The Most Desirable Doberman Mixes


It’s the 14th most popular dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. The Doberman is a beautiful dog with a very specific look and a very engaging personality. While many people fear the name Doberman, those who have had one in their lives at any  point understand that this beautiful dog is anything but frightening when it is raised with people who train him correctly, love him and respect him. The Doberman is a dog that might intimidate you upon first sight, but it’s not the kind of dog you have to worry about provided the fact that it is trained correctly and raised by people who love and care for him, and Doberman mixes are just the same. Some people are intrigued by the idea of a Doberman mix, and it’s a simple reason behind that intrigue. Hybrid dogs (dogs formerly called mutts) mix two different breeds to create a new type of dog. These mixes can inherit the personality traits of either parent, and that can make them a very special type of dog.

While there is no telling what personality traits the many different Doberman mixes will inherit from which parent, how equal the dog will be in terms of its parentage or how much more like one breed it will be, there is a number of Doberman mixes that make wonderful pets.

The Doberman

Before we discuss Doberman mixes, it’s important to understand what this dog is really like. It’s a medium-size dog with a lot of energy. It’s alert, a wonderful watch dog, very protective and it’s very loyal. This is a dog that will protect you and your family no matter the situation, and it’s a dog that is highly intelligent and easy to train. It loves to spend time with the family on long walks and playing in the yard. One thing you will notice about this breed is that it is fearless, which is something so special when it comes to your sense of protection and loyalty.

Doberman Retriever

What you’re doing to get when you mix dogs like this is a gamble; you just don’t know. There are a few instances here in which you might expect a certain type of mix. The Golden Retriever is a very loyal and loving animal, and it’s very relaxed and laid-back. It’s got a lot more hair than a Doberman, and it’s a dog that is a very gentle dog when it comes to personality and temperament.

What you could end up with is a dog that looks more like a Golden Retriever but has the fearless, fierce and highly intelligent thought processes of a Doberman. Or you could end up with a kind of hairy Doberman that’s really laid-back and relaxed. You could also end up with a dog that has a lot of both breeds, which is a pretty good combination. Since both dogs are intelligent, loyal and easily-trainable breeds, this makes a great mix.

Doberman Pitbull

It’s here that many will turn their noses up and proclaim that anyone breeding this dog is a danger to society. After all, the Doberman and the pitbull are both dangerous and aggressive breeds that you might call attack dogs. But the truth of the matter is completely different; yes, these breeds can become quite aggressive when they are not properly trained; it’s called irresponsible dog ownership. Too many people believe that these dogs are awful because people who should not own them raise them to be aggressive, taking their natural loving behavior and turning it into something ugly.

When you mix the Doberman with the pitbull, what you get is a dog that takes on several really great personality traits. Your dog might be like either and not at all like the other, but it could also be a great mixture of the two, which makes it a hard working dog with a purpose to protect your family. When trained correctly, this mixed breed is not going to attack anyone unless ordered to do so in a dangerous situation. With proper socialization and obedience training, this hybrid will make an amazing watch dog and an even better companion.

Doberman German Shepherd

Mixing two of the most intelligent dogs in the world together only means one thing; you’re going to have to establish yourself as the alpha of the house as quickly as possible. This gorgeous little dog is not going to get too big, but it is going to become very intelligent. That’s good news when it comes to training this breed, but it can be bad news if you’re not capable of properly training the dog and making it clear that you are the boss in the house.

This intelligent dog is going to learn obedience and commands much faster than just about any other dog in the world, and it’s going to develop the ability to recognize advanced and very complex commands in no time at all. So intelligent, this dog makes a wonderful guard dog and protector for your family. It’s going to be loyal, smart and very friendly. It’s going to protect your family, play with you and require a good bit of time in the great outdoors enjoy exercise and something productive.

Probably the most attractive quality when it comes to this kind of hybrid is the fact that it is a lovely breed. It is so pretty that most people cannot deny the fact that this breed is for them. It’s one of the cutest dogs you will ever encounter, as it does get its looks from both the mother and the father of the bunch. It’s not a dog that will look more like one than the other; it’s split pretty evenly down the middle. And whether or not this breed has a great mixture of both its mother and its father’s personalities or it’s more like one than the other, it’s still going to be a very loyal, protective and intelligent pet to have around the house.

Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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