How to Take Advantage of “National Train Your Dog” Month

In 2010, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers decided that January would be named their new National Train Your Dog Month, which was based on a couple of reasons. First, it is common for people to buy puppies for Christmas, meaning that the month is a time when there tends to be a lot of puppies in need of proper training. Second, the New Year is a time when people make new resolutions, meaning that it isn’t a bad time to encourage dog owners to think about teaching their old dogs some new tricks. As a result, January became National Train Your Dog Month, which comes complete with a campaign that is meant to make people more aware of the importance of proper training for their canine companions. Here are three examples of how interested individuals might be able to take advantage of National Train Your Dog Month:

Check Out Training Videos

Watching training videos isn’t comparable to getting one-on-one help with a skilled and experienced dog trainer. For that matter, it isn’t even comparable to attending a class taught by a skilled and experienced dog. After all, training videos aren’t interactive, meaning that interested individuals can’t ask questions if they need something to be cleared up for them. However, it is important to note that training videos are still much better than nothing at all. Moreover, they possess a number of important advantages in their own right, which can make them very useful tools for interested individuals.

One example is the ease with which interested individuals can access training videos, seeing as how they can watch them whenever and wherever so long as they have something capable of connecting to the Internet. Something that can’t be said for dog trainers, particularly if interested individuals happen to live in more remote places where they lack convenient access to such sources of assistance. Another example is that the Association of Professional Dog Trainers has made some training videos available to interested individuals free of charge, thus saving them the need to pay money before they can gain access to the information that they desire. Combined, these two characteristics mean that dog owners shouldn’t skip over training videos because even if they are planning to consult a dog trainer, training videos can still serve as an excellent lead-in for relevant topics.

Check Out Local Trainers

Of course, for someone who wants something more than just training videos, there is a perfect solution in the form of an APDT dog trainer. Simply put, a good dog trainer can provide interested individuals with a much more responsive form of instruction than otherwise possible, which should enable them and their dogs to learn at a better rate. The APDT has a tool for finding APDT dog trainers, which should help dog owners to find potential candidates with increased ease. With that said, interested individuals might want to look up each of the dog trainers under consideration using other resources as well for the purpose of securing a wider range of opinions. The more information that they have to work with, the better their chances of finding the perfect candidate for their particular needs and preferences on the first go. Something that can help them not just get better results but also saving them the considerable frustration that can be experienced when there is a mismatch.

Check Out Potential Discounts

Even now, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers remains the chief proponent of National Train Your Dog Month. However, it should be mentioned that other organizations have taken up the banner as well, which is perhaps unsurprising when dog training really is very important for both dogs and dog owners. As a result, interested individuals might want to check in with their local animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations to see if they are doing anything special to celebrate the occasion. There is no guarantee that interested individuals will be able to find anything to suit their dog training needs. However, it is also perfectly possible that they will find something useful, whether that means some kind of special educational event or discounts on such. Ultimately, there is little effort needed to check, which is why interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

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