A Complete Price Guide for the Aussie Doodle

Aussie Doodle

The Aussie Doodle is a designer dog. Based on its name, interested individuals should have no problem guessing that it was created using a couple of purebred dogs, with one being the Australian Shepherd and the other being the Poodle. As such, Aussie Doodles can have characteristics from both sides of their heritage, which can make them very well-suited for people who want a canine companion that is similar to both of those purebred dogs but not the same as either one at the expense of the other. This means that there is a demand for these dogs. In turn, this means that interested individuals can expect to pay a fair amount of money if they want to get an Aussie Doodle of their very own.

What Can You Expect an Aussie Doodle to Cost?

There can be considerable variation in the cost of designer dogs. One site claims that the cost of an Aussie Doodle can range from $500 to $5,000 depending on a number of factors. Due to this, interested individuals will need to do a great deal of research on the options that are available to them, which should provide them with the best chance of getting the dog that is closest to what they want at the price that is closest to what they want. For starters, interested individuals have a choice between either adopting, rescuing, or buying an Aussie Doodle. Each of these options has its own particular pros and cons. To name an example, both adopting and rescuing an Aussie Doodle should be much cheaper than buying an Aussie Doodle. However, doing either one of those two things is very luck-dependent because interested individuals won’t be able to either adopt or rescue an Aussie Doodle unless there is one that can be found at their local animal shelters and local animal rescues respectively. Moreover, even if such a dog is available, interested individuals shouldn’t expect a lot of options for the same reason.

Meanwhile, buying an Aussie Doodle from a reputable dog breeder means being able to pick and choose. Unfortunately, it means having to pay a much higher price as well. The aforementioned site says to expect an average price of $2,500, though the price range goes from $1,500 to $4,500. Furthermore, there are factors that can influence the price one way or the other. To name an example, smaller-sized Aussie Doodles are apparently more valuable than their bigger-sized counterparts. This is presumably because producing smaller-sized Aussie Doodles is more laborious and time-consuming. After all, Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs. Something that presumably complicates breeding them with either Toy Poodles or Miniature Poodles. Regardless, interested individuals might want to stay away from the smallest Aussie Doodles that can be found out there. Teacup dogs are in high-demand. As a result, there are a lot of disreputable dog breeders out there who are willing to get dogs down to that size whatever the consequences for those dogs’ health so that they can charge extra. Thanks to that, getting a teacup dog can result in a lot of frustration in the long run. Other factors include age, coat, and the dog breeder’s location. Generally speaking, older puppies are less expensive than their younger counterparts. Similarly, common coat colors are less expensive than their rarer-colored counterparts, particularly since people choosing to get a designer dog rather than a purebred dog presumably don’t care much about whether a dog is supposed to have a particular coat color or not. As for the dog breeder’s location, this can matter in a couple of ways. One, dog breeders based out of less expensive regions tend to charge lower prices. Two, buying from a dog breeder who is located further away from interested individuals is going to mean higher shipping costs.

In any case, it is possible to buy an Aussie Doodle for less than $1,500. However, interested individuals will need to ask themselves whether that is a good idea or not. The gist of it is that a puppy being sold for a much lower than normal price tends to be the product of a puppy mill, which is the kind of operation that makes most people more than a bit uncomfortable for very understandable reasons. Even those who take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude to such things should be concerned because puppy mills are infamous for producing puppies with physical issues as well as behavioral issues. Yes, mixed breed dogs are supposed to be healthier than their purebred counterparts. However, that is supposed to be true on average, meaning that individual dogs are by no means guaranteed to conform to those expectations. For that matter, dogs are like humans in that they are influenced by both nature and nurture. In other words, it is very much possible for them to experience lasting problems because of poor treatment.

Moving on, it should be mentioned that there can be considerable differences between adopting an Aussie Doodle and rescuing an Aussie Doodle as well because animal shelters and animal rescues are not exactly one and the same. In short, animal shelters tend to have a centralized location where the animals are housed. Meanwhile, animal rescue may or may not have a centralized location. However, it tends to be secondary because most of their animals tend to be entrusted to a network of local volunteers. If interested individuals just want to get an Aussie Doodle as fast as possible for as little as possible, they should consider going for adopting one rather than rescuing one. However, it should be mentioned that the latter tends to have some major upsides as well. For example, dogs that have been entrusted to volunteers tend to receive more care, which isn’t a knock on animal shelters but a simple acknowledgement of the fact that animal shelters tend to overstretched because they are caring for as many animals as possible while working with limited resources. Something that is particularly true for those that don’t turn away animals. Similarly, dogs that have been entrusted to volunteers tend to have more known about them. Suffice to say that can be very useful for people who would like to know more about a dog before bringing it home with them. Still, if interested individuals are most concerned about time and money, adopting a dog is the better option compared with rescuing a dog because the latter tends to take more of both.

