Seven of the Most Interesting Chihuahua Breed Mixes

Chihuahuas have been a favorite breed of dog for many people for years. People who love tiny dogs often find the Chihuahua to be a breed that fits what they are looking for in terms of size, personality and care, however, like any breed of dog, Chihuahuas may not be the right dog for everyone. Sometimes there are certain qualities from multiple breeds that you may think would fit together well and create the ultimate pet. This is where breed mixing is helpful for those who want to try and combine traits of two breeds into one dog. Chihuahuas are one breed that many breeders use to mix with other breeds and in the process, some very unique breeds have been born. Here are seven of the most interesting mixed Chihuahua breeds available.

1. Chi Chon

The Chi Chon is a cross breed of the Chihuahua and the Bichon Frise. Both breeds are small breeds, however, the Chihuahua is the smallest of the two. The Chi Chon has a lot of good qualities that appeal to a lot of people. It is not only adorable with its small body and long fur, but it has a great disposition. It is sweet and playful and has a lot of energy. It typically has the head and facial features of a Chihuahua with small round eyes, but the fur of a Bichon. This is a loving and affectionate dog that is very loyal to its owner. Despite its small size, the Chi Chon is not as fragile as a Chihuahua; they have a little more heft to them, which makes them great to be around small children, who can sometimes be a threat to tiny full-breed Chihuahuas.

2. Chi Chi

The Chi Chi is a mixed breed between the Chihuahua and the Chinese Crested. The personality of a Chi Chi is bold but friendly and intelligent. They have a small body with quite a bit of fur that does need to be groomed regularly to prevent tangling and reduce skin dander, although these are considered to be allergy-friendly dogs. They alert little dogs that have a lot of energy and love to play. You can count on their loyalty and will befriend the whole family. Chi Chis love to be close to people, so if you are wanting a lapdog, or one you can share the bed with, the Chi Chi is willing to be both. Chi Chis should be well socialized starting from a very young age, in order to ensure they are accepting of strangers and other pets.

3. French Bullhuahua

When you breed a Chihuahua and a French Bulldog, you get a French Bullhuahua. The French Bullhuahua has the body style of a French Bulldog, and often with the colors and markings of the French Bulldog, along with a more stout build. But you can see the Chihuahua in some of the facial characteristics, primarily the ears. French Bullhuahuas are not necessarily the best breed of dog for first time dog owners due to the perseverance that is required to train this breed. They can be stubborn and finicky with listening. They are loyal to their owners, however, don’t count on them to alert you when there’s an intruder. They will come to your rescue if they feel your safety is being threatened. French Bullhuahuas are also not typically the best choice of dog for families with small children. They do not require much grooming and are not extremely active, however, they do need to be exercised regularly to keep them fit and healthy.

4. Jack Chi

The Jack Chi is a designer breed from mixing the Chihuahua with a Jack Russell. This little bundle of energy is highly intelligent and loves mind-stimulating games. It has a lot of features of the Jack Russell, including the markings and colors of the fur. This is a small, but sturdy little dog who loves love and attention from its owner when he’s not busy playing and being energetic. They are good with children and strangers, especially when socialized from a young age. They also meld well with other pets. Jack Chis are overall, make great family pets, but they can be a bit difficult and a challenge to train. They require a lot of consistency and patience in their training, which can mean difficulties for first time dog owners. Jack Chis are also known to have good health, however, they could be prone to the same types of health issues either one of their parents had.

4. Chiweenie

Chiweenie is the mix breeding of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund dog. When you breed these two breeds together, typically what you will see, is the body of a Dachshund with long floppy ears like a Chihuahua, however, it also has the possibility of developing the Dachshund’s shorter ears, too. They typically grow fur from short to medium in length, with tan, black or mixed colors of fur. These little dogs are energetic. They love to run and play and they especially love to spend time with their owner and family. The Chiweenie make a fantastic lapdog. They have a sweet, loveable and friendly disposition. They do not require much grooming, however, the longer the fur, the more grooming it will need. Chiweenies can be stubborn and difficult to train so will require consistency and patience. They also have a problem with jealousy and can have a difficult time accepting other pets. Chiweenies do better as the only pet, and possibly even alone without young children.

6. Cheagle

The Cheagle is the breed of mixing the Chihuahua and the Beagle. This is a fun loving breed that is a nice mix of active, from the Chihuahua side, and relaxed, lapdog from the Beagle breed. This is a great breed for singles and older people who like to be active. The Cheagle typically has short, shiny and straight fur that has medium to moderate shedding and should be brushed about twice a week for grooming, and more if there’s shedding. Cheagles are very skilled and agile. They make great dogs for competitive training events. When it comes to training your Cheagle, you may find it challenging to housebreak your dog but with consistency and patience, he will eventually make it to being a great little companion.

7. Cheeks

Cheeks dogs are the result of breeding a Chihuahua with a Pekingese. Cheeks considered are all-around good pets because they get along well with anyone. They are the perfect family pet, as well as they do very well with single, or elderly people. This is because they are great with small children, other pets and easy for elderly to maintain. They also do well on their own, meaning if  you are a busy person who needs an independent pet that isn’t needy or has anxiety from being left alone, Cheeks dogs will fit into your lifestyle well. Cheeks dogs can look more like either breed, it depends on how strong the lineage traits are from either side. One of the only downsides to the Cheeks breed is their difficulty to train. Because both sides of this breeds lineage are known to be stubborn and a bit difficult to train, so you will need to work a bit harder to get them housebroken and obedient. If you do not have the time to work with your pup, this may not be the breed for you.



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