How Many Different Types of Bulldogs Are There?


The canine world is growing and changing. It’s hard to keep up with the names of new breeds. They keep adding new designer dog names. There are Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and hundreds of variations. Not all dogs have made it to the American Kennel Club and other breed credentialing agency lists. Bulldog lovers have plenty of variety to choose from in the purebred category without going outside of recognized breeds. Have you ever wondered how many types of Bulldogs exist? We’ve identified 15. Here is a description of each recognized Bulldog type for your enjoyment and consideration.

1. English Bulldog

The Pampered Pup, lists the English Bulldog as one of the most popular breeds. They’re adorable as puppies with their wrinkly skin. This breed has a short and stocky body that weighs about fifty pounds at full maturity. English Bulldogs may look menacing. When socialized, they have a sedate and loving personality. These traits make them excellent choices for families and exceptional companion dogs. The English Bulldog barks more than he bites, but they are territorial when other animals come into their domain. This breed does not like strange dogs hanging around. It’s another trait that makes them excellent guard dogs. This breed needs testing to rule out common genetic issues. Insist on genetic testing results before you buy a purebred English Bulldog. The average lifespan of a healthy pup is between 8 to 10 years.

2. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is the little sibling of the Bulldog breed. These tiny dogs are adorable. They have wrinkly faces and compacted snouts that sometimes cause these dogs to have breathing problems. Allergies are also common afflictions with the breed. They’re exceptional for small living areas because of their small size. They love to play and crave the attention of their owners. The French Bulldog is a splendid companion and family dog that lives an average of fourteen years if they avoid developing severe health problems. They’re enthusiastic and entertaining.

3. American Bulldog

The American Bulldog has a stocky, muscular body build. They look intimidating with their powerful jaws. They can be bullish and mean if you don’t train and socialize them from puppies. The American Bulldog is a less common breed to find in its pure form. They’re among the lankiest of all bulldogs with longer legs. The average weight for males at maturity is 120 pounds. The American Bulldogs are loving animals who enjoy playing with humans and other animals. They need daily exercise to burn off the massive amounts of energy they have, or you may find them getting into things around the house and chewing them up. These dogs entertain themselves when bored. Give them plenty of toys and outdoor running time. The average lifespan is fourteen years if they do not develop health problems. Unlike other bulldogs, this breed is not prone to breathing problems, but hip dysplasia is the most common health disorder.

4. Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is hard to find these days. If you’re lucky enough to find a purebred, it’s one of the largest bulldogs known. It has an average weight of 130 pounds for mature males. This breed is a cross between the English Mastiff, a Bulldog, and Pit Bull Terriers. They’re all cousin breeds. This breed is a friendly dog with loyalty to its owners when socialized. They need plenty of exercises daily. The average lifespan is fourteen years, and the only known genetic issue is hip dysplasia. It’s among the healthiest of all bulldog breeds.

5. Spanish Bulldog

The Spanish Bulldog is an attractive canine with a brindle coat pattern. This dog is one of the medium-sized breeds that weigh an average of 88 pounds at maturity. They’re alpha when you have other pets, but they’re friendly. These dogs are also loyal to their owners. You must be firm when training these stubborn puppies. When done correctly, they make exceptional family pets. Let them get plenty of exercise outside. It’s the only way to have a happy Spanish Bulldog.

6. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are working dogs who are happiest when they have a job to do. They thrive when they’re called upon to serve. They’re beefy and massive, growing to a mature weight of 100 pounds. The average lifespan is thirteen years, but they may develop deafness, eye problem, skin issues, and hip dysplasia. Plan to schedule regular vet visits to test and monitor for early signs of these conditions. You must be proactive about the health of an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Regular medical checkups can help to prolong the good health of your pup.

7. Catahoula Bulldog

The Catahoula Bulldog looks a little different from most other types. These are lovely dogs born with colorful coats that make them stand out from the rest. They are exceptional guard dogs with entertaining personalities. They’re curious dogs that love to explore their environments. The Catahoula Bulldog makes excellent work dogs. They’re also good choices for family dogs. The average lifespan is fifteen years, but the breed is prone to deafness and blindness.

8. Australian Bulldog

Canine HQ describes the Australian Bulldog as similar to the English Bulldog breed, except it is bigger. The Aussies are highly athletic, with a need for daily exercise. The dogs enjoy swimming and running. They’re loyal and loving dogs with easygoing temperaments, but they are alert and will watch over their families. They’re a bit friendly for being a good guard dog, though.

10. Valley Bulldog

The Valley Bulldog is a cross between an English Bulldog and a Boxer. The breed originated in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is still a rare breed to find. It’s one of the best watchdogs in the Bulldog lineup with its protective nature and high intelligence. These are friendly dogs who love to play with their owners. They’re fun to be around and love to be indoors and outdoors. Have plenty of toys around because they can be destructive when under-stimulated or bored. They need daily exercise to be happy.

