The Top 20 Interesting Great Dane Mixes

Recognized for its large size and royal stature, Great Danes are known throughout the world as the “Apollo of Dogs” and as gentle giants because of their kind dispositions. This breed may appear to be ferocious but most are affectionate, mild mannered and on the side of being docile. Great Danes are generally known for their friendliness and although they grow quickly, it doesn’t stop them from tying to be a lap dog. Some of the most interesting dogs have come from mixing this regal dog with other breeds. Here are 20 Great Dane Mixes that you simply have to see.

1. Great Dane and Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are decent sized dogs and they are known for their athleticism and love of working. When you combine this workhorse of a dog with the well-muscled Great Dane, the odds are in favor of a mix that has the body of a Great Dane with the features of a Husky. There is a good chance that you’ll end up with a blue-eyed beauty. Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs that have a heavier coat than Great Danes. The mix is likely to produce a moderately heavy coat for an interesting appearance. Expect him to be calm in nature because he’s part Great Dane. He’s likely to have an occasional episode of hyperactivity thanks to the Husky, and don’t be surprised if he’s a howler.

2. Great Dane and Labrador

A mix of Great Dane and Labrador is known as a Labradane. This combination produces a dog with a coat that is dense, short and shiny. The size of most Labradanes is about 24 inches in height and most weigh around 100 pounds when fully grown. This amazing combination of hunter and royalty will carry himself with a regal attitude, but he’ll drop the act when he sees you, because both breeds are quite friendly and anxious to be in your company. He will probably be inclined to hunt and he’ll have the enthusiasm of a Labrador because these tendencies just can’t be restrained. Labradanes are affectionate and family oriented dogs and are among the most loyal and devoted.

3. Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound

These are both giant dog breeds and when you mix them, the results are absolutely gorgeous. The average size in height is from 32 to 38 inches with a weight range between 100-200 pounds at full maturity. When you merge the physical features, the result is a strikingly beautiful dog with intelligent eyes and a sculpted looking musculature. This mix will need plenty of room to run and exercise to be healthy and happy. The temperament is sweet and affectionate when properly socialized. Loyalty is a trait of both breeds so you will have a dog that will stick by you through thick and thin.

4. Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher

When you cross a Great Dane and a Doberman, you get what is called a Doberdane. Because of the genes he’ll inherit from both sides, this good sized dog is going to have an impressive set of muscles with a moderately thin body build. His hair will be coarse in texture and short. He’s have large feet from the time that he’s a puppy, and this will let you know that he isn’t done growing until he catches up with his massive paws. Doberdanes are intelligent dogs who learn very quickly, and love to play. You can thank the Doberman genes for his strong instinct to protect his loved ones. He’s likely to have a mixed temperament that is calm at times, but when a member of his family is threatened, he can become aggressive and will at a minimum deliver an aggressive warning bark to any offenders.

5. Great Dane and Poodle

This mixed breed is referred to as a Great Danoodle. When you combine these two breeds, the result is usually a surprise, depending on the size of the poodle. When you mix a standard size with a Great Dane, your dog is going to be big. If he inherits the facial features of the Great Dane, he’s have an air of dignity about him, but if the Poodle is predominant in his appearance, he may not have the most handsome face, but you’ll love him anyway.

There is little chance that this mixture will produce anything short of a loving and devoted log. He’s likely to be calm in nature, but very protective over his family. He would give his life to protect his family and you couldn’t ask for a more loyal and faithful dog. The Poodle inside him tends to be yappy and bark to let you know if there is a stranger around, but this is tempered with the calmness and docility of the Great Dane. He’ll be friendly and affectionate and always glad to see you come home.

6. Great Dane and Rottweiler

This combo breed is known as a Weiler Dane. What you get when you mix these two impressive dog breeds is one big pup. There is no doubt that this dog will grow to have an impressive set of muscles. They will be covered with a coat of fur that is short and shiny. He’s going to be one handsome dog and there will probably be a mixture of the elegance and nobility of the Great Dane in his stature because Great Danes are graceful creatures. The Rottweiler contributions are likely to be more beefiness in his body, and a fierce loyalty and commitment to protecting his family. He’ll be friendly and loyal to his family, but he won’t be so tolerant when there is a threat around.

He’ll let you know when a stranger is at the door, and if they are a welcome guest, he’s just as likely to shower them with attention and tail wags. This is another gentle giant that loves to show affection, but his high intelligence makes him alert and aware of everything going on around him. He is able to anticipate the needs of his owner. He loves to spend time with humans playing, but he snaps to alert status when something doesn’t feel right. If you want a smart dog that is both affectionate and protective, then a Weiler Dane is the perfect combination.

