10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound

Part of the greyhound family, the Italian greyhound is a dog that has a lot to offer those in its life. It’s a dog that has a big personality, a lot of fun and some very amusing ways. It’s a lovely dog, but it’s not the biggest of the breeds. It’s sleek and slender, and it’s got a very distinct look that makes it very easy to tell what it is as soon as you see it. This is a dog that is known around the world as being a very desirable breed. They live a long time, they make good pets to those looking for a dog and they’re beautiful. All of this adds up to make one amazing dog, and that’s what people love so much about this breed. Additionally, it’s the kind of dog that you might think you know everything about, but you really don’t. We might have a few things right here that you just did not know about this lovely breed.

They Have Dental Issues

These are dogs that don’t have a lot of health issues that are very breed-specific. However, it is a breed that is prone to dental disease here and again. Many people who own this breed, as well as vets, state that the breed is one that does have some dental issues that do require attention here and there, and that’s one of those things that we have to be very careful for when owning breeds like this.

They’re Bred as Lapdogs

Most people assume that they are bred as racing dogs since they are part of the greyhound family, but this is actually not the case. This is a dog that, according to Hills Veterinary, is bred as a lap dog. Those who have this dog will agree that it does love to sit on your lap and be very close to you, and it will do whatever it takes to be close to its people on a regular basis.

They Don’t Snore

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet dog, this might be the one for you. According to veterinary professionals, the Italian greyhound is a dog that is not known to snore. This means it won’t irritate you while is sleeps quite the same way in which your spouse does when he or she sleeps. It’s a quiet dog in slumber, and that’s nice considering so many of them are not quiet.

They Don’t Drool

We all drool from time to time, whether it’s in our sleep or over a dream vacation or new pair of shoes, but this dog doesn’t do it all that often. Some dogs drool a lot, which is a big deal breaker for dog owners. This breed, however, is not one that drools all that often, which makes it one of the best dogs to have. You will really enjoy the fact that it doesn’t make you feel you need to take a shower after it removes its head from your lap.

They’re Very Social

This breed loves people. It feels it needs to be shown off and drooled over (pun intended) as often as possible, so you better get used to making this dog the center of attention. It will make sure it talks to everyone, that it introduces itself to all other dogs and people in public, and it will not be even remotely shy at any point in its doggie life. These are social dogs that will not do well in a home in which they are not properly socialized with other dogs and people.

They Love Attention

Being dogs, they love attention. They want your attention. They want the attention of others. They want all people to love and fawn all over them, and it’s understandable. They’re a beautiful breed, so they’re used to the attention. This makes them crave it on a daily basis, and that makes them want to have more of it on a regular basis.

They Don’t Get Very Big

Most people think that this is a very big dog, but it’s not. In fact, it’s only 7 – 14 pounds according to veterinary professionals, and it’s not as tall as you might think. The common misconception is derived from the regular greyhound, which is a dog that is bred to race and is a bit larger than this one. And it’s just one of the reasons people mistakenly feel they know all there is to know about this breed even though they don’t.

They Can Fit Anywhere

This is a dog that can contort its body to fit just about anywhere. It might look desperately uncomfortable to you, but it’s not. It might look like something you would rather not consider, but it’s not. It’s a dog that actually has a great ability to adapt and conform, so it’s not hurting itself or making itself feel bad in the least.

You Can Dress Them Up

The Italian greyhound is one that loves to be dressed up. In fact, many people who own this breed like to think of it as a bit of a Barbie doll dog that loves to be put in hats and clothes. Not all people are comfortable with dressing up their dogs, and that’s fine. But just know that this is a dog that actually seems to enjoy the art of being dressed up. Whether you do it regularly or not is up to you, but if you want to dress the dog up for the family photo or announce your newest arrival, this is the dog to have to dress up for those life moments.

They Look Bigger than They Are

When this dog is lying down on a piece of furniture, it looks very large. We don’t know why, but it’s amazing how much smaller it looks standing than when it’s lying down. Perhaps it’s an intimidation factor that keeps it looking like this, but we don’t really know. We do know, however, that this is a breed that is just a lot of fun.

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