10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Texas Blue Lacy

I am not sure what it takes to be declared the official state breed as far as dogs are concerned, but in 2001 the Texas State Senate voted to bestow that honor on the Blue Lacy Dog Breed. Being from Texas, I am familiar with the dog breed but honestly did not know that it was the official breed of the state. I can definitely see why the dog would be considered, with characteristics that are ideal for native Texans, especially those who live in rural areas. If you are a pet lover and you are considering a Blue Lacy that are some things you should know and will want to know about this breed.

To help familiarize you with this dog breed we decided to list 10 little-known facts that will bring you up to speed on the official dog breed of the great state of Texas.

1. Extremely Sensitive to Noise

Being the official breed for the state of Texas may lead one to believe that this breed is ideal for hunting; however, that is probably not an accurate postulation. Despite being popular with ranchers, the breed is highly sensitive to noise. According to experts, Blue Lacies are much more responsive in quiet environments, meaning that they will not likely respond well to the noise of gunfire. There are always exceptions, I just would not bank on it. If you are looking for a good hunting dog, a hound or a bird dog would be much better.

2. Named After the Lacy Brothers

This breed has a reputation of being a working dog, taking their name from the Lacy brother, a family who moved to Texas from Kentucky in 1858. The Ladies were known to breed cattle and hogs and they also bred dogs to help work the cattle. The Blue Lacy breed is believed to be a mix between a coyote, greyhound, and scenthound. While they are sensitive to noise they are very good workers and they are great with hogs and cattle.

3. Replace Cowboys in Some Circles

The reputation of Lacies as work dogs is intense. There are stories of Blue Lacies being immensely helpful to colonial Americans that ran Southwestern Ranches. There are stories of some Ranchers that would rather work with Blue Lacies than with cowboys. In fact, some said that one Blue Lacy could handle the work of five cowboys. Now, how true that is I don’t know.

4. They Are Great Trackers

It seems that I was only partly right. While the Blue Lacy is not ideal for hunting in which a firearm will be used, they are great trackers and they work well with hunters that use bow and traps. According to the latest statistics, the Blue Lacy is the most employed dog breed by the United States trappers due to their hunting skills.

5. Recognized by Top Kennel Clubs

Despite being mixed with multiple canine breeds, the Blue Lacy has earned the recognition of top kennel clubs such as the Continental Kennel Club, National Kennel Club, Lacy Game Dog Registry, Texas Lacy Game Dog Association, Universal Kennel Club, and American Pet Registry, Inc. It didn’t make the cut for the American Kennel Club, but who cares, right?

6. These Dogs are Strong and Fit

These medium-sized dogs are extremely well-built and strong, which is why they make such great workers. They are known to have optimal height-to-weight ratios and they possess a symmetrical body structure that is ideal for constant work throughout the day. They can range in weight from 30 to 50 pounds.

7. They Have Smooth Coats

The coat of the dog matches their lean sleek build, being flat and smooth. Not only does the coat contribute to their sturdy look, but it is also a part of what makes them so aesthetically appealing. If a Blue Lacy is seen with a long and rough coat, it is suggested that the dog possesses disqualifying faults and most serious dog owners will not take the dog.

8. Built to Last

While there are dogs that are very prone to sickness and allergies, the Blue Lacy was bred to be tough and the evolution of the breed that has taken place in Texas has made the dog even tougher — being able to withstand a wide range of seasonal variations as far as Texas is concerned. I am not sure how the breed would fair during the winter in Montana.

9. Expecting Life-Span is 16 Years

Any dog that lives to the age of 16 is considered to have reached a ripe old age. Most dogs that are fortunate to live that long become lethargic and diseased; however, the Blue Lacy has been known to still be hunting and working at that age. They are built to do what they do all the way to the end. This is definitely a rare breed.

10. Highly Trainable and Energetic

Some dog breeds can be difficult to train and keep within certain behavioral boundaries; however, the Blue Lacy is very intelligent, extremely active, and eager to work. They are simply built to put in work and they are very efficient when working. There have a strong desire to please their owners.

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