10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Corgipoo


Have you ever heard of a dog called the Corgipoo? As you might have guessed, the name refers to the cross-breeding of a Corgi and a Poodle in order to create a brand new, designer breed. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular breeds out there, designer or otherwise. As such, you might be interested in learning more about it, especially if you’ve been thinking about getting one for yourself or your family. Below are 10 things that you might not yet know about this interesting breed of dog.

1. They tend to be rather intelligent dogs

Few people would ever question the fact that these little dogs can be among the most intelligent breeds out there. In fact, they tend to be among the most intelligent breeds of dogs in existence. It only stands to reason that they would be exceptionally smart. Both Corgis and Poodles have a great deal of intelligence, something that they have been bred for over centuries. When that fact is considered, it only stands to reason that the end result of breeding these two types of dogs together would result in something that is very smart in its own right.

2. Most Corgipoos are quite affectionate

Not only are they exceptionally smart, but they are equally as affectionate. Corgipoos have a tendency to be very loyal to the people that they connect with. As such, they naturally want to spend time with them. Few people would argue that the Corgipoo is one of the sweetest breeds of dogs in existence. It’s very rare to see a dog of this breed that doesn’t get along well with people or other animals. While every dog does indeed have its own unique personality, this particular breed has an overwhelming tendency toward being friendly to friends and strangers alike.

3. They usually enjoy play time

While they genuinely love to be petted, they also love to play. Nothing makes a Corgipoo happier than having someone who will play with them. Whether it involves throwing a tennis ball in a rousing game of fetch or enjoying a game of tug-of-war, most Corgipoos genuinely enjoy having an opportunity to play. It gives them a chance to get rid of some of their pent-up energy and it provides you an opportunity to spend additional time with them. The end result is a bond that is stronger than ever, all while giving both of you the opportunity to get some much-needed exercise.

4. They are a perfect fit for people who don’t have a lot of living space

Corgipoos don’t generally get very big, making them a great option for people who don’t have a lot of extra space. This includes people that live in an apartment building or those who already have a rather large family and are looking for something that is the perfect addition without taking up an entire room in the process. They’re also a great option for families that have younger children. German Shepherds are great options too, but a Corgipoo is a lot less likely to knock a toddler to the ground accidentally than is a German Shepherd. As such, they make very good options for families that have young children, as well as for elderly people who want a companion that is relatively easy to take care of.

5. They look so unique, you can’t help but fall in love with them

Virtually anything that you breed with a Corgi tends to have the long body that Corgis are so well known for. While Corgipoos can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, the majority of them end up looking like elongated, miniature poodles with curly hair. They’re absolutely adorable. It’s hard to see how anyone could lay eyes on one and not fall in love almost immediately.

6. They tend to have a lot of energy

Corgipoos often have a great deal of energy, largely because they are a combination of two herding breeds that need large stores of energy to perform the jobs they were bred to do. As such, the Corgipoo usually has energy to spare, making them the perfect companion for anyone who wants a dog that likes to play or go on loads of walks.

7. They tend to get along well with others

As previously mentioned, this is a breed of dog that tends to get along with others quite well. They don’t seem to have a mean bone in their body, preferring instead to seek out an opportunity to be petted by almost everyone they meet. Their sweet nature also means that they tend to get along with other breeds of dogs just as well as they get on with humans.

8. They usually like to cuddle

Corgipoos may have a lot of energy, but they also enjoy an opportunity to climb up on your lap for a cuddle. Sometimes, they will cuddle for an extended amount of time. They genuinely love having an opportunity to connect with the people who are closest to them. This desire to cuddle, coupled with their loyalty, makes them a good option for older individuals who simply can’t walk a larger dog that is more powerful. It isn’t necessarily that the bigger dogs mean to cause harm, but they could easily pull an older person right off their feet. It’s much easier to walk a Corgipoo. These little dogs also make great pets for people who are confined to wheelchairs.

9. They come in many different sizes

These sweet dogs come in a variety of different sizes. As such, they may be as short as a Corgi or as tall as a Poodle. It often depends on how tall the Poodle parent is. In addition, these little dogs tend to develop their color and markings as they get older. Therefore, the adult Corgipoo may look slightly different from the way they looked as a puppy. Regardless, they maintain their exceptional level of cuteness throughout their entire life.

10. They don’t usually bark a lot

One of the best things about this sweet little dog is that they don’t have a tendency to bark a lot. In fact, they usually choose to remain quiet when virtually every other dog in the house is barking their head off. If you love being around dogs but you’re not so crazy about getting noise complaints from your neighbors, this may be the dog for you.

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