Everything You Need to Know Before Adopting a Cane Corso

Cane Corso

Cane Corso: It sounds like the name of a cop on a primetime television show, but it’s actually an Italian dog with a large, muscular body. This dog is pretty large, and many people know very little about this animal. He’s a very elegant and distinguished dog, and he possesses many qualities that make him an excellent pet, despite his large size and intimidating appearance. Many people are unaware that this is a dog that resembles a mastiff, which is a very large animal. It’s one of the largest breeds of dog, and the cane corso is not far behind the mastiff in terms of size.

These are dogs that were developed and bred in Italy, which is what gives them their Italian heritage. They were first bred because warriors needed dogs on their side, and the size of these animals was very impressive to them. From that point on, they were bred as hunting dogs that were used to corner and chase larger wild animals when hunters needed to attract them. The cane corso is often described as a working dog that is happy in the cattle field doing the job it was trained to do over the past few centuries. Over time, these dogs were less a piece of battle and more a piece of companionship for those who resided in European countries. They’ve very personable, and often used as guard dogs because of their size and mean look.

The American Kennel Club did not recognize the cane corso for many years. There were various reasons for this, but it came down to the fact that people felt that the cane corso deserved recognition being an old breed. It was finally recognized in 2008 as a dog in the miscellaneous class by the AKC. It’s not enough for some people, but it’s not a terrible class.

If you are considering a large, mastiff-type dog for your family, you might consider the cane corso as an option. It’s a large dog that will do much to make you feel safe and secure at home since he is a large, intimidating dog that is often used as a watchdog. He’s also the kind of dog that’s going to blend in well with any family, in any home and with people who love him and treat him with fairness and respect. This is not a dog that does well with harsh punishment or negativity, so you should consider that before making the decision to adopt this particular animal. Otherwise, here are all the facts you need to know before you decide to adopt.

They are Waterproof

One of the coolest features about a cane corso is the fact that this is a dog that is completely waterproof. It has no ability to keep water in its fur and make a mess of your home. Yes, it can have water on it, but it won’t absorb the water and end up making a mess on everything around it. This is the kind of dog owners appreciate because it’s one that has no issue being outside in the rain or in inclement weather because of its waterproof coat. It’s just one of the many amazing features that these dogs possess that most people are completely unaware of. The rest of the dog’s coat is very short and very rough. It is the coarse feeling of the cane corso’s fur that makes it waterproof.

They Are Wonderful with Kids

This is a very large dog, which is often a turn off for people with children. Why? People with children are often afraid of the size of the dog in relation to the size of their children. It’s a valid worry that so many parents have, but it’s not the most unusual misconception many people have regarding large animals such as this. Despite its large frame and intimidating appearance, the cane corso is actually a very friendly dog that does very well with kids. It is one that does not have much feeling for pain, so the rough behavior some children possess will not bother the kids. Additionally, this is a dog that bonds quickly with its new family, children and all. It is not uncommon to see a dog of this nature acting as a ‘parent’ type for a child, making sure that kids remain safe and well-behaved.

They’re Not Big Shedders

One of the most important questions people ask when it comes to adopting or purchasing a dog is how much of a mess is the dog going to make in their home as far as shedding is concerned. These are dogs with very short fur that does not fall out often. The only thing you need to do is keep them brushed to prevent shedding from becoming a bigger issue than it is. A good brush once a week or so is all it takes to make sure that this dog stays a light shedder instead of one with a bigger shedding problem. A firm brush with firm bristles and a quick once over during the week is going to remove the vast majority of loose hair, which will prevent that hair from becoming a decoration on your couch and other furniture.

They’re Healthy Dogs

Many dogs are unhealthy, and it has nothing to do with their breed or type. They are simply dogs that, like some people, are unfortunate in that they have been diagnosed with a health problem that is not easily fixable, nor is it something that can be predicted. These are healthy dogs that have very few health issues in regards to other, more common health related issues. They’re not the kind of dog that tends to get sick very easily. It’s a dog that will live a healthy life provided it is well taken care of and treated in its home. It should go to the vet yearly for its checkups and it should always be taken to the vet if it is suspected that the dog has some sort of illness or other issue that needs to be diagnosed by a vet.