11. Victorian Bulldog

The Victorian Bulldog is a crossbreed bred to be more robust with larger muscles than the English Bulldog. The dogs have a menacing appearance, but they are exceptionally gentle and affectionate with a kind of temperament and nature. They are protective over their human families but get along well with other pets and people when socialized from puppyhood. They can be feisty. The Victorian Bulldogs need daily exercise to prevent them from becoming destructive.

12. English Bulldog

Hepper describes the English Bulldog (a different breed than the Olde English Bulldogge), as a stocky dog with a short profile and an average weight of 54 pounds. They have wrinkly faces and come across as looking mean. The appearance is a facade because these dogs usually have an affectionate and sedate temperament. English Bulldogs are patient around children and highly sociable. This breed makes wonderful family dogs that get along well with other household pets. They’re territorial when strange dogs wander onto the property. They make excellent guard dogs, but the genetic health record for the breed isn’t that wonderful. The average lifespan is 8 to 10 years. Because of poor breeding for multiple generations, it’s common for them to get skin infections, breathing issues, heart failure, and cancer.

13. Ca de Bou

The Ca de Bou is a Spanish Bulldog breed with a robust and thick body style. The head is massive, with an average mature weight of 84 pounds. This breed is an excellent choice for families with children with high intelligence, patience with children, and a fondness for their human families. Owners must socialize this dog from a puppy to let him know you are the boss. They’re loyal and make excellent watchdogs. The average lifespan is 10 to 12 years. Known genetic health issues include bloat and hip dysplasia.

14. Red Tiger Bulldog

The Red Tiger Bulldog is a fairly new addition to the Bulldog family. It’s been in existence for two decades. The average weight at maturity is 70 to 100 pounds with ears cropped inward. The temperament of this breed is gentle and loyal. They don’t like strangers and remain suspicious until they get to know them. This breed has a high prey drive so he may not be safe around smaller animals, but they make wonderful family dogs because of their otherwise gentle nature. The average lifespan is 12 to 16 years. The only known genetic health issue is a leg deformity in the lower parts called down patterns.

15. Mammut Bulldog

The Mammut Bulldog is a beautiful dog visually with a longer nose than most other Bulldogs. This makes them less prone to breathing issues. They’re agile and lean Bulldog greed of medium size achieving a mature weight of 60 pounds. They’re loving and kind with their families, but not tolerant of other animals and strangers. They’re athletic dogs that need strong discipline to keep them in line. The average lifespan is 9 to 11 years.

16. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a large breed and among the most popular because of its lovable and sweet temperament. They can weigh as much as 130 pounds at maturity. They’re devoted and warmhearted but they will shield small children from swats and spankings. They’re great watchdogs with high intelligence. They have an average lifespan of 7 to 9 years. Known genetic health conditions include bloat, skin problems, thyroid disorders, and hip dysplasia.

17. Serrano Bulldog

The Serrano Bulldog originates in the country of Brazil. This breed is bred for doing hard work. They’re happiest when they’re helping move cattle or working as guard dogs. They’re courageous and confident with a calm and gentle nature unless they’re provoked. They’re intelligent dogs who only fight when they feel threatened or are provoked. They’re also loyal and have a strong work ethic.

18. Continental Bulldog

The Continental Bulldog is often called a Conti. The breed is Swiss in origin and was developed in the 2000s decade. It’s a fairly new breed but they make wonderful healthy pets due to best breeding practices. They’re affectionate and friendly with high energy and confidence. This breed requires regular exercise to burn off its energy. The breed is highly intelligent and attentive. They read human emotions with precision and respond in kind. They absorb your energy and reciprocate with changing moods, such as happiness or quietness. Their temperament is mild and they’re neither shy nor aggressive. They’re one of the best all-around house pets.

19. Campiero Bulldog

The Campiero Bulldog originated in the country of Brazil. It is a different breed than the Serrano Bulldog, also from Brazil. Although related, they come from different crossbreeding. The breed is an evolution of the Terceira Mastiff once used for land racing. They make exceptional guard dogs and cattle herders. Brazilians highly prized these dogs guards. They’re devoted dogs who love hard work and pleasing their owners. We also know the breed for its high levels of intelligence, vigilance, and attentiveness, which makes them exceptional guard dogs. They are protective over their charges, whether it’s their human families, the herd they are guarding, or their packs. This dog would fight to the death to protect his family, but he’s not by nature an aggressive dog. Their high intelligence makes them prone to a greater array of emotions. The breed becomes jealous if its owner is giving another pet or person more attention than he is receiving. This dog is also protective and doesn’t like it when strangers touch his family. They know the breed for being great with children and patient with them. As with any large breed of dog, however, it’s essential to supervise all interactions with kids. Because of his high intelligence, someone must properly socialize him from puppyhood so he knows who is in charge and understands the rules.

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