How To Make Organic Tick Repellent

Well, it is pretty much time. Flea and tick season are creeping, and we promised you all we would teach you a simple way to make an organic tick repellent. The truth is, this is super easy, relatively cheap, and completely organic and safe. You will not be covering your dog in some nasty chemicals or poisons. This is just some basic stuff you can buy, and with that, buy the piece of mind that you are keeping your dog from not only ticks, but from harsh poisons as well.

First you need to have an empty spray bottle. Place two drops of vegetable oil into the bottle. Next up, add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel to the bottle. Make sure to shake contents properly, as the oil and gel are two different consistencies and need to blend. This is where things get slightly more complicated. Only slightly, mind you. Add 20-30 drops of rose geranium essential oil (which can be picked up or purchased from most health food stores you find in malls). Next up, add 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil to the bottle. You will then want to shake the bottle vigorously, as all the liquids need to match up and reach a similar consistency.

The final step, and most simple, spray the dog. How this mixture works is the oils make it much harder for the tick to grab on to the actual fur, and if they do, the scents and tastes of the oils repel the tick and cause it to let go, which is far less likely to cause any actual bite.

Simple, organic, and cheap, this is the method we all use here, and our dogs not only smell awesome, but have been tick free for years!

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