Dog is Hilariously Caught Stealing Cupcakes in Video

John Grogan said, although dogs are great, bad dogs are the greatest of them of all. By “bad,” the American journalist probably meant the mischievous canines that act innocent but are very devious. Such canines can best be exemplified by a dog hilariously caught stealing cupcakes in a video, yet his human mum assumed his sibling was the culprit. Let’s tell you more about how River was determined to be the thief and how you can curb the habit of your dog stealing cupcakes from the countertop.

Assumed innocent until proven guilty

The coronavirus has forced people to find ways to kill time and for Kara Probin baking treats for her dogs, Winnie and River, is the best way to ensure that she does not sink into unproductivity during this lockdown. However, her efforts to keep her dogs happy were almost frustrated by a cupcake-stealing thief who had eaten at least 15 of them since Kara started baking. Unfortunately, just like with human criminals whose past keeps haunting them, Winnie was always assumed to be guilty since the pup had been known to be good at counter surfing. According to iHeartDogs, River was never the suspect because he was so disciplined that he always begged but never took anything from the table.

However, even after trying to keep food in the farthest spot on the counter, Kara noticed her cupcakes were disappearing. She was surprised to find a piece of cake she had left in the back of the counter missing since she thought the dogs were too short to get to it. Therefore instead of always assuming it was Winnie, she decided to set up a camera and catch the thief in the act. After celebrating River’s birthday, Kara used three pieces of the leftover cake to lure the thief, and the video finally revealed the perpetrator of the crime.

As she watched the video, Kara was shocked to see the culprit had all along been River, the timid and innocent-looking dog whom she could have never pegged for a thief. Since she is short, River used her hind legs to reach the counter, and then sniffed the treats. She used her toenail to pull one cupcake and eat it before employing the same tactic to have another cake. Now the little cake thief may prompt Kara to start reopening all the cases in which Winnie had been presumed guilty.

The story of Sierra, another cupcake thief

It seems like German Shorthair Pointers have a very sweet tooth because, just like Kara’s River, Mark’s Sierra was proven to be a cupcake-stealing canine. Mark’s daughter keeps having her friends over, so her mum would ensure they always had cupcakes. As much as Mark’s family does not let Sierra eat human food, the canine discovered a way to have a way to keep her sweet tooth satisfied. Therefore after wondering how a dozen of the freshly-baked goodies kept disappearing, yet no one confessed, it was time for the family to take action by setting up a hidden camera.

As per the video, you can spot how Sierra waits for the family to get out of the kitchen. She then checks to see if she is being watched, and after a few sniffs, she grabs one cupcake and rushes off to eat it. After eating the first three that were closer to the edge of the counter, she uses the same method as River; Sierra pushes the cupcake closer to the front using her paw and goes off to gobble it up before coming for the last one. Within five minutes, she had consumed five cupcakes. With the discovery, Mark’s family decided to always store both human and dog food in containers and out of reach of the dog.

Why you should not feed human food to your dog

Regardless of how much you love your pet and would not mind sharing your food with it, there are some foods that you should never feed your dog. According to the Farmer’s Dog, grapes and raisins should never be in your dog’s plate. So if you have a cake thief and love adding raisins to your cakes, you should keep the delicacies locked away and out of reach. Counter surfing dogs are usually interested in the great smelling dishes you have on your plate. If you have made a meal with garlic and onions, avoid feeding the scraps to the canine because its red blood cells will eventually burst.

Other foods pose digestive problems to your dog due to their high oil content that can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Processed foods have lots of artificial flavors, additives, and sodium, which will are harmful to your pet’s health. On the other hand, even if you rush off to feed your dog a fresh bowl of salad, you should note that even the much-loved avocados contain a toxin, persin, which can result in pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal disorders. In large quantities, avocadoes lead to weight gain due to their high-calorie content.

Tips to prevent counter surfing

As Dog Training Nation suggests, prevention is always better than cure; therefore, to avoid having to deal with the issue, the first thing is to keep your food locked away. Although the article suggests keeping the food away from the edges, Sierra and River have proven such a measure does not work for a determined dog. However, you can discourage the behavior by asking your pet to lie down and give him a treat so that he associates lying down with food, instead of sniffing and taking it.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how much you do not want your dog stealing cupcakes, he will still do it, which leaves you with the only option of consulting a veterinarian for professional advice. It could be that your furry friend has an underlying health condition that leaves him always wanting to take a bite; hence, by exploring his feeding habits, the vet can determine where the problem lies.

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