Dog Breed of the Day: Kerry Blue Terrier


From Dog Breed InfoThe Kerry Blue Terrier is animated, playful and comical. It has a reputation of making people laugh. Affectionate with the family, it likes to be with its owners. Alert, determined and rowdy, it enjoys roughhousing. The Kerry is a good watchdog, but will not attack unless it is really provoked. The Kerry is friendly, getting along with strangers and usually gets along with other pets when properly introduced and supervised. For those of you unfamiliar with this breed it’s also known as the “Irish Blue Terrier.” Other interesting things about the Kerry Blue is that it’s one of the longer living dog breeds and they can live in just about any environment. If any of you out there own a Kerry Blue Terrier we’d love to get any pictures, stories or videos to be included on the website. In the meantime please enjoy this gallery of Kerry Blue dogs and puppies in the pages to follow










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