The Royal Family Adds a Labrador to its Kingdom

Most people are always clamoring to get some news about the Royal Family. It doesn’t seem to matter what they are doing or what the news is about, anything seems to be a welcome addition. As it turns out, the news that’s been circulating lately is not just about the Royals- it’s also about the love between a person and a their dog. As you might already know, newly married member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle, loves animals. As a matter of fact, she loves them so much that she spent a good part of her life adopting them. Before she became a member of the Royal Family, she actually had two dogs, a Beagle and a Labrador Retriever. While the Beagle eventually traveled across the pond to be with her and the rest of the Royals, the Labrador wasn’t able to make the trip because of his advanced age.

Ultimately, she left the Labrador that she had adopted years before with some friends when she moved. This had to have been a big adjustment, both for the dog and for her. It took her a little more than a year to become accustomed to not having her dog, Bogart, with her. Eventually, she decided that she was ready to take on a new member of the family and so she recently adopted another Labrador. It’s interesting to think about the type of relationship she will have with this dog, especially when you consider the fact that her and Bogart seemed to be especially close before she left him with friends to move to London.

It isn’t yet known exactly what the dog looks like, or even what color he or she might be. So far, Markle and the others seem to be playing the entire event rather close to the vest. That’s probably something that should be expected when it comes to any details concerning the Royal Family, even if it comes down to adopting a dog. One thing that many people have been interested in finding out concerns the type of life the dog will have while living with them. This is understandable, as most people are curious about practically everything when it comes to the way the Royal Family lives. As previously mentioned, not much has been reported, but it is known that the dog will remain with Markle and will stay half the year in one home and spend the other six months of the year with them in what you might consider a vacation home.

It really isn’t outside the realm of normalcy for Markle to adopt a dog, especially when you consider the fact that the Queen has so many Corgis running around. Apparently, having a number of dogs has been a tradition in this family for many years, so you might even go as far as saying that Markle is merely continuing that famous tradition, although a Labrador is much different than a Corgi. Perhaps Markle herself has a soft spot in her heart for Labradors, or maybe this was simply the dog that touched her heart the most when she went to the shelter in order to find a new best friend. Either way, her and the dog are now together and if past history has anything to do with it, the two will become fast friends and will shortly be inseparable.

Hopefully, some pictures will start surfacing soon so everyone can see what this particular Labrador looks like. For now, everyone is forced to leave that up to their imagination. Who knows, this could be Yellow Lab, a Black Lab, or even a Chocolate Lab. By the same token, it isn’t known whether the dog is a short-haired or long-haired version. Fortunately, all of those questions should be answered in the near future.

When the pictures finally do surface, be prepared to see a lot more people running around the United States with Labradors. Just as people try to imitate the way she dresses, it’s very likely that individuals will decide that they too want to have the same type of dog she has. Currently, the shelters all across the United States are practically overrun with stray dogs but they might find themselves in short should supply of Labrador Retrievers and Beagles in the very near future. Chances are, they won’t have many Corgis on hand, either.

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