The Top Five Selling Dog Leashes on the Market Today


Your dog’s leash is one of the most important tools to have when as a pet owner. It is your link to keeping your dog safe and in control, and it allows you to get out and about with your dog without having to worry about him running off, or getting into trouble, because you have a hold on him by your side. Leashes come in a wide variety of styles, strengths, materials, and prices. Choosing the right leash for your dog is important because it can mean the difference between having good control over your dog, or him being able to break away and get away from you. It is also important to have the right leash to match your dog’s size and weight. Large breeds of dogs need stronger, more durable leashes to support their size and strength, while small breeds cannot support big, thick leashes. Large breed dog leashes would be too heavy for a small dog’s neck and weight and can harm them. If you are looking for a new lead for your dog, take a look at the following dog leashes. They are the top five dog leashes on the market today.

5. Gordon Wear dog leash – $15.95

Nylon is known to be a very durable material for dogs’ leashes, which is what makes the Gordon Wear dog leash one of the most popular leashes on the market today. It is strong enough to hold and control large breeds, yet comfortable and gentle enough to clip to your puppy’s collar. The O-ring is great for clipping keys or other accessories to, like a mini flashlight or doggie bags. You can choose from a couple colors so that your dog looks fashionable in a color that works for him. If you want a strong, sturdy dog leash that will handle even the toughest pullers, take a look at the Gordon Wear dog leash that costs just $15.95, with the added bonus of getting a matching collar too.

4. Blueberry Pet Classic dog leash -$10.99

Blueberry’s dog collar was inspired by the warm weather. It’s not only durable, but it’s elegant and simplistic in its look. This classy looking leash will support and help control dogs with strong pulls, it’s durable to withstand heavy chewers, and is comfortable for any breed to wear. The color choices are great. You get a choice of shades of green, blue, purple, red, pink and more. It does come with ta matching collar, and clipping the leash to the collar is a spin and snap. The rotating clasp makes it easy to hook, even when your dog is moving around.


3. Primal Pet Gear dog leash – $14.95

The Prima Pet Gear dog leash has a unique feature that many will find quite helpful. This leash has two handles. There is the usual handle at the end of the leas, and one that was created at just about the middle of the leash. What is the purpose of two handles? The handle at the end, which is where the handle is typically located, is geared for those casual walks, runs, long leads for sniffing, or just the extra leeway for your dog when you don’t mind him getting ahead of you. The handle in the middle gives you better control for walking in busy areas full of people or cars, or other situations that might call for you to have tighter control and your pup closer by your side. It is also great for training to heel and other commands. The leash is made of sturdy Nylon and is very comfortable to wear. You’ll enjoy getting out and about with your dog when you use this top selling leash, and if you want to buy one, it will only set you back $14.95.

2. Two-Handle dog leash – $12.99

The double-handled dog leash is made of strong, durable Nylon to give you the most control over your pet without worrying about your dog breaking away from you or chewing through the leash. You can hold the leash from two points; one at the end of the 6 ft. leash to give your dog more leeway for long, casual walks, jogs, or walking ahead and getting his sniff on. For closer control in more busy situations, like car traffic or people and other animals around, the shorter handle is one foot from the clamp, and both handles are padded for extra comfort. Nighttime walks are always a safety concern with your pet, so making sure he’s visible on nighttime walks is important. That’s why this leash includes reflective protection in the stitching.

1. Max and Neo dog leash – $12.99

The Max and Neo dog leash is at the top of the list for being one of the best selling dog leashes. Nylon is a popular leash material and that’s because it’s so durable. It’s thick and tough, yet soft and comfortable for both your dog and you. The leash is made to accommodate even the largest breeds of dogs, especially those with strong pulls. There is also safety features on the leash with reflective stitching on both sides and the D-ring is perfect for clipping a mini flashlight for added safety nighttime walking, as well as a set of keys or doggie, clean-up bags. You’ll love walking your pet when you use a leash that is comfortable, durable and dependable and safe for your dog.

Lead photo via Wikimedia Commons

Thang Nguyen from Nottingham, United Kingdom, CC BY-SA 2.0

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