The Seven Most Popular German Shepherd Mixes

The German Shepherd is found to the breed of dog most associated in mixed breed dogs. Mixed breeds make up more than half of all dogs living in the United States. German Shepherds are beautiful dogs known for their high intelligence and protectiveness. They are loyal and full of energy, making them a great dog for an active family. These qualities are found in German Shepherd mixed breeds making mixed German Shepherd dogs popular to own.

Here are the 7 most popular German Shepherd mixed breeds:

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Shepherd)

The most popular mixed breed German Shepherd is the Golden Shepherd. This mixture of Golden Retriever with the German Shepherd is the best of both worlds. Two of the most popular breeds combine to make the perfect pet. The International Designer Canine Registry recognizes the Golden Shepherd as an official mixed breed. Combining the two breeds lends to an intelligent, energetic, protective and gentle dog.

Golden Retrievers are known to be intelligent, gentle and great pets for families. German Shepherds are known to be fiercely loyal and protective as well as intelligent. Mixing the two dynamic breeds lends itself to a wonderful and beautiful dog. The Golden German can be medium to large in size depending on its German Shepherd parentage.

The average height is 20 to 24 inches. Like both breeds, the Golden Retriever is broad chested. The coat is a double coat with characteristics of the German Shepherd with a silkier layer of the Golden Retriever. Golden Shepherd puppies have the Golden Retriever’s gold to red coat. The dogs are energetic but the Golden Retriever mix has a tendency to also be laid back. The Golden Shepherd is a great pet all around.

German Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix (German Sheprador)

The German Sheprador, like the Golden Shepherd combines the best of both breed. The Shepredor’s appearance is much like the Labrador with a sleek, long body and short haired coat, floppy ears and a short haired tail. The Shepredor typically has the German Shepherd’s tan and black coloring. The dogs range from 35 to 55 pounds depending on their parentage. German Shepradors have great temperament. They are intelligent and easy to train, protective and loyal, playful and energetic, and gentle and friendly. They need plenty of exercise. When they are bored, they can be mischievous.

German Shepherd Collie Mix (Shollie)

German Shepherds and Collies are intelligent, high energy dogs that are both highly protective and great for families. The combination of the two breeds produces a beautiful dog with all of those traits and more. After all, two of the most famous movie dogs were Lassie, a Collie, and Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd. The Shollie tends to mostly carry German Shepherd traits such as size and coloring.

The dogs tend to be large with males standing 27 to 29 inches and females 21 to 25 inches. Like German Shepherds, Shollies tend to weigh between 70 and 80 pounds. Although Shollies may have coats of mixed black and white, brown and white, and light brown and golden, they most often have the brown and black markings commonly found in German Shepherds. Sharing the intelligence of both breeds, Shollies are highly intelligent and are eager to learn. Because of their size and high energy, Shollies need a lot of exercise and are great for active families. Shollies are often used as military dogs.

German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix (German Husky, Shepsky, Gerberian Shepsky)

The German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix dates back for more than a century. The combination of the breeds creates an intelligent, obedient, loyal and energetic dog. The mixed breed typically shows more traits of the dominant breed from parentage. The Shepskies tends to be large standing 20 to 25 inches and weight anywhere between 45 and 88 pounds. Shepskies have a double coat that protects them from the damp and cold. The coat is straight and short to long. Shepskies are recognized by the Dog Registry of America, Inc. They often have captivating blue eyes. Their coat is most often the tan and black of the German Shepherd but can be red, cream, gray, gold or light brown. Shepskies are energetic dogs so they need a lot of exercise. They are great pets for active families.

German Shepherd Welsh Corgi Mix (Corman Shepherd)

The Corman Shepherd carries the intelligence and protectiveness of the German Shepherd and the docile, loyal characteristics of the Welsh Corgi. The Corman Shepherd’s bodies are low set like the Corgi yet may carry the color and coat of the German Shepherd. The dogs range in size from medium to large, weighing anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds yet just 12 to 15 inches high. Corman Shepherds are sturdy and strong, often have the German Shepherd’s flat head and long erect ears and almond shaped eyes. Corman Shepherds love to play and need exercise and love. If they are bored, they can get mischievous.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd/Rottweiler mixed breed dogs are becoming very popular. This mix melds the energy and loyalty of the two breeds together to create a beautiful and strong dog. These dogs can be large, based on their parentage. They range in height from 22 to 27 inches and in weight from 75 to as much as 115 pounds. Their coats are often coarse, short thick and straight. Their color is most often a combination of black, brown and fawn. These are extremely intelligent breeds. With their intelligence, they can easily be trained at a young age to socialize.

German Shepherd Chow Mix (Chow Shepherd)

The Chow Shepherd mix is clever, loyal, energetic, and craves attention. Chow Shepherds tend to have the German Shepherd face which includes a long, narrow muzzle and black mask with darker eyebrows. The coat and tail are more like the Chow. The coat is dense, thick and long. The tail is bushy and curls. The dogs range in size from 18 to 26 inches and typically weigh anywhere from 40 to 95 pounds. Chow Shepherds’ temperament tends toward the Chow’s traits. They are typically fiercely loyal and crave attention. The dogs need early training and socialization to be around younger children. However, the Chow Shepherd is clever and full of energy.

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