7. Great Dane and St. Bernard

An equal mix of St. Bernard and Great Dane is going to have huge ears and big paws. Don’t let this put you off, because he is a beautiful dog with a very handsome face, but he’s going to be big. He’ll grow to a height of 25 inches o more and he’s going to weigh around 160 pounds. His coat is likely to be dense and thick, but some of these mixes have produced an occasional short and slick haired pups. He’s likely to be a shedder but he wants to be inside with the people that he loves. He is one of the most affectionate dogs you’ve known.

Because of the high intelligence factor, he’s going to be alert, yet easy to train. The genes that he gets from both Great Dane and St. Bernard will make him calm in nature, but he’ll also have a playful side. He’s big and has well formed muscles. This dog will need to get a healthy dose of daily exercise. Walking is a necessity, but make sure that you have a strong leash because he’s apt to test it for you. In general, this mix is well behaved and loyal to his family.

8. Great Dane and Mastiff

This unique mixed breed is referred to as a Daniff. He’s going to grow to at least two feet tall or a little better, and he’ll weigh a minimum of 110 pounds as an adult. He’s going to inherit the thick body features of the Mastiff and he’ll have an impressive set of muscles along with a slightly menacing appearance if he gets his looks from the Mastiff side of the family. His coat will be short and easy to care for. He’s going to be a big dog, but his temperament will be low key. He’ll have a calm and gentle nature, but don’t underestimate his ability to be a great protector. This dog is not likely to be a pushover. He’ll lie quietly and mind his own business until someone messes with his family. He’s affectionate, loyal and devoted to his loved ones.

9. Great Dane and German Shepherd

When you mix a German Shepherd and a Great Dane, you’re going to have a beautiful dog that garners the regal stature of the Great Dane with the emotionally charged eyes of the German Shepherd. His body shape is likely to be muscular, but he won’t weigh as much as some of the other Great Dane and larger dog mixes. He’ll have a tall stature and people will wonder what kind of dog he really is. He’s going to be an energetic fellow who has an insatiable curiosity, but this mix also tends to be well-behaved. He’s intelligent and capable of being a great work dog because of the Shep in him. He’ll also be protective and he may bark when he feels that something is wrong.

10. Great Dane and Boxer

The combination of Great Dane and Boxer is known as a Boxane. This guy is going to be big. His coat is going to be short with a beautiful shine and it won’t be difficult to take care of. Boxers take a little longer to mature than other dog breeds, so you may have a huge puppy on you hands until he reaches the age of about three. He’s going to be cute and adorable, and he’ll want to play a lot so be prepared for this guy to let you know when it’s play or walking time. His disposition will be amazing. Because of the boxer, he’s going to have a mischievous streak, but this will be tempered by the docility of the Great Dane.

11. Great Dane and Bloodhound

When you mix a Great Dane with a Bloodhound, you’re going to have a very large dog that has an amazing personality. He’s going to have a sleek and shiny coat with short fur. His hair is easy to maintain and there shouldn’t be a lot of shedding. His face is going to be a masterpiece. You’ll fall in love with his soulful and somewhat droopy eyes and he’s going to have longer ears that hang down when he’s staring into your eyes, and when he runs, they’ll be all over the place.

He’ll have a sweet temperament and will crave your attention. This affectionate dog is going to be loyal to you, but don’t be surprised when he catches the scent of a small animal and pulls you along with him on another great adventure. He’s going to be curious, outgoing and friendly. His bark will be more of a bay and this guy will know how to howl.

12. Great Dane and Pitbull

This mix is going to be beefy in appearance with shorter ears and a menacing look about him. He isn’t likely to have the regal appearance of the full Great Dane. He’ll have a stout build with an amazing musculature. Although he looks fierce, if he’s properly socialized from the time that he’s a puppy, he’ll be affectionate and loving. He’ll be calm in nature unless somebody offers a threat to his loved ones. He’s alert and although he’ll tolerate visitors well, strangers shouldn’t get to close to the children of the family because he’ll warn them to back off and is apt to stand in between them and the young ones. This mixed breed is loyal to his owner and family members and can be very affectionate and loving.

13. Great Dane and American Bulldog

This mixed breed will have a stocky body type with a coat that is smooth and shiny. He is likely to be more laid back but he’s going to be alert. He’s not aggressive towards people or other dogs, but he isn’t shy either. He’s a live and let live kind of dog unless there is a threat present. This mix is rarely hostile, but has a determined demeanor and he’s brave. He will have self confidence and the children in the family can easily become his purpose in life. American Bulldogs are known to love children and want to protect them. He is less likely to bite a stranger, but he will stand in between the kids and somebody that he doesn’t know, just to let them know that they are his kids and he is on active guard duty.

