The Two Different Types of Chihuahua Dog Breeds

First, you need to know that there’s only one breed of Chihuahua. But the types of the Chihuahua breed depends on what you go by, whether its the two types of their coat or the two types of their head shape, regardless, either way, there are basically two types. The two types are recognized by either:

1) Coats/Hair: the two types recognized are long hair & short hair. Long haired is long & soft. Short haired is short & smooth. But if you breed a long hair with a short hair, it can lead to a 3rd type of coat, which is wiry hair. A medium length, in-between long hair & short hair length that is, but it’s referred to as wiry hair.

2) Head shape: the two types recognized, are Appleheads & Deerheads. But there’s a possibility of a 3rd type, a Pearhead. This can happen, if you breed an Applehead with a Deerhead, which is rare, but it happens.

Those are the only types when it comes to Chihuahuas. And no the AKC are not Gods of any dog breed or animals for that matter, so don’t go by AKC. They’re just as guilty in promoting unrealistic standards for animals as unethical breeders are in breeding. Please know that the Chihuahua breed is the smallest breed of all the breeds of dogs. They have different colored coats like white, tan, fawn, black, blue, red, grey, there’s even tri-colored chihuahuas & merle chihuahuas. And stand 6 inches to 9 inches with lengths of 6 inches to 12 inches.

Applehead Chihuahuas typically range from 2 to 6 pounds. They have a dome shaped head like an apple & the reason they’re called Appleheads. They also have short muzzles. How can you tell if your Chihuahua is an Applehead? Well, from your Chi’s profile, if the muzzle & forehead are in a 90° angle, you chi is an Applehead.

Deerhead Chihuahuas typically range from 4 to 12 pounds. They look just like little deers & the reason they’re called Deerheads. How can you tell if your chi is an Deerhead? Again, look at your Chi’s profile. If the muzzle & forehead go into a 45° angle, you have a Deerhead, plus the fact, your chi will look just like a baby deer.

Pearheads again, are rare & only produced when breeding an Applehead with a Deerhead & why they’re not really recognized. And no, Deerheads & Pearheads are not the same. The head & muzzle look just like a pears shape, with the head flatter & larger width wise, with a larger/wider muzzle & can weigh more than 12 pounds.

I personally have 2 Appleheads & 2 Deerheads. And with anything I decide to own or do in life, I research!!! So I researched the Chihuahua breed before I ever brought home my first Chihuahua. Which is what EVERYONE should do!!!

The Chihuahua breed originated from Chihuahua, Mexico, which is where the breed name, Chihuahua, came from. They’re also descendants of the Techichi, which is how they got their nickname Chi’s. Alot of Chihuahua owners actually name their Chihuahua, ChiChi or Chi Chi. Like me, I named my lil girl, Chi Chi.

Now, because the Chihuahua breed is the smallest breed, they produce smaller puppies & some won’t weigh more than 2 pounds as adults. My lil boy, Dobby is actually part of fraternal twins & the smaller of the twins as well as the smallest in a liter of 6. He weighed 2.5 pounds from the age of 1.5 to 2. He’s just a month shy of being 2.5 years old & just reached 4 pounds & it drives me crazy when people try to refer to him as a Teacup. I let them know exactly what I’m getting ready to let y’all know. There’s no such thing as a Teacup chihuahua or teacup animal. The MARKETING TERM – “TEACUP” was made up by unethical breeders in the 90’s, just so they could charge an insane amount of money for the smallest of the liter.

Because of this, even more unethical/backyard breeders & even puppy mills, now take the smallest of the liters & breed them to produce even smaller puppies. They also use teacups to put the puppies in & take pictures of them to promote that term. Then in 2003 when Paris Hilton debuted her tiny chihuahua on the Simple Life & started carrying her chi around on camera everywhere she went, putting her on Instagram, calling her tiny chihuahua a teacup chihuahua, she made this marketing term more popular & putting these tiny furbabies even more in demand because she didn’t take the time to research the Chihuahua breed. One year after her first tiny Chihuahua passed away in 2015, she bought another tiny chihuahua for $8,000. Shame on her for not doing her research & using tiny dogs to boast her acct & likes on Instagram. And that’s the biggest problem, no one takes the time to actually research the Chihuahua breed & the truth & the evilness behind the Teacup Term. 3/4 of small females don’t make it thru labor & neither do their puppies.

The ones that do make it, are overbred & the small females end up with a shredded uterus & the small males can’t retract their penis, all from being over bred because uneducated people that don’t know the truth & evilness behind the Teacup Term. And those inhumane, evil, unethical, backyard breeders & puppy mills don’t care about those precious furbabies, they only care about money. And the more people aren’t educated on this term & use it by thinking it’s a breed when its not, only fuels more unethical backyard breeders & puppy milld to use the precious Chihuahua breed to make money. The puppies that do survive have alot of health issues like hydrocephalus & seizures. Most of them don’t live to be a year old & the one’s that do live longer have a life of goin to a vet on a regular basis & being on meds that cause even more health issues. Its cruel & needs to be stopped. So let’s bring awareness & get these unethical, backyard breeders & puppy mills shut down!!!

So bottom line, there’s NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP ANIMAL!!! Toy Breeds are the smallest breeds of dogs. But Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of all the Toy breeds. If you see someone selling a furbaby & calling it a teacup or micro, turn them in.

I’d rather people not breed their furbabies, but if you breed your Chihuahua or another Toy breed, then know that your male should be 1.5 pounds smaller than your female & your female shouldn’t weigh less than 4.5 pounds. I honestly hope you don’t breed any furbaby, especially a Chihuahua, due to the fact that the 2nd most euthanized breed in shelters, is the Chihuahua breed because of all the unethical, backyard breeders & puppy mills. Go to your local kill shelter & save a Chihuahua. Let’s get kill shelters changed to non-kill shelters or get them shut down. No furbaby deserves to be euthanized because of bad breeders/owners. If you can’t make a lifetime commitment to a furbaby, to love & care for them, then don’t get one. They’re family members, not possessions to get rid of because you decide you no longer want them. That’s not how it works.

Please educate yourselves, do your research, help bring awareness to the truth & evilness behind these marketing terms “Teacup” & “Micro”. And please turn anyone in who commits Animal Cruelty, as it is now a Felony in all 50 states. Animal Cruelty is any type of animal abuse, animal endangerment, animal neglect & unethical breeding, including over breeding. If you live outside of the USA, do something to change the laws in your country to protect all animals. We are their voices & we are their protectors.

Guest written by Candace Byrum

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