These dogs live anywhere from 12-16 years, but its lifestyle can significantly affect this.


This is a dog that loves activity and work, so give it some. If you jog, the mountain is a wonderful dog. It needs work on a regular basis, which means it’s great for a jog. It loves to run, walk and be taken outside. This is not a sedentary breed, either. It needs exercise. If you haven’t the time to devote to daily exercise, this is not the dog for you. If you have a hunting camp, you like to hike or camp or boat or fish, you will find that this dog makes an excellent companion since there is much to do in terms of work when it comes to these activities. Remember – games are fun and dogs love them, but this breed requires something that stimulates its need to work if you want to give it some real exercise.


The mountain cur is not difficult to train, but it does require consistency. The mountain cur is a dog that is eager to please and will do anything for the people it loves, which is why it is such an easy dog to train. You will find that consistency, a firm voice and frequent training sessions make the job quick and easy. That’s why so many people state that the mountain cur is such an enjoyable dog to have at home.

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