10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Pomimo

The Pomimo is a designer dog. Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is the product of the union between a Pomeranian and an American Eskimo Dog. Thanks to this, the Pomimo can make for a wonderful though watchful household companion. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about the Pomimo:

1. Designer Dog

For those who are unfamiliar, designer dogs are dogs created by breeding two purebred dogs of different breeds together. Such dogs have existed for as long as the concept of purebred dogs have existed. However, designer dogs have become very popular in recent decades because of the desire to create canine companions with the upsides of both sides of their heritage.

2. Can Have Characteristics of Both Sides

As such, designer dogs tend to have characteristics of both sides of their heritage. Unfortunately, they haven’t undergone the same breed for consistency as their purebred counterparts, meaning that the exact combination of their characteristics can be very unpredictable. Due to this, if interested individuals are thinking about getting a Pomimo, they need to get not just a better understanding of the breed but also a better understanding of the exact dog in question.

3. Not Necessarily a First-Generation Mix

Of course, there are ways for people to make Pomimos lean toward one side of their heritage rather than the other. For instance, if they want a Pomimo with an increased chance of inheriting characteristics from the Pomeranian side of its heritage, the simple and straightforward method would be breeding the Pomimo with a Pomeranian. In other words, Pomimos aren’t necessarily first-generation mixes. Something that interested individuals need to keep in mind when they are looking for a suitable dog for themselves.

4. Has Other Names

Designer dogs aren’t as well-established as purebreeds. Thanks to this, one kind of designer dog can have more than one name. Fortunately, the names of designer dogs tend to be very recognizable because they tend to be a mash-up of their parent breeds. This can be seen in how other names for Pomimos range from Eskipoms to Eskiranians. As such, the names of designer dogs shouldn’t be a huge issue for interested individuals in most cases. However, if they are unsure about the heritage of a particular designer dog, they need to ask questions until they know exactly how that particular designer dog came about.

5. Can Claim Roots in Central Europe

A lot of dog breeds are named for the place where they came into existence. For instance, the Pomeranian is named for Pomerania, which is situated on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea in Central Europe. Nowadays, the region is split into two parts, with the western part belonging to Germany and the eastern part belonging to Poland.

6. Descended from Spitzes

The Pomimo is descended from spitzes. Said term encompasses a huge number of dog breeds that share certain distinguishing characteristics. One example would be their long, thick fur, which often comes in white but can come in other colors as well. Other examples would be their pointed ears as well as their pointed muzzles. In any case, Pomimos are descended from spitzes because Pomeranians are considered to be spitzes. In fact, the latter are called Dwarf Spitzes in a number of countries, which says much about how they compare to their close relatives and not so close relatives.

7. Descended from a Very Popular Dog Breed

Speaking of which, Pomeranians have fared very well in recent decades. To a considerable extent, this can be attributed to the explosive popularity of small household companions, which is something that the breed is very well-suited for. Naturally, the popularity of Pomeranians contributed to the creation of Pomimos as well. After all, people create designer dogs because they like the characteristics of their parent breeds but want to improve upon them.

8. Can’t Claim Roots in the Arctic

Meanwhile, one would assume that the Pomimo can claim roots in the Arctic as well. After all, Eskimo refers to indigenous circumpolar peoples. However, interested individuals should note that the term is considered to be derogative by a huge swathe of indigenous circumpolar peoples, thus making it something that they should be careful about using. In any case, humans brought their dogs with them when they crossed from Siberia to the Americas, which is why the indigenous peoples of the Americas had dogs long before the Columbian Exchange. Generally speaking, these dogs have very little relation to the dogs that now dominate this part of the world. However, huskies are a notable exception to this rule. Unfortunately, American Eskimo Dogs don’t have anything to do with either huskies or any of their relatives. Instead, they are actually also descended from German spitzes.

9. Their Parent Breed Got Renamed Because of WWI

Having said that, American Eskimo Dogs did come into existence in the United States. Simply put, when people came to the United States, they brought their favored dogs with them. Thanks to this, there were plenty of German Spitzes in the country when World War I broke out. Said conflict fueled anti-German sentiment, which brought about a wide range of changes such as the increased scrutiny of German-Americans, the cessation of German language classes, and the renaming of German-related things. As such, German Spitzes became American Spitzes, which contributed to a divergence that eventually resulted in the formal creation of American Eskimo Dogs.

10. Friendly Dogs

Given their heritage, it should come as no surprise to learn that Pomimos tend to be friendly dogs. They do have a protective side, with the result that they can be cautious around strangers. However, it tends not to look long for Pomimos to warm up to people and vice versa. Besides this, these dogs can also get along well with kids as well as other animals provided that they have been properly socialized from a young age. Of course, Pomimos do have some downsides as well. For example, some of them have been known to get very attached to their owners, which can result in separation anxiety. Similarly, they can be quite energetic, meaning that interested individuals need to be prepared to spend time with them.

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