The Pug Chihuahua Mix AKA Chug: Fun, Fierce, and Fascinating


There are often times that I am presented with a designer/mixed breed that I am unfamiliar with, but I am interested and compelled to research and learn more about it. This is the case with the adorable little Chug, otherwise known as a Pugwawa. As you may be able to figure out from its name, the Chug/Pugwawa is a designer breed created by mating a Pug and a Chihuahua. Trendy and unique, designer breeds are taking the dog world by storm, especially this new mix. This gentle, playful and curious dog has started to become a very popular choice for dog lovers.

Since designer dogs are not purebred, choosing to open your heart and home to them is similar to the same feeling you get when opening a present on Christmas. You take one look at them and are so excited and overjoyed by the way they look on the outside, but you have no idea what is on the inside.  As a mixed breed, the Chug can inherit traits from both the Chihuahua and the Pug, including many different coat colors and facial features. Due to the interesting concept of genetics, the facial features of the Chug can vary between Pug-like or Chihuahua-like even within the same litter.  Since both the Pug and Chihuahua are both relatively small dogs, the size of a Chug will be somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds. Their small size makes the Chug a very versatile dog when it comes to living quarters. Since they don’t require much living space Chug’s make the perfect breed for those living in either a house or an apartment. Chugs are companion dogs and love to be near their owners. They should always live inside the home, never outdoors. As far as children are concerned, Chugs do better with older kids who know how to handle them properly. Their small stature makes them a great companion to take along with you while running errands, or fit comfortably on your lap or in your bed, which they love doing with their owners!

As far as temperament is concerned, this can be a little tricky when it comes to the Chug. They can have a wide range of personalities, depending on whether they take after the somewhat suspicious and authoritative Chihuahua side, or the affectionate comic Pug side.What is so comforting about the personality of a Chug is that they are such lovable dogs. One of the primary traits of the Chug is its innate sense to adapt to its surroundings and human emotions. They can tell when you are happy, sad, or just not feeling well, but most of all just want to be around you.  As a result, Chugs have also shown to make good therapy dogs.

Socialization of your Chug is a must because they seem to have bold personalities when it comes to meeting other animals. While they may be small, they certainly have no problem letting another animal know when they have invaded their space. Start training your Chug from the day you bring him/her home. A kindergarten obedience class would be a great way to work on socialization because it focuses on praise and rewards for motivation. Not only will you and your puppy have a great time, but it also allows the opportunity to meet other puppies and their owners.

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