Woman Drives 4 Hours To Shelter to Save a Dog: Winds Up With Three

Shelly Blount was browsing through her social media feed when she came across a concerning post regarding a dog that was in danger of being euthanized. 

As an ardent dog enthusiast, Shelly promptly contacted the shelter to intervene in the situation. Thankfully, the dog’s life was spared as it was adopted shortly afterward. Although she was not able to provide a home for the dog herself, the experience had a profound impact on her.

Following this encounter, Shelly inquired if there were other dogs at risk of being euthanized and decided to take action. She drove four hours from Virginia to North Carolina to meet Caleb, determined to save a life in any way possible.

Upon her arrival, Shelly gained further insight into the situation and discovered that Caleb was not the only dog in need. On the list, she noticed Charisma and Bella listed directly below his name.

While it can be valuable to step back and consider alternative approaches, there are also instances where decisive action is necessary. In this case, Shelly knew that she needed to act quickly and make a decision. She resolved to work out a solution along the way and seized the opportunity to save the lives of Charisma and Bella.

When interviewed by The Dodo, Blount shared that she had inquired about the adoption limit and was informed that there was none.

Blount and her companion had originally intended to adopt one dog and traveled to Virginia for that purpose. However, on their return journey, they found themselves with a total of five passengers, including Bella and Charisma, in addition to Caleb.

Perhaps in some way, the dogs were able to sense the kindness that Blount had shown them. According to Blount, Caleb was particularly grateful and showed his appreciation by showering her with kisses.

The other two dogs, Charisma and Bella, also exhibited remarkable behavior. During the car ride, Charisma clung to Blount and slept in her embrace. Bella, on the other hand, remained calm and composed, sitting contentedly on the lap of Blount’s friend and watching the scenery pass by.

Although Blount had not intended to adopt any dogs, she ultimately found herself with three furry companions. Fortunately, her friends stepped up to assist in the care of the dogs.

Charisma was placed in Blount’s care, while Caleb was entrusted to one of her friends. Caleb now has a Labrador as his devoted companion. Bella was taken in by Blount’s boyfriend, and according to her, the two are inseparable.

Due to her pregnancy, Charisma would remain under Blount’s care for an extended period of time. Although Blount had already rescued three dogs that day, she would soon discover that there were more in need of her help.

The profound impact of saving a life cannot always be measured in the moment. However, when considering the resulting impact on others and the subsequent lives that are touched, the magnitude of such an act becomes immeasurable. In this case, Blount’s decision to take action not only saved the lives of the dogs she rescued but also led to the creation of new life through Charisma’s pregnancy.

You can visit Blount’s social media accounts to check on the dogs and her announcements for other dogs that need saving.

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