14. Great Dane and Great Pyrenees

This mixed breed is known as a Pyredane. When fully grown, this is one big dog with remarkably well defined muscles. He gets his dignified and calm demeanor from both sides of the family. If he’s provoked, he’ll bark and he won’t give an inch of his ground when he’s defending loved ones or property. He’s an excellent family dog that is affectionate and loyal. He’s going to need to be brushed twice a week because he is a moderate shedder. He will have an undercoat of short hair and this is the cause of the shedding. A Pyredane is a laid back guy that will actively seek out your attention in a calm and mild mannered way. he’s not usually a pest, but he does need to have his daily dosages of love and affection from his owners.

15. Great Dane and Weimeraner

When you mix a Great Dane and a Weimeraner what you get is a Great Weimar. This mix is an excellent family dog that truly enjoys playing with children and even the family cat. He has an easy going nature and he loves human attention. He’s going to require daily brushing because he’s a big time shedder, but the inconvenience is worth the rewards that he’ll bring to you and your family. He is easy to train and very obedient because he is a people pleaser. He gets his high intelligence level from both gene pools. He’s laid back but alert. He tends to get jealous when his owner pays too much attention to other animals. He doesn’t get mean, but he may insinuate himself in between you and the other animal. He’s moderately quiet, but if there are other dogs barking, he’ll join the chorus.

16. Great Dane and American Foxhound

This mix is known as an American Foxy Dane. He will be lean in his appearance with the body of a Great Dane and the head of a Foxhound. His legs will be long and lean, giving him the look of a sprinter. Be prepared to brush this dog daily because thanks to the short haired coat of the American Foxhound, he’s likely to be an intense shedder. His ears will need to be cleaned regularly because he tends to develop buildups. He’s going to have a mild temperament thanks to the Great Dane, but there will be times when he shows a burst of enthusiasm. All in all, this well rounded dog will be friendly and affectionate with is family.

17. Great Dane and Swiss Mountain Dog

When a Great Dane is crossed with a Swiss Mountain Dog you have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dane. The temperament is generally laid back and tends to be more on the docile side. This dog is smart and learns quickly. He is loyal to his owner and enjoys getting all the attention that he possibly can. He’s good with kids and other animals and has a live and let live attitude. He’s going to be a big boy and as he begins to mature, he’ll be too big to sit on your lap, but this is exactly what he’ll want to do. He’s alert and on guard, but he doesn’t get easily alarmed. This dog tends to to calm and watchful and doesn’t make a scene unless it’s called for.

18. Great Dane and Anatolian Shepherd

The name for this designer mixed breed is a Plush Danois. He’s going to be a highly intelligent dog that is usually on alert. He’s calm and observant and always aware of his surroundings. He has an instinct that drives hi to be protective of his family. This dog is brave and courageous. He’s responsive to the needs of his family and loyal. He is a natural guard dog that has a sense of territoriality. He doesn’t trust strangers and if someone comes around after dark, he’s going to bark to let you know about it. This breed needs early and proper socialization to temper his natural instinct to guard and protect. He sheds in the spring and in the fall, requiring more frequent brushing during these seasons.

19. Great Dane and Basenji

When you mix these two amazing breeds you get a spectacular dog. Thanks to the smart factor from both sides, he is going to be highly intelligent. He gets his independent streak from the Basenji side. This dog is affectionate with his family members but is generally aloof when it comes to strangers. He’s a great family dog who enjoys playing with the kids and when he’s socialized as a puppy. he may not be so great with other pets because his natural leadership instinct causes him to assert dominance so he can be the alpha of the pack.

He doesn’t shed much and is a good option for people with allergies. Little grooming is required. He likes to keep himself clean and his grooming habits may even remind you of a cat. He’s easy to train because he loves to please his master. Watch out though, because he likes to get what he wants and he tends to be a sneak about it. Once he learns the rules, he’ll bend to your authority if you are consistent and firm with him.

20. Great Dane and Australian Shepherd

When a Great Dane and an Australian Shepherd combine, you have the formula for Jeckyll and Hyde. This highly intelligent dog is going to be moderately large, and he is likely to have the natural instinct for herding. He’ll herd other dogs, cats and even you if you allow it. Australian Shepherds have been known to jump in the air and hurl their bodies at stock, turning their butts at the last moment to take them down or get their attention. They’ll do it to a human if you don’t put a stop to it. Combine this with the size of a Great Dane, and it’s powerful enough to knock you out of your shoes. He’s going to be a character that loves to play, but he’ll have down periods where he just wants to watch what’s going on from a comfortable location.

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