10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Newfypoo

The Newfypoo is a crossbreed derived from the Newfoundland dog and the Poodle. This combination makes it an exceptional companion animal that in most cases, will possess a good nature, a keen intelligence, and a fair amount of physical might. However, no dog can excel unless it receives the right training, with the Newfypoo being no exception to this rule. Something that interested individuals will want to keep in mind if they want their Newfypoos to do their best. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about the Newfypoo:

1. It Is a Designer Dog

Sometimes, people will call the Newfypoo a designer dog. In short, a designer dog is just a dog that was bred from two purebred dogs. However, there is a connotation that it was a deliberate decision done for the purpose of introducing desired characteristics into a dog that would not have them otherwise.

2. It Can See a Fair Amount of Variation

The debate regarding purebred dogs vs. crossbred dogs has continued into the present. One of the arguments for purebred dogs is that purebred dogs are very consistent. In contrast, crossbred dogs can be an unpredictable mix of characteristics from their parent breeds, thus resulting in a fair amount of variation from dog to dog.

3. Crossbred from the Newfoundland Dog

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Newfoundland comes from Newfoundland. Said breed possesses big, powerful builds as well as calm, stoic temperament, which explains why people have been known to call them gentle giants. On top of this, the Newfoundland is an excellent swimmer, which makes sense because it started out as a working breed for Newfoundland fishermen.

4. Crossbred from the Poodle

Meanwhile, the other side of the Newfypoo’s heritage can claim to be an excellent swimmer as well, seeing as how the Poodle once saw widespread use in retrieving shot waterfowl as well as other hunting tasks. Nowadays, there are still Poodles used for hunting, but there are even more Poodles performing other tasks such as being circus dogs and being family dogs.

5. Can Be Big Dogs

Newfoundlands are big dogs because the earliest members of the breed were meant to perform physically-strenuous tasks. In contrast, Poodles tend to be mid-sized, though it is important to remember that there are multiple breeds of Poodles. Combined, the Newfypoo starts at mid-sized but can be much bigger than that, so much so that they have been known to reach 150 lb. Suffice to say that this makes proper training for such dogs that much more important.

6. Very Trainable

Luckily, the Newfypoo tends to be very trainable. In part, this is because of their good nature, which is perhaps unsurprising considering the Newfoundland that went into their creation. However, it should also be noted that good-natured doesn’t mean stupid, particularly since the Poodle is supposed to be one of the most intelligent breeds that can be found out there.

7. Needs Proper Socialization

On a related note, it is critical that a Newfypoo gets the proper socialization when they are still young. Generally speaking, the breed isn’t known for going after other animals. However, their potential size means that a lack of proper socialization and other training issues can make the potential problems that much more complicated and time-consuming to resolve.

8. Surprisingly Good Guard Dogs

Despite their calm and even docile nature, the Newfypoo can make for a surprisingly good guard dog. This is because the breed isn’t just loyal towards their families but also very protective of them. Fortunately, the Newfypoo’s good nature means that it isn’t prone to being either overly-protective or overly-suspicious, which can be real concerns with some guard dogs.

9. Likes Swimming

Like other dogs, the Newfypoo does its best when it gets regular exercise, which should serve to keep it physically stimulated as well as help it maintain a healthy weight level. In particular, the breed is fond of swimming, which is perhaps unsurprising when both sides of its heritage are exceptional swimmers.

10. Grooming Can Be a Challenge

The Newfypoo isn’t prone to shedding much. However, it tends to have a very thick coat that is so oily that it is water-repellent, meaning that its owners might want to seek out professional dog groomers instead of attempting to tackle the task on their own.

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