Five Adorable Videos of Cockapoo Puppies

What do you get when you cross a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle? You get one of the most adorable mixed breed dogs ever! Cockapoo dogs are popular as they have gorgeous fur coats that have minimal shedding, playful personalities, and adventurous spirits. Due to their endearing cuteness, Cockapoo puppies are very popular pets to adopt. Before you take one of these cuties home, it’s important to know how to care for one.

It’s tempting to let your new Cockapoo puppy sleep with you in your bed. This is a bad idea for two reasons–the first is you might roll over on it in your sleep and despite their energy, little puppy bones are still fragile. Reason two is that it is not yet housebroken and unless you want to train it to eliminate in your bed, another plan is needed. Crate training is not harsh if you include a snug box inside with a cuddly blanket to keep it warm.

Housebreaking puppy pads will help take care of nocturnal accidents until you can train it to go where you choose. Don’t laugh if it tries to teeth on your slippers. Cockapoos love to chew and they can’t tell the difference between your old, ragged slippers and your designer pumps. Gently say “no” and remove the item. Chew toys are fine as long as you select ones that don’t have a “squeaker” in the middle, as they can become a choking hazard the puppy dislodge it from the toy.

The same goes for nylon bones, which can damage their tender intestines. Although Cockapoos rarely shed, daily brushing and regular bathing will keep your Cockapoo puppy’s fur from tangling and matting. With minimal daily care, a cockapoo pup is the ultimate canine companion. Some owners of these amazing dogs have put their puppies up on Youtube, to share with the world.

Here are videos featuring five of the most adorable Cockapoo puppies.

Team Cockapoo

Natalie AC in the UK has her hands full with a house full of eight-week-old Cockapoos. The frantic five jump and tussle with each other, and when mom Lulu comes to the door, the party really gets started. It takes a canine mom as well as a human mom to keep the rowdy bunch in check.

Camera Quizzical

When Joshua and Megan Cook tried to capture the cuteness of their Cockapoos, one of the puppies just walked on by without noticing, but, 9-week old Oliver was curious as to what that thing recording him could possibly be. He barked at it, pawed it, and scooted all over the floor in pursuit of an angle to sneak up and surprise it.

Play Ball

Little Beau is just 9 years old but he’s already being taught the fine art of ball chasing. Seeming to focus more on his owners than the ball, this little cutie needs lots of training. He sort of gets the hang of it but seems to prefer to a cuddle.

Growing up Cockapoo

This video captures the life of Disney, throughout his first year of life. Starting at age four weeks, Cockapoo enthusiast, Matt Wedge, captures his furry companion’s antics from first day home, inspecting his new surroundings to outdoor play. From the woods to the beach, to inspecting a draining hose, charting Disney’s growth through video also shows the wonderful relationship between man and dog.

Mirror Image

Animals have curious reactions to their reflections, from avoidance to full on attack. This cockapoo puppy deciding that barking and pawing the “other” dog was a good strategy. She’s play fighting with the stranger trying, like all little Cockapoos, to get a game going.

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