Some People Should NOT Be Dog Owners: Part TWO

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If you have not read Some People Should NOT Be Dog Owners: Part ONE, the conclusion will make better sense. This is my story about someone who made a few BAD decisions with a rescue dog. The point of sharing this story was to spread awareness for those of you who that (or know someone) are contemplating adopting a new pup. The conclusion of the story will probably have you raising an eyebrow. Dogs are family, but apparently some people think they are toys. So the story continues….sad dog

Outside of what I told you already, the conclusion of my story may really set you off. My friend advised me today that her roommate…..got another-p-u-p-p-y from the shelter! Now keep in mind, this man works a 9-hour day. There is NOBODY home during the day. This pup does not have a crate. This pup does not have training pads. Puppies should only be taken out to do their business (while the owner is at work)  if they are trained!

This pup does not have a good owner.

What am I supposed to do call the police? Of course not. He is a rescue. If there was a way that I could rescue the rescue pup from this imbecile, I would do it. He gave the neighbors a key to the apartment to let the puppy out during the day. THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU DO WITH PUPS! This pup isn’t even trained! My friend told me the pup was about as big as my cell phone. With that said- the pup is a REAL young pup. (Deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out)

It angers me so much that people feel the need to rescue a dog just to be hip; Just to impress women. Really? As a writer for this amazing website, I am asking you, my reader for a few small favors. If you know anybody that is thinking about rescuing a dog and you feel it is a bad idea for the dog (for what ever reason), tell the person about it. If you know somebody that rescued a dog and is having some issues, help them through it. There is an endless source of information on raising dogs if you are a first time owner. There is a plethora of info on the web if you rescue a dog and he/she is high maintenance. If I would have known he was taking Spike back,. I would have taken him. If I would have known the details of his lack of pleasure with Spike, I would have reached out to him. But Spike was gone that quick.

For me, dogs are family. You can’t take your family back. You can’t buy another family. You can’t trade your family in for another one. I would love to hear your input on this story. Agree? Disagree?

God bless you, Spike. You are beautiful. I pray you are rescued by a great family or individual.

Hey roommate? A dog will not get you a girlfriend. Then again, if she doesn’t do exactly what you want her to do, you’ll probably trade her in too.

(I feel much better!)

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