The Ten Most Misunderstood and Punished Dog Breeds

The truth is that people that own dogs tend to live longer. They are healthier and happier as a whole. Dog owners are those who are more relaxed, and it’s because they have a loyal companion who is always happy to see them and who requires them to get a bit of exercise on walks and during playtime. However, it’s not uncommon for many people to avoid owning a dog because they misunderstand certain breeds. Some are more widely punished than others simply because they look mean or have a bad reputation. Read on to find out which dogs are most misunderstood, and why.

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This dog makes you think of tacos, and you know it. The “Taco Bell” dog is widely misunderstood. Many people find this dog particularly irritating and annoying, referring to it as a “yippy” dog. While they are small dogs by nature, they are not as aggressive and mean as many people think they are. They’re often misunderstand because they are fiercely loyal and protective of their owners, which makes them come across as mean dogs. However, good training is all it takes to make the Chihuahua calm down and treat others with respect and friendliness.

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German Shepherds

German Shepherds are beautiful, large dogs. They are very smart, and they are very protective. Their natural instinct is to protect their loved ones from predators, and they will not hesitate to do so. However, they are not trained to attack at will. They are trained to obey commands and to attack only when commanded. They are very, very intelligent dogs, which is why they are the most commonly used dog in the police force. They can be taught just about anything, and they are very good about following instructions.

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While not misunderstood as mean dogs that will attack and injure people at will, terriers tend to have a bad reputation as dogs that you simply do not want at home. They are known for being the kind of dogs that are somewhat rambunctious and over-the-top in terms of being hyper. However, if a terrier is properly trained, it will not terrorize your family by destroying everything your home. This misconception comes largely from people who are not able to train their dogs properly, which makes it difficult for them to keep control of them while they’re at home.

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There is no denying the fact that this particular dog just looks like an aggressive one. It’s big, it is ferocious looking and it packs a mean bark. These German dogs are very protective and very loyal. They are not as aggressive as people think they are, but their reputation precedes them. They are very sweet dogs, even though they do have an imposing presence. They’re often used as guide dogs and police dogs because they are easily trained, highly intelligent and very eager to learn and to protect. They are not the mean dogs that people assume they are.

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Pit Bulls

The look of a pit bull can be very deceiving.  They’re short, stocky and look like dogs that might cause some serious harm.  But they’re not; they’re actually very sweet, very loving and very loyal dogs. Their reputation stems largely from the fact that they are protective dogs who will attack when provoked by other animals.  Also due to the horrible treatment they’ve received and situations they’ve been put in.  It is true that pit bulls are not very dog-friendly in that they don’t get along well with many other dogs, but much of this is due to the fact that they are raised that way. Training will help ease this issue.

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Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are magnificent dogs. They are large, beautiful and they are very protective. They are bred to keep their owners safe. They will do whatever it takes to prevent danger from occurring to those they love, and that it what makes them seem like such dangerous dogs. The truth, however, is that a well trained Doberman is not going to harm anyone without direct command. They might make you feel uneasy because they are intimidating, but a good owner is not going to have a dog that will attack without command. You should be wary of dogs whose owners teach them to attack at will, however.

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Border Collies

They don’t have a bad reputation for being a mean breed or being one that is dangerous, but they are easily given up on. Many pet owners do not have what it takes to raise a border collie because they simply do not understand how to properly train these dogs. They are very intelligent and require frequent stimulation. They are not the kind of dog you can raise and leave home all day long while you go to work and travel. This dog requires a very specific type of care and training, and many pet owners aren’t capable of providing this.

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American Bulldog

This is a dog that requires some special care and training when the dog is young. They were specially bred to create the kind of dog they’ve become, and that means that most people assume they are difficult to raise and not very well-behaved. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is true that these dogs require more healthcare because they are prone to more illness and disease, they need trainers who will teach them to be consistent and not dangerous, otherwise owners might have issues. However, it’s not the dog’s fault; it’s improper care that causes their poor reputation.

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It’s a dog that is a bit on the large size, and it’s often misunderstood for being aggressive and dangerous. While it is true that these days are very energetic, they are not dangerous when they are given proper training. These dogs are, in fact, very kind and very loyal to those they love. However, if your Akita is not trained properly, they can be very dangerous around small children because they are energetic and that can be misconstrued as dangerous and aggressive. Once again, it’s all about proper care and instruction.

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The misconception is that poodles are unintelligent dogs that just like to sit around looking pretty and having their fur cut and shaped. However, poodles are highly intelligent dogs that make wonderful pets. Whether you choose to mix them with other breeds to create a smaller and somewhat fluffier dog or you want a straight poodle, you are going to find them very friendly, loving and ready to learn. They’re very intelligent, and they learn easily. They’re one of the easiest dogs to train, which makes them a highly desirable pet for many homeowners to have.

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