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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel puppies make for wonderful pets to add to any family, but not everyone is familiar with how to raise a cocker spaniel puppy. In fact, many people have no idea how to raise one. While some have had this breed in the past, or at least some breed of dog in the past, many have not. A cocker spaniel is a sweet, friendly dog that fits in well with just about any family, so it’s not a difficult first-time dog for new owners. However, there are always  questions that first time cocker spaniel owners have to ask about their puppies. And even those who have had dogs in the past have some pretty common questions. If you’re considering cocker spaniel puppies for your home and for your family, you might want to know what some of the most frequently asked questions are regarding this breed, and what it takes to raise them. This might give you a good idea whether or not you will have too much trouble with the breed or if you will find it an easy breed to live with (they are very easy dogs if you get a good one). We’ve searched many breeders’ websites and found some of the most commonly asked questions about buying and raising cocker spaniel puppies. Perhaps you will find the information you so desire right here on our condensed list of questions.

Why are Cocker Spaniel Puppies so Expensive?

This question is asked a lot. And the most comprehensive, most honest answer available is this; an expensive puppy is usually one that is well-bred, taken care of and healthy. If you want a cheap puppy, you might find that your puppy is not a good quality puppy. And that is certainly not to say that ‘cheap’ puppies are not good ones. However, if you want one that can almost be guaranteed a good dog, a healthy dog and one that was bred from a great family, you will pay a lot more. Cheaper puppies often come from puppy mills where animals are not as well cared for or taken care of, where they do not get the kind of medical care they need at all times and even where they are not as well bred as buyers are often led to believe.

Is it Hard to Find a Puppy?

It really just depends. Do you live somewhere in which you can find plenty of reputable cocker spaniel puppy breeders? If so, your chances of finding available puppies goes up significantly. If you don’t, you might find that you have to wait a little bit for a puppy. Good, reputable and reliable breeders do not always have puppies available. They have puppies available when they are available and they tend to go very fast. You might need to put your name on a waiting list to get one. If you find a breeder that always has puppies available, you might find that this is a breeder that does not have the same quality dog that you are looking for.

Are Cocker Spaniel Puppies Good for Families?

Cocker spaniel puppies are good with everyone. This is a breed that really loves people and families, and therefore, will be a good dog to have with people and families. These animals are very loving and kind. They are very well-behaved, and they are very friendly. They’re great animals to have at home, and you will very likely not regret the act of bringing one of these puppies home to your house. Your dog will fall in love with your family and your family with your dog, which makes it very easy for most people to keep a dog like this at home with no issues.

Are These Dogs Difficult to Train?

No, not at all. Most breeders state that as long as you are consistent, you use plenty of positive training techniques and you practice crate training, these dogs are very easy to train. The biggest problem in training many dogs is the person doing it. If you are not consistent, you do not watch the dog and you do not give the dog the proper tools to work with, it’s difficult to train the dog. However, consistent owners who take their dogs out frequently, keep an eye on the dog in the house to prevent accidents and who make sure their dogs are learning proper obedience skills will find that training is very simple.

What Makes Potty Training Easier?

Most breeders recommend that you take your new puppy to the same place outside anytime the puppy needs to go potty. They also recommend that any accidents in the house you find be cleaned so well that the puppies cannot smell their own urine. Dogs like to mark their territories so that they know where to go. If you eliminate this in the house, accidents are a lot less likely to occur. If you take the dog to the same place outside on a regular basis, you will find that these dogs are very quick to learn that this is the place they are supposed to relieve themselves.

What Happens if I’m Not Sure I Want a Dog?

If you’re not 100% positive you want a dog, do not get one. Breeders do not and will not give a dog to a person who is not completely committed to raising a new puppy for the rest of its life. Well, good breeders, anyway. A dog is a lifetime commitment, no matter what breed you choose. You will need to understand that there is a monetary commitment that is required of you, there is a time commitment that is required of you, and there is a commitment that is required of you that means you have a new family member. This is not a guest in your home you can just give back or get rid of the moment that you decide things are not working out for you. These are animals that need a lifetime commitment.

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