Woman Was Stranded in a Canal for 18 Hours Trying to Rescue Dog

Arizona Canal

Very recently, an Arizona woman became stranded in a canal. Apparently, she jumped in when her dog fell in, which says much about her love for her canine companion if nothing else. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending even though it could’ve gone much, much worse. The woman was able to cling to a tree while clutching her 55-pound dog for 18 hours before the police arrived on the scene. This was possible because a train conductor spotted them while their train was passing by. Something that was by no means guaranteed to happen, as shown by how that was the eighth train to pass by the scene. In any case, the alerted police were able to get the woman as well as her dog to safety just in time. She had suffered a sunburn as well as abrasions to both her arms and her legs. On top of that, she was so exhausted that she wasn’t capable of standing up on her own. Still, the woman didn’t suffer any major injuries, which is something of a minor miracle considering all of the factors that had to line up for this particular outcome. In fact, it is worth mentioning that she herself has said that she was on the verge of giving up when she heard the sirens of the police coming to her rescue. A statement that makes it even clear just how much of a near-run thing it was.

Why Should People Contact the Authorities When Their Dog Falls Into Water?

It is very common to hear stories about pet owners putting themselves in danger for the sake of their pets. After all, we are willing to go to great lengths for our loved ones, so it makes sense for that to remain true when those loved ones happen to be cats, dogs, or some other kind of pet. However, it isn’t necessarily the best idea for people to put themselves in danger for the sake of their pets. Instead, it tends to be a better idea for them to contact the authorities. Essentially, this is because most people aren’t very good at handling these situations. Chances are good that they don’t have either the expertise, the experience, or the equipment needed to get their pet to safety. Furthermore, most people will be panicked, which tends to be bad for their decision-making. On top of that, they can overestimate themselves while underestimating their pets. Combined, that explains the stories of pet owners putting themselves in danger for the sake of their pets with the result that they die while their pets survive even without their assistance. As such, people shouldn’t jump in on their own. Instead, they should contact the authorities so that they can get someone who actually knows what they are doing on the scene. Otherwise, there is a very real risk of them becoming endangered as well, which can further complicate matters for rescuers. This doesn’t mean that people need to stand by. They should do what they can without putting themselves in danger as well. The classic example when a pet has fallen into the water would be extending a branch for the pet to cling to without jumping in as well.

Keep the Dog Indoors

The easiest way to prevent these situations would be keeping the dog indoors. After all, they can’t fall into the water if they aren’t anywhere near the water. Unfortunately, this won’t always be an option. Some dogs are just fine with staying indoors all of the time. In contrast, others are more energetic, meaning that they need more physical exercise as well as more mental stimulation. Failing to provide those dogs with those two things will make them bored, destructive, and otherwise problematic, which won’t be good to say the least.

Never Leave the Dog Unattended Around Water

When people bring their dog outdoors, they should never leave their dog unattended around water. This is true even if their dog is an excellent swimmer because excellent swimming skills don’t actually guarantee that their dog will be safe. It is always possible for an accident to happen. Furthermore, dogs that swim well in one place won’t necessarily swim well in another place, which makes them much the same as humans. For proof, look no further than the people who get swept out into the sea by rip currents on a regular basis. Something that can be extremely dangerous. Letting her dog roam around was what got the Arizona woman mentioned earlier into trouble. Besides this, constant supervision can also be helpful for preventing a dog from stumbling upon other sources of danger. To name an example, it will let people prevent their dog from eating anything that they shouldn’t be eating.

Pay Attention to the Latest Conditions

A place with water that is safe at one point in time isn’t necessarily safe at another point in time. For example, winter temperatures can cause bodies of water to freeze, meaning that what seems like solid footing might not be so. Such places are extremely dangerous, particularly since freezing water can sap body heat at a much faster rate. Similarly, beaches can experience undercurrents as well as big waves, both of which can pose dangers for beach-goers in their own particular way. As such, people should never let down their guard just because they believe a place is safe. Instead, they should always keep a watchful eye out for its latest conditions.

There Are Life Jackets For Dogs

Life jackets are very useful when being around water. Conveniently, there are life jackets that are specifically designed for dogs. They aren’t just good for keeping dogs afloat when they tire out or are struggling in the water for some other reason. Dog life jackets also come with handles, thus making it that much easier for people to grab onto the dog before hauling the dog out of the water. This is extremely important because living beings who are panicking in the middle of the water can be quite dangerous even for people who have specifically been trained to help out in such situations.

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