10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deutsch Drahthaar

The Deutsch Drahthaar is a medium to large breed of dog that originates from Germany and was one of the leading gun dogs in the 20th century, especially in Germany. They often get mistaken for other varieties of gun dog, including the Spinone Italiano which is an Italian gun dog with similar coloring and markings. They are kept as both working dogs and companion dogs. Although this is a relatively well-known dog breed, there are still many things that people do not know about them. Here are ten interesting facts about the Deutsch Drathaar.

1. They Were First Bred in 1880

Compared to many other breeds, the Deutsch Drahthaar is a relatively new dog breed. There is evidence to suggest that this breed was first bred in the 1880s in Germany and had become an established breed in Europe by the early twentieth century. In 1928, they were admitted into the German Kartell for dogs.

2. They First Arrived in America in the 1920s

The Deutsch Drahthaar was already well-established in Europe before they arrived in the United States. In fact, they did not arrive in the United States until the 1920s. However, the German Drahthaar Club of America was not formed until 1953.

3. They Were Bred as Hunting Dogs

Although people now keep this breed as companion dogs, they were originally bred as hunting dogs. They worked as pointers or hunters for those hunting birds, deer, fox, rabbits, and boars. The purpose of developing the breed was to create a dog that could search well and meet the needs of their owners. To create the breed, they used dogs that had traits suitable for this purpose, such as the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, the Stichelhaar, and the Deutscher-Kurshaar.

4. The Deutsch Drahthaar Has Several Alternative Names

Although they are most commonly known as a Deutsch Drahthaar, this breed is known by several other names. These include the German Wirehaired Pointer, the Deutscher Drahthaariger, the Drahthaar, or the Vorstehhund.

5. There Are Only Three Color Options

While some dog breeds have several different color options, there are only three color variations of this breed. These are liver and white, black and white, or solid liver that may or may not have a white chest. Both the liver and white and the black and white variations usually have some solid patches and some areas that are ticked with white. They have a wire-haired coat that protects them in all weathers.

6. There Are Some Health Conditions Associated with This Breed

The Deutsch Drahthaar is prone to several health conditions. These include Von Willebrand’s disease type 2, canine hip dysplasia, and heart disease. The former is a blood disorder that is common in many dog breeds. Other conditions include eye conditions and shoulder osteochondrosis. A healthy Deutsch Drahthaar will usually live for between nine and 12 years.

7. It is Most Popular in Europe

The Deutsch Drahthaar is popular in Europe as a companion dog. It is also still used as a working dog, most commonly for hunting and farm work. However, the dog has not enjoyed the same level of popularity in the United States, although this situation is gradually changing, and breeders are working to breed the best litter possible to establish this breed in America.

8. They Have Webbed Feet

An unusual feature of this breed is their feet, which are webbed. This helps them to swim while hunting in areas with water. While this is a relatively unusual feature in dogs, there are other varieties of Pointer dogs that also have webbed feet.

9. They Are Highly Intelligent

One of this breed’s best attributes is its intelligence. They are very quick to learn and can follow instructions well. This makes them ideal as working dogs and people who keep them as companion dogs will find them easy to train.

10. They Are Classified in Different Groups

Not all dog registries classify the Deutsch Drahthaar in the same way. The Kennel Club UK, the Australian National Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, and the New Zealand Kennel Club all class this as a gun dog. However, the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club class the Deutsch Drahthaar as a sporting dog. The FCI has put this breed in the continental pointing dogs’ group.

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