10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Golden Mountain Dog

The Golden Mountain Dog, also called the Bernese Golden Mountain dog, is a gentle giant. These doggies are affectionate and loyal. They are extremely intelligent too, making them easy to train. Plus, they want to please their owners, so that try extra hard. These dogs tend to pick up skills quickly so they don’t need hours of training to learn new tricks. If you are looking for a dog that will mingle well with your family, the Golden Mountain will fit right in. These lovable pets make the best family dogs and are loving and playful with children, cats, and other dogs. Check out these 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Golden Mountain Dog.

1. It’s a Hybrid

The Golden Mountain Dog is actually a Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix. This means the dog is hardy and built strong, but with a devoted and loving nature. The mixed breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1981. Ever since these pups have become known as gentle giants.

2. How Big Do They Get?

Both Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs are fairly large dogs, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the dog resulting from mixing these two breeds is fairly large as well. Adults should reach between twenty-four and twenty-eight inches tall and weight anywhere between eighty to a hundred and twenty pounds.

3. They Love to eat

These dogs really love to eat and, like most dogs, will eat anything you feed them. However, the Golden Mountain has a bit of a weight problem and will gain easily if given the wrong foods, too much food, or not enough exercise. This is a great dog for someone who wants to stay in shape and exercise regularly because the doggy needs the same lifestyle.

4. How Do They Look?

These dogs have what some may feel is unusual looks. Golden Mountains have almond shaped eyes, big old floppy ears, and a somewhat smaller muzzle than expected. They also tend to have long fluffy tails that wag almost constantly, especially when meeting new friends.

5. How Do they Behave Around Family

As mentioned before, these gentle giants didn’t get that nickname from being mean! They are affectionate and devoted. They have a happy disposition and constantly want to please their owners. The love being around humans and prefer to be around family members; they even enjoy being included in family activities.

6. Do They Make Good Watchdogs?

No. They are too lovable and just want to get to know every single person they meet! These dogs are not naturally aggressive, nor are they very assertive. If you’re looking for a guard dog, perhaps another breed would be better. However, due to their alertness, they have certainly warned owners of intruders from time to time.

7. What Kind of Exercise Do They Need?

Every kind! Golden Mountain Dogs need lots of vigorous activity to keep them in shape. Remember, as mentioned before, they gain weight easily. These dogs need to run and jump, play and hike, jog and even play games such as Frisbee, ball, and other types of activities. Be sure to keep your doggy active and he or she will be happy and healthy.

8. These Dogs Don’t Do Hot Weather

Golden Mountains are bred for colder climates and find it difficult adjusting to hotter weather. If you live somewhere that stays hot all year around, you should definitely choose a different breed. However, if you live where temperatures are cold to moderate, this dog should do just fine.

9. They Are High Maintenance

If you thought only people could be high maintenance, boy, were you wrong! These dogs have thick, long coats that seem to be constantly shedding. They need to be brushed every day and you might as well get used to vacuuming every day. However, for such a lovable pup, it’s really worth the extra work. Their coats are waterproof, so only bath as needed.

10. They Are One of The Best

Golden Mountain Dogs are truly one of the best breeds to have if you want a loving, affectionate pet who is good around both children and other pets. They are big and lively and will most definitely keep you company. Both their minds and their bodies need to be stimulated daily, so be sure you have the time and effort to spend on them. If you are looking for a best friend, you may have just found one in this dog!

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