What Are Some Other Costs of Dog Ownership that You Need to Consider?

There are also other costs of dog ownership that interested individuals should keep in mind. Some of these are fixed costs. For example, both a doggy bed and a doggy crate should cost about $100 each. Similarly, dog accessories such as a collar, a leash, and toys shouldn’t cost more than $500. Fixed costs happen the once. After which, interested individuals won’t need to repeat them in period after period. Meanwhile, periodic costs are, well, periodic in nature. The cost of feeding them is a good example. However, it should be mentioned that this is something that can see significant variation from animal to animal. After all, Aussie Doodles come in a wide range of sizes, meaning that bigger dogs will eat more than their smaller counterparts and vice versa. Still, interested individuals should expect food costs to exceed $450 on an annual basis. Healthcare costs are periodic costs as well. These can see even more variation because of different dogs’ different healthcare needs. On top of that, there is also the matter of how people choose to buy for them, particularly since there are so many insurance policies and other options out there. Due to this, healthcare costs can range from $650 to more than $2,000 on an annual basis. As for training and boarding, those should cost more than $700 on an annual basis, though those can differ depending on how people train and treat their dogs.

How Do You Know that a Dog Breeder Is Reputable?

If people choose to buy an Aussie Doodle rather than either adopt an Aussie Doodle or rescue an Aussie Doodle, it should be very clear by this point in time that they need to be capable of recognizing reputable dog breeders from disreputable dog breeders. It is better for them. Furthermore, it is better for their eventual dog as well. Fortunately, if they aren’t sure, there is a lot of information out there that can help out.

First, a reputable dog breeder will keep their dogs in clean and spacious environments. Generally speaking, people do better when they live in clean and spacious environments. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the same is true for dogs as well as a lot of other animals. As for how interested individuals can expect to see this, well, suffice to say that shouldn’t be a problem for reputable dog breeders. Simply put, they shouldn’t have any issue with letting interested individuals visit them to see how their dogs are raised. If anything, the opposite should be considered a major cause for suspicion because reputable dog breeders shouldn’t just be selling their dogs to interested individuals with zero regard for who they happen to be. Indeed, they are supposed to take a strong interest in the latter.

Second, reputable dog breeders should be open and transparent about their dealings. This means that if interested individuals ask about their dogs, they should be able to provide records as well as other documentation, thus providing interested individuals with plenty of information about the specific dog in question. Similarly, reputable dog breeders should have testimonials from previous clients, which can be a very useful way for people to gauge what to expect so long as they follow up on those testimonials. For that matter, reputable dog breeders should definitely have left signs of their continuing operation on the Internet, meaning that can be another excellent source of information. If they don’t have that for whatever reason, interested individuals should look elsewhere because that is rather strange to say the least.

Third, reputable dog breeders tend to be very focused. They might not be focused on a single dog breed. However, they tend to be focused on just a small number of dog breeds at most, which makes sense because they are supposed to be extremely knowledgeable about every single dog breed that they work with. On a related note, reputable dog breeders also tend not to have a huge number of dogs on hand because they are focused on making sure that every single one of their dogs is having all of its needs met. Often-times, these dog breeders won’t have any dogs available. Instead, they will either put interested individuals on a wait-list or point them in the direction of other dog breeds who can help out. These are just some of the characteristics that interested individuals should keep a watchful eye out for. There are plenty more out there, which is why they should read up on the topic. Searching for reputable dog breeders can seem laborious and time-consuming, but considering the complications that can come from a dog with either physical problems or behavioral problems, it will be more than worthwhile in the end.

What Else Should You Know about Aussie Doodles?

Aussie Doodles have a reputation for being very friendly dogs. As a result, they shouldn’t have a lot of problems getting along with humans as well as other animals. Still, there are some things to keep in mind in this regard. For example, training and socialization from an early age are both important. Otherwise, Aussie Doodles might wind up trying to herd smaller animals, which is a consequence of them descending from shepherd dogs. Having said that, if people have young children, they should also take care to teach young children how to interact with dogs in a manner that is safe for both because humans aren’t just automatically born with that kind of knowledge. Besides these, it should be mentioned that both Australian Shepherds and Poodles are energetic dog breeds, meaning that Aussie Doodles are as well. As such, interested individuals need to be prepared to spend a lot of time with them on a daily basis to make sure that all of their physical and mental stimulation needs are being met.

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