Dog Sucked out of Home in Tornado, Returns Hours Later

Tornadoes that touch down in the middle of the night are some of the most dangerous. They hit when people are asleep and unaware that a life-threatening situation is unfolding. Animals have a keen sense of the environment and they instinctively know when something of this nature is about to happen. Fortunate pet owner Brittany Memory was fortunate that her dog was on guard and awoke her to warn of the impending storm and it saved her life, but the dog didn’t escape the wrath of the storm

Dog sucked out of home in a tornado, returns hours later

Live5 News shared the remarkable story about a Yorkshire Terrier named Penny that woke her owner to warn of an approaching tornado. The event took place in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. When Memory’s Yorkie woke her up, the owner thought the dog was warning her of an intruder in the home. She was woken to the sound that was comparable to a freight train. It took mere seconds for the sound to become deafening and it sounded like it was on the other side o her bedroom. The woman had time for nothing but to protect her son from whatever was happening. There was no time to grab the dog because it all happened so quickly. Tiny Penny was on her own. It was an EF-3 tornado that came close to Memory’s home. The force of the vicious wind was so strong that the dog was sucked out of the back part of the house. The dog along with the covers on Brittany’s bed was vacuumed directly out of the house through the large hole that the tornado ripped at the back. After the tornado passed, Memory faced the difficult task of explaining what had just happened to her young son.

Grim prospects with a happy outcome

Brittany saw the dog and her covers get sucked out of the back of the badly damaged house. She realized that the odds of the dog surviving were slim. It was a grim prospect. Memory and her son were fortunate that their home did not take the full brunt of the monster storm. Just a few miles from their home, the tornado wreaked even more havoc killing three and injuring ten people, tearing homes from their foundations, and pushing big trucks off the road. She believed that her beloved heroic Yorkie was a casualty. She reassured her son that the dog was in God’s hands and that she would be okay. She reinforced to her son that everything lost could be replaced while humans cannot. To her amazement, Penny found her way back to the house within a few short hours. Although the dog was covered with glass, shivering, and obviously traumatized, the vet confirmed that she was in good health and unharmed by her ride in the tornado.

Can animals really predict the weather?

It’s long been believed that animals can sense when there are changes in the weather coming. For decades farmers and ranchers watch the behavior of livestock. Cattle and horses tend to run and kick up their heels when a storm is coming, and it’s a fairly reliable predictor that something is about to change. The University of Arizona’s research team set out to determine if this is a myth or if there is any merit to the assumption that animals sense impending storms. What they discovered is quite remarkable evidence that animals are sensitive to environmental changes. Cows stand up in hot weather and lie down when it’s cool. This can signal an approaching storm. The studies showed that animals can hear low-pitched vibrations or sounds that humans cannot detect. They can sense ocean waves and earthquakes in advance of the event triggering. Elephants are the best at predicting earthquakes in advance of other animals. The team learned that the large feet of elephants help them to feel earthquake rumblings. They instinctively know when it’s time to move to a safer place.

Other animal senses

Animals are extremely sensitive to changes in air pressure as well as water pressure. They instinctively know when there is an impending tsunami or hurricane approaching. Sharks move out of the way in the water by descending to lower depths in the ocean. They physically feel the changes in barometric pressure and they are better able to read the environment through instinct than humans are. The study concluded with evidence that animals likely can predict the weather and it’s wise for us to heed their warnings.

Final thoughts

The story of the dog that got sucked out of a home in a tornado then returned a few hours later is inspirational. Although it’s a tale that gives us hope and shows us that miracles do happen, it also teaches us a valuable lesson. We can take away from the story a valuable life-lesson about trusting animal instincts to warn us about impending disasters. When you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters one of the best resources you can have aside from the national warning systems is a pet. If your animals exhibit changes in behavior that are unusual it’s a sign that they sense something different. Loyal house pets love their owners and want to protect them. They also look to us for safety and protection when they sense that something bad is about to happen. It behooves us to take their warnings seriously and to react when they try to tell us that something is wrong. In Penny’s situation, she was fortunate to have escaped with her life intact. It’s one of those miraculous stories that give us something to smile about. It also tells us to listen to what our pets are trying to tell us.

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