10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Chilier

Different dog breeds afford us the luxury of choosing the one perfect for us depending on our needs. Many times our hearts melt at how affectionate some dogs are towards our children and applaud others for their bravery in helping to apprehend culprits. The Chilier is among the many dog breeds that have been recognized after coming into existence a few decades ago. Since it has not been around for long, few people know of its traits. With these few facts, you can decide if it would make a great addition to your family.

1. Not Registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club.)

According to Pet Guide, the Chilier is not a purebred; therefore cannot be registered with the AKC. For an animal to be considered purebred, the percentage of full blood genetics has to be above 87.5%. However, its parents, the Chihuahua and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are purebred hence are AKC members. The Chilier is instead a member of the Designer Dogs in the U.S.

2. One of its Parents was a Favorite to the Royal Family

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel got its name from King Charles II due to his fondness for the breed. The King loved the dogs so much that everywhere he went, he took at least three spaniels with him. According to Mental Floss, King Charles spent so much of his time tending to the Spaniels that he was accused of neglecting his duties as King. The last royalty member to own the dog was Princess Margaret; her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was named “Rowley.”

3. Can be protective of One Particular Family Member

They say a dog is man’s best friend, and it’s because we can count on a dog to be loyal even when fellow humans let us down. Like a Chihuahua, the Chilier is fiercely loyal to those he loves. However, he can go a little overboard in protecting one particular family member. There is no specific criterion on how they choose to be loyal to that person, but then again, Celine Dion said love doesn’t ask why. However, if the dogs prove to be too obsessed with one person, socialization could be a challenge.

4. Great Companion for Children

The Chilier is an ever eager-to-please dog breed making it an ideal companion for little children. Its playful nature is mainly obtained from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genes. However, some breeds inherit most of the Chihuahua’s genes which makes them a bit reserved. Such dogs can be impatient and react aggressively when playing with naughty children. Therefore, it is important to determine the dog’s temperament before allowing him to play with your young ones. Most of all, adult supervision is always essential, regardless of how sure you are about your dog’s social skills.

5. Can be Challenging to Train

Smart dogs have the advantage of learning new tricks faster. However, no matter how smart a dog is, if he is stubborn, training will be an uphill task. The Chilier is among those dogs that will give you a headache when training since they inherit their stubbornness from their Chihuahuas. You can still train him through positive reinforcement techniques. 101DogBreeds advises the clicker method for a dog that keeps pulling on to his leash. Upon mastering basic commands, you can then teach your dog to identify household objects but only reward him for good behavior. This particular trait of Chiliers makes them a poor choice for first-time dog owners who may lack the patience to handle the independence and stubborn nature.

6. Needs Regular Exercise

The Chilier is a very energetic dog breed hence the need to exercise them regularly. Walking them twice a day could be enough, but what is better is taking them to the park where they can meet other dogs. One sign of a Chilier that is excited be with the new friends he has met is sneezing; play sneezing is common in many dogs, and it is usually harmless.

7. Makes a Poor Watchdog

The ideal watchdog should be able to recognize strangers and alert the owners of the unfamiliar faces. However, you cannot depend on the Chilier in this regard; sometimes, it will bark at strangers, and other times, he could not be bothered. The Chilier is not a barker, and while this makes them poor watchdogs, they are ideal house pets, especially if your neighbors do not tolerate the slightest disturbance. Besides, if you also love your beauty sleep and do not want to be woken up by a dog that keeps barking because a twig broke, the Chilier is perfect for you.

8. Easy to Groom

The Chilier is not hypoallergenic but still is a worthy pet because the low shedding makes them great for anyone not interested in constant vacuuming. That being said, you should not be too preoccupied to forget to give the dog a brush at least once daily. Bathing is, however, not recommended unless it is necessary; frequent bathing strips the coat of its natural oils resulting in a dull appearance. You should also brush the teeth twice a week and clean the ears once weekly to prevent infections.

9. Hate Containment

Woe unto you if you plan on getting the Chilier, and you are yet to fence your backyard. The dog breed will use every chance to try and escape, having obtained this feeling of independence from the Chihuahua parent. Consequently, you should ensure that your dog is ever on a leash and when not, the area he is playing in is enclosed. Unfortunately, these attempts to escape can cause frequent injuries.

10. Costly to Buy and Maintain

The Dogs Journal informs us that the average initial cost of buying the Chilier ranges between $1,800 and $3,500; the amount being inclusive of the price of a puppy, microchipping, deworming, and blood tests, among others. While this seems like quite a hefty price tag, you should note that food, vet visits and insurance among other maintenance costs can go as high as $1,000.

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