As far as genetic health issues, the cane corso is fairly healthy. It is a large dog, which means that it is more prone to some of the hip and joint issues that bigger dogs sometimes suffer from thanks to their size, but they’re not overly unhealthy in any other way. This is a very healthy dog that will live a very long time in a house in which it is happy and taken care of.

Cane Corsos are Quiet

This might be the single most surprising fact about this beautiful dog. He’s so large that many people mistake him for a dog that makes a lot of noise and makes his presence well known, but it simply is not so. This is a dog that does not make much noise. Despite being several times larger than your children, he is going to make far less noise around the house than the kids, which is something many dog owners appreciate significantly. This is a dog that prefers to sit or lie quietly on his own and take in the action around him rather than participating in the nonsense that kids and other animals sometimes find amusing.

Cane Corso

They Don’t Wander

These are large dogs that do love to be outside, but they will not leave home. They’re far from mischievous, and they will not make the effort to leave the house without actually having permission or an accompanied human. They are great dogs for families that do not have a fenced in yard and for families that have kids. These dogs will not wander, so they will not allow their ‘children’ to wander either, which means you can trust the kids and the dogs to play together in the yard. They’re not easily tempted, and will not leave the yard unless there is an emergency situation that requires them to do so, such as a loved one in need of assistance.

They are Very Protective

Because they are such docile dogs, it’s often mistaken that they do not have any reason to be protective. Some people associate them with being very stable animals that will not look for a fight, and while this is true, they will protect their loved ones. In fact, this is a dog that is one of the most protective in the world. This dog will absolutely go out to protect a family member or its home without a second thought. However, the dog will not make an effort to cause a fight with a stranger or other animal just because. It might be provoked in a way that it deems unacceptable, and then it will snap.

They Feel Very Little Pain

Believe it or not, it’s primarily the ears of this dog that cause them to feel pain. For this reason, their ears are often clipped so that they are able to withstand just about any type of pain without even feeling it. Their pain tolerance is exceptionally high, but their ears are exceptionally sensitive. Not all owners will clip their ears, but they are so sensitive that it does not take much to hurt them, and it’s recommended that owners with small children do clip their ears to protect them from the accidental pain that an overzealous and excited child might otherwise cause when playing with this particular animal.

It Needs a Strong Leader

This is a dog that is very calm and docile, but it needs a strong leader, particularly when it is a newborn puppy. For this reason, this is a dog that is not recommended as a pet for a dog owner that’s never had a dog in the past, or one that has never trained a dog in the past. Without strong leadership and training, this dog will walk all over its humans and not become properly socialized, meaning it will be difficult to have guests in the house with this dog around. It is naturally suspicious, which is not a bad trait in a large dog, but it must be taught not to act on this suspicion without evidence that someone or something is dangerous. Otherwise, you will face multiple problems with this animal. It’s not the dog of a novice owner.

They’ve Very Athletic

We discussed earlier that this is a dog that does not have the same kind of temperament as other dogs in that it is a very quiet animal. However, quiet should not be mistaken for lazy. This is a big, powerful dog that should be treated like a big, powerful dog. It needs plenty of exercise and activity to keep it healthy. Without daily activity such as a walk or jog, this large dog will become restless and lethargic. It could also become quite fat as they are prone to eating out of boredom (sound familiar, anyone?). It is not considered healthy for a dog of this nature to be left unattended and ignored in the house all day long. It should be allowed outside several times a day to use the bathroom, and to play. This is a dog that does enjoy active games such as catch, fetch and other games. You will feel that this dog is active on a daily basis because it needs to be.

They Prefer Living Outdoors

The Cane Corso is a dog you can keep inside, but it would prefer to live outdoors. This is a dog that needs space and a place to run, sit play and roll. It will be fine inside, but if it has shelter outside, it will do much better. If you do get a dog like this and you have a yard, consider a large dog house, a screened patio or something of that nature that will allow the dog to have some shelter from inclement weather and hot sunshine, but that will give him the freedom to be outdoors and in the elements he or she prefers on a regular basis. This is not something you have to do, but it is something that these dogs do prefer, and will be happy with.

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