The Top Five Dog Mattresses on the Market Today

Your dog is a member of the family and deserves the same comforts as the rest of the family. That means supplying him with a nice, warm and comfortable place to rest and sleep. Today, pet companies are catering to pets in ways that they never used to. Dog owners now have access to dog beds that are as comfortable as human beds, made from the same materials that we can get for our own mattress. You are familiar with term, Memory Foam, I’m sure. It’s been popular for years and many people own a Memory Foam mattress of their own. Now you can supply your dog with the same type of mattress if you choose, and it’s one of the most popular types of dog beds, today. If you’re in the market for a new bed for your dog, keep reading. Here’s a list of the top five dog mattresses on the market today.

5. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Gel-Infused mattress here, is a cooling memory foam dog bed that helps to keep your large breed dog cool and comfortable when sleeping. Large breeds with long or thick fur, can get hot during warm months, making it more difficult to get comfortable when sleeping. Not anymore, if they are sleeping on the Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed. It is excellent for medium to large sized dogs, or your two smaller dogs that can’t sleep apart. Dogbed4less made the bed durable to withstand even the toughest breeds who tend to be hard on their beds and mattresses. Although it’s large, the material is lightweight, which means you can move it easily where you need it. The light weight suede cover is easy to unzip and toss in your machine for washing anytime you need to. You even get an extra cover so your dog is never without his mattress when his cover needs washing. Attractive as it is comfortable and supportive, this bed only costs $82.95, and you can start giving your dog a better night’s sleep.

4. Dogbed4less Extra Large Head Rest Pillow Orthopedic Gel Cooling Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed

Dogs love to lay there heads on something soft; the arm of a couch or chair, a pillow, anything that feels good and comfortable. Why not give your dog a bed with a built-in headrest so he can have the same comforts in his own bed? The Dogbed4less designed their dog mattress with a headrest pillow for added comfort, and is constructed of the same, high quality durable fabric and top-rated memory foam that won’t flatten over time. The mattress gives your large dog all the orthopedic support he needs and is recommended by vets. The mattress is covered by 2 layers of fabric covering. It can be unzipped and machine washed time and time again without wear. See more details at the link above, and just pay $99.95 when you order one.

3. Loving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme Nesting Style

For your small or medium-sized dog, this super plush bed keeps your dog warm and comfortable. This bed was designed with higher sides for your little one to curl up in and hunker down with support all around him. They’re designed to be thermal so that they stay warm on chilly and cold nights. We all know how dogs love to run and jump, including into their beds, so to help prevent the bed from shifting under them, the bed has a non-skid bottom to help keep it in place. It’s machine washable and there are four sizes to choose from, which gives you the option for the best size that will be the most comfortable for  your dog. For only $71.99, your dog can start sleeping comfortably in his own bed.

2. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed

This 55 x 37 x 4 (thick) large breed dog bed is one of the top five dog beds on the market today. Designed of memory foam, your dog is in for a real treat, getting all the comfort and support he needs, from young to his older years. It’s not only therapeutic and comfortable, but it’s durable too, which means that it will withstand your dog’s wear and tear, even if he has a habit of chewing on his bed. For easy cleaning, it was designed with a durable Micro Suede cover that removes easily to wash. Plus, for those little accidents or wet fur, it’s waterproof, too. Click here to get a closer look at this dog bed that will only set you back $99.95.

1. Large Dog Bed Pillow – Extra Big, Pet Orthopedic Dual Layer Memory Foam Mattress

This large dog bed is perfect for your large breed dog, or even two smaller dogs who prefer to sleep together and cuddle. Large dogs often develop problems with their hips that can be painful and hard to get comfortable when sleeping. Of course, dogs at any age, need good support for their bodies, but as big dogs age, they really need good support, which is why this orthopedic mattress is the perfect one. It is designed with 5 inches of high density foam the support they need, then topped with an inch of low density memory foam for top-of-the-line therapeutic comfort. It’s the best of both worlds, plus washable (just unzip cover and throw in your washing machine).


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