The 12 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

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The most popular dog breeds are not always the world’s most expensive dog breeds, but often times the expensive dogs rate high on the top of the list. Popular dog breeds change from year to year and from country to country; and so do the most expensive dogs in the world. But here is what we have to be the 12 most expensive dog breeds in the world.  Price points vary but we got our information from Outsideonline and Fox News.


Lowchen – This dog is also known as the Little Lion Dog. The Lowchen is one of the most rare dog breeds in the world. New registrations of this dog every year number only in the hundreds. Price tag is $7000.


Rottweiler – The Rottweiler is a fairly common breed but definitely a favorite of many owners. They’re known to be guard dogs and extremely loyal to owners. While a normal Rottweiler isn’t incredibly expensive, some champion lines used for dog shows may fetch up to $7,000.

samoyed dog

Samoyed – Also known as the Bjelkier, the Samoyed originally comes from Siberia where it was used for herding and pulling sleds. They are a tough dog to train but once you do they can be a loyal companion and a great protector. Price tag is $6500


German Shepherd – One of the most registered dog breeds in the word, the German Shepherd is a large dog that is very loyal and protective of its owners. They also make amazingly cute puppies! Price tag is $6500


Canadian Eskimo Dog – This is one of the oldest purebred domestic dogs in Canada. It’s a powerful dog and it’s athletic. Many have an imposing appearance and thus could be considered good guard dogs. Price tag is $6000


Tibetan Mastiff – This dog was originally used for herding and guarding. Nowadays because of its sheer size this dog is still used for guarding. They are also one of the smarter dog breeds out there. Price tag is $5000


Chinese Crested Hairless – The Chinese Crested hairless dog is a small dog that has a single coat of fur. It’s one of the most exotic dogs because of its strange appearance. Price tag is $5000


Akita – The Akita has two main varieties, the Japanese and the American versions. Both versions are beautiful looking dogs. The Akita is sleek, sweet, and can be a great dog if trained properly. Much patience and care is required for this breed. Price tag is $3500


Pharaoh Hound – The Pharaoh Hound is normally linked to ancient Egypt, but it is actually native to Malta. It’s a wonderful looking dog and from what we know great with families and children. Price tag is $3000


Chow Chow – The Chow Chow looks like a puffy lion and comes from China. It has an impressive build but overall considered one of the best looking dog breeds out there. Price tag is $3000


English Bulldog – Known for their loose-jointed, shuffling gait and massive, short-faced head, the Bulldog is known to be equable, resolute and dignified. Price tag is $2500-$9000

Saluki gazelle portrait.ashx

Saluki – Although the breed appears graceful and fragile, don’t be fooled—the Saluki is an avid hunter and possesses the strength and endurance to chase quarry over long distances and difficult terrain. Price tag is $2500

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  1. Some champion Rottweilers can cost as much as $7,000? Try almost twice that much. My neighbor waited 8 months for his to arrive from Germany and it cost more than my 2010 Honda civic

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