Woman Gives Dog Her Own Jacket So He Stays Cozy Waiting Outside

There are certain things that will always warm your heart for the holidays. The winter months bring cold conditions to large parts of the United States, often leaving some animals to get chilled unnecessarily. Luckily, many of these furry little creatures have adopted methods to protect themselves in the winter. Though this can be more difficult for domesticated animals that find themselves out in the cold. It is people’s duty to take care of these animals, given that they are typically not prepared for such harsh conditions. A great example of this love and care was recently on display in Cambridge, Massachusetts when a bystander spotted an owner loaning her jacket to an adorable pup.

These are the quiet acts of kindness that all too often go unnoticed in modern society. As the owner approached the post office she was faced with a conundrum: there were no dogs allowed inside. The poor pup was already shivering due to the low temperatures and the owner wanted to act quickly in order to make sure that her dog was taken care of. Thankfully, she thought of the perfect remedy to tide the pup over while she ran her errands. She was wearing a beautiful North Face jacket that was just the right size. It was already warmed up just to make the experience even better. She took off her own jacket and then tightly zipped it around the pup to the amazement of bystanders looking on. Everyone was shocked and delighted to see that the owner had taken off her own jacket and given it to her dog while she was busy in the post office!

People took pictures of the dog in the bright green jacket, who was looking particularly cozy and delighted as people walked by. This is an example to pet owners everywhere: take care of your animals. Many people would not think about the dog’s needs in this situation, but this owner was tentative enough to make sure that the dog was comfy. It’s this kind of dedication that is missing among too many pet owners these days. It’s almost as if people should take a class on how to treat their animals sometimes. There is no better example of pet care than taking off your own jacket and giving it to your dog. This is not to mention that it was a very fine and expensive jacket itself. Thankfully this owner had their priorities in line as they made sure that the dog was comfortable in even the harshest of conditions.

This is a lesson for all of us to take care of the fuzzy creatures with which we inhabit the planet. You never know when karma could swing back at you, so it is very important to treat animals with love and respect. There is truly no better sight to see than a beautiful dog wearing a North Face jacket. The expression on the pup’s face was more than enough to warm the hearts of all of the onlookers. People snapped photos of the dog and spread them on the internet. It is clear that wearing a jacket has made him a bit of a celebrity! People even commented on how warm and toasty he looked, indicating that he was getting along just fine. This is humanity at its finest, putting our furry friends first. A dog wearing a jacket is truly one of the best stories that has come out this holiday.

Another aspect of this story that seems to go undermentioned is the wind. Wind factor can have a strong effect on temperatures. Sources indicate that it was windy that day, meaning that the wind chill was well below freezing. This made the perfect opportunity for a dog to dawn a jacket while he waited for his owner to get back. Never has a pup been so content waiting outside of a post office. While the wind was howling the pup was curled up deep inside a warm coat. The owner even went to the trouble of zipping up the jacket thoroughly to make sure that it was a good fit. Winters in Massachusetts are known to be difficult, so anything that can help someone make it through the season have to be greatly valued. Perhaps this should serve as an example for all pet owners and more will put a jacket on their pets. It could make the season far more bearable and provide lots of cute pictures in the meantime!

Owners put many different things on their pets. This includes: dresses, hats, shoes, and many other trinkets that don’t benefit the animal. If you are going to dress an animal up it should be done with a purpose. This is the beauty of putting a jacket on a dog. It is both practical and stylish, increasing the warmth of the pup while making sure that he is sitting in style. This is a great way to raise awareness for animals once the photos go viral! It is nice to see that this owner and her pet are having a positive effect around the world. We can all build on her example and make sure than animals everywhere are treated with the utmost and respect and care.

The main lesson to take away is this: treat others the way you want to be treated. Who knew that the Golden Rule would be so apparent from a dog wearing a simple jacket? As the photos are spread and people continue to talk about this occasion, it is clear that this simple deed is going a long way to making the world a better place. Whether you are putting a dog in a jacket or just affecting change around your community, it is important to put your best foot forward. Who knew that this little dog would serve as a potent reminder for human potential and all of the things that we are possible of achieving? We will not soon forget this adorable little pup!

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