The Sweetest Cockapoo Puppies Caught on Camera

Cockapoo Puppy

The cockapoo is a dog that undoubtedly inspires your kids to laugh hysterically (Mommy and Daddy said POO!) but it’s actually a really sweet puppy with an even sweeter disposition. The cockapoo is what breeders call a hybrid, or designer, dog and what most other people call a mutt. It’s the result of breeding a cocker spaniel with a poodle, and the result is nothing short of adorable. Some are more poodle-like than others, but they seem to all have the sweet face and ears of a cocker spaniel, which just goes to make this dog look even more adorable than you can imagine. Because this dog is so cute, and because this dog is dubbed a designer hybrid, it’s an expensive dog to own. Most breeders will charge anywhere from $500 to $1,500 depending on where you live as well as several other factors. That’s not to say you can’t get one less expensive, but that’s just the average.

If you would love to have a cockapoo but have to wait to buy one until a local breeder has a new litter, we can certainly help you out. No, we can’t find you cockapoo puppies of your own, but we can find you some seriously adorable videos that will leave you entertained, happy and unable to stop watching. Welcome to your new addiction.


Apricot Cockapoo Plays

This gorgeous apricot color cockapoo is just having the time of his life. He can’t help the fact that he’s cute, life is fun and there are things to do and people to entertain. His owner manages to catch some of this adorable puppy’s cuteness on camera and he does the world a giant favor sharing this video. There are few things in life capable of cheering people up quite as much as a puppy, which is precisely why this video is perfect for any day of the week whether you’re having a beautiful day and want some more happiness in the hour or you’re having a less than happy day and want a reason to smile.


Adorable Cockapoo Puppies Having Fun

What’s cuter than an adorable cockapoo puppy having a good old time playing and enjoying life? How about several cockapoo puppies playing and enjoying life? These puppies are having a blast playing together and on their own, and it’s just impossible not to smile watching them and their crazy antics as they enjoy some time together. These puppies are sure to make you smile, and make you want one (or two) of your own. We dare you to watch this video and not decide it’s time to adopt a litter of adorable puppies all for you.


Jessie the Adorable Puppy

Jessie has some serious business to take care of. He’s just a puppy, but he has a jam packed calendar full of things to do with his day. First on the list is play. Second on the list is lie on a bean bag chair and look adorable. Then he has to let someone film him. Then he has to make his way to the internet full of cute puppy-ness so that the world can ooh and aah and otherwise enjoy his sweet face and hilarious antics. Jessie is just a few weeks old, but he knows the value of a cute face and a fun personality. If only we could get our coworkers to enjoy life the way Jessie does, the world might be a more entertaining place.


Melo the Gymnast

Melo is another cockapoo puppy that has some talent. He’s just a baby, but he has serious gymnast skills. At this rate, he’ll be an honorary Dallas Cowboy cheerleader if he keeps it up. While it’s not uncommon to find a small puppy that can do a few tricks, most dogs are a bit more basic than this one. This dog’s tricks are much cooler. He doesn’t just shake hands, sit, lie down or beg. He does flips and other cool tricks that make him even more spectacular and remarkable. Without giving away his sheer talent, this is a video you just have to see to believe. This cockapoo puppy is going to make your day. Be warned, though, that he might also make you feel a bit incompetent in terms of your own gymnastic abilities.


Baby Cockapoo Plays Ball

Little dogs are the cutest. Big dogs are sweet, too, but there’s something so innocent and wonderful about a tiny little dog that isn’t any bigger than a small toy. This dog is one of those cute and adorable pups. He’s playing with his owner and a ball in this video, and it seems that the tennis ball with which he is playing is just as big as he! He wants so badly to fetch the ball, but it’s hard to do that when your mouth is only a portion of the size of the ball as a whole. It’s too cute not to share.


Charlie Goes Swimming

It seems, at first, as if Charlie thinks that this wading pool is actually a giant dog bowl that his owners are going to fill with water for him to drink. When he realizes that it’s so much more than that, however, the fun really begins. This sweet cockapoo is excited to see that his is a water dish he actually fits into, so he can multitask. After all, every dog needs a dog bowl that doubles as a place to stop for a drink and a place to stop for a refreshing swim. You can’t help but become a little bit excited to watch Charlie as he jumps, swims, splashes and has an amazing time in the splash pool. It’s his first time, but we bet he comes back for more on a regular basis.

Photo by Next Day Pets 

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