Seven Things You Didn’t Know about the Beagle Dachshund Mix

There are many breeds of dogs that are being bred together to get a particular breed all its own. It is of course, a mix breed, or hybrid, but two breeds together, create a whole new breed that has its own characteristics and features. One common mix, is the Beagle, Dachshund dog breed. This combination creates an adorable little dog that has grown in popularity over the years and more people are beginning to seek out this breed for a family pet. Each of the two breeds used to create the hybrid, have great qualities which can be passed down to its offspring and people are falling in love. If you are familiar with the dog and perhaps interesting in learning about it, keep reading to learn seven things you didn’t know about the Beagle Dachshund.

1. What is the mix breed called?

What do you call a dog that is a combination of a Beagle and Dachshund? People like to give mixed breeds names that will stick in people’s minds, they’re easy to say and they use both breeds in the name. The name given to this mix and the one that is most commonly used, is Doxle. It’s short, easy to say and easy to remember. Other names sometimes used, but not as often, are Beagle/Weiner, and Beaschunds.

2. Physical Characteristics

The unique combination gives you unique features in the offspring. If you see this dog, you may recognize both sides of its parents because the offspring of this mix typically have a longer body with the shorter legs that you’d see in a Dachshund. It will typically have the colorings of a Beagle and the face and head and facial features of a Beagle. They are a fairly compact little dog, stout and sturdy.

3. Temperament

These little dogs are pretty sprite in life. They love to play, be silly, use their intelligence and just have fun. They are loving and love to give and get affection. Playing with your Doxle not only keeps them healthy, but happy. Take them on walks, play fetch and chase in the yard, and play games that stimulate their mind so that they do not get bored and depressed. They do like to snuggle on the couch, but too much time there, and your Doxle might start looking for trouble, purely out of boredom.

4. Intelligence

These are highly intelligent dogs for a hybrid. They are easily trained and should be, starting from the start. Train them how to walk on leash, how to come, sit and stay, and good dog behavior. These dogs are often seen in intelligence and behavior competitions, and they want to please their owner, so be consistent and start working with your Doxle early to help ensure a well-rounded and well-behaved adult dog.

5. Health issues

All dogs are prone to some sort of heath issues. Typically, mixed breeds can be a bit healthier than full breeds, however, sometimes the hybrids can develop issues all their own. One of the biggest health issues that can plague these little guys is spine problems. Because their bodies are long, their spine has a hard time supporting their bodies, so it is critical to be gentle with these guys. Limit handling them and playing games that require them to jump too much, or too high. Keep an eye on their gait and watch out for signs that seem to point to a sore or hurt back. Have them regularly checked at their doctor to make sure their backs are strong and stable.

6. Is it good with kids?

This is a good pet to have if you have kids or there are elderly people in the home, this is a dog that will get along well with your kids and your elderly parents. They are easy going and gentle with small kids. They are not known to be aggressive or snippy, although they will need to be socialized, starting at a young age. You can also socialize them around other animals and pets, if done correctly.

7. Grooming

These are fairly easy to manage dogs for grooming. They do shed some, but are not heavy shedders and only require brushing or wiping down a few times a week. Bathing should be done every 2-4 weeks and teeth cleaning on a weekly basis. You will want to trim their toe nails as they need it, along with cleaning their ears and wiping their eyes.



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