10 Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is an absolutely adorable breed of dog. While they are well known for their racing history, they are known for much more. There are plenty of things about the Italian Greyhound that you may not know. Below is a list of unknown facts about the Italian Greyhound for Greyhound lovers or for someone who is considering adopting one.

They Don’t Need As Much Exercise As You Think

Most people think of Italian Greyhounds and think of them as being wild and full of energy. This could be due to their reputation of being a racing dog. These dogs don’t need as much exercise as you may think. They need just a few walks a day for 15 to 20 minutes to remain happy and healthy. Also, they don’t need to race during their walk. A brisk walk would be more than enough.

They Love to Relax

While Italian Greyhounds are known for their great speed, they would much rather relax than race. They can run faster than any breed of dog, however, they would rather take a nap than run their fastest. It is their love of relaxation that has earned the Italian Greyhound the nickname, “the 40 mile per hour couch potato”.

They Thrive in Small Spaces

Many people who don’t have large homes with wide open yards avoid adopting Italian Greyhounds because they think that they need a great deal of space to run. This is not true. These dogs may be large and leggy, however, they are actually very compact. They would thrive in either a large home or in an apartment as long as they get their daily walks. When they sleep, however, make sure they have space as they love to stretch out.

They Are Extremely Loving

Most people think that these dogs may have an issue with humans, especially retired racing dogs. Actually, it is the complete opposite. Italian Greyhounds love to get lots of affection and attention, and they love to give it in return. Even retired racers love to cuddle and snuggle with their owners. If you are looking to adopt a dog who will show you a great deal of affection, you should consider adopting an Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhounds Love Company

Italian Greyhounds do fine living as the only dog in the home, however, they do much better when there is another dog in the home. Some dogs will get jealous when there is another dog in the home, but this is not the case with Italian Greyhounds. This breed enjoys living as part of a pack. If they have another Italian Greyhound living in the home with them, it will help if they suffer from separation anxiety. Also, the dog will have someone to spend their time with when their owner isn’t home. Since they don’t take up too much space, you should have no problem finding space for a second dog.

Grey Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is One of the Oldest Dog Breeds

Off all the breeds of dogs in existence, the Italian Greyhound is one of the oldest. The Italian Greyhound has been around for between 4,000 and 7,000 years. They were very popular in ancient Egypt and were valued greatly by the hunters. They were very effective in hunting and finding prey. They still have those skills today.

Italian Greyhounds Respond to the Tone of Your Voice

Italian Greyhounds are very perceptive when it comes to how you feel. They pay extra attention to the tone of your voice, and they understand how you are feeling. If you are angry, the dog will hear it in your voice. If you speak too quietly and gentle, they may not take you seriously. It is best to be firm if you are angry but not too firm, as you could end up scaring the dog.

Italian Greyhounds Are Great Hunters For Different Reasons Than Most

Dogs that are famous for hunting, such as Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, and Beagles, use their sense of smell to help their owner seek out their prey. Italian Greyhounds are different. While they are excellent hunters, they don’t use their sense of smell. They actually use their excellent sight and their speed to find their prey quickly and easily.

The Greyhound’s Appearance

Of all the members of the sight hound family, the Italian Greyhound is the smallest. This is a result of selective breeding. The average Italian Greyhound weight between 8 and 18 pounds. It is very uncommon to find an overweight Italian Greyhound. This is likely due to the amount of exercise that they get each day as well as their fast metabolism. They stand between 13 and 15 inches tall. The Italian Greyhound’s coat is short and course. These dogs can be a variety of colors, including gray, brown, black, and multicolored. There are some Italian Greyhounds who have white on their feet and chest. Overall, they are a very adorable breed of dog.

Italian Greyhounds Are Great Watch Dogs

Many people believe that because the Italian Greyhound is such a sweet, lovable, docile dog, that they would not be a good watchdog. This is not true. These dogs will often bark at foreign sounds, whether it is a car pulling in the driveway, someone walking through the door, or a strange noise outside. As soon as you hear the sound, you will be able to investigate. These dogs can get scared easily and they can be afraid of strangers, therefore, you should not depend on them to be guard dogs. While they will alert you to a stranger approaching, they will likely run away when the stranger shows themselves.

The Italian Greyhound is an extremely friendly, sweet, and loyal dog. They are very cute and really fun to play with. If you have the time that it takes to spend with this breed of dog, you should consider adopting one. They would make a great addition to a large family with children or other pets. They would also make a great additional to the home of a single person.

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