10 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Akita


You’ve made the decision to bring home a dog and expand your family. You’ve talked to everyone at home, they’re all on board, and you’re all very excited about this new step; this new addition to your family. You’ve thought about who will walk the dog, who will take care of the dog, which vet you will use every year or when your dog seems ill or injured. You know which pet store you will frequent and you’ve even purchased the bowls and leashes and food that your new dog will need to get by. Now all you have to do is get the dog, right? Not so fast; you have to do one more thing before you go out and get a dog, and that’s learn which type of dog you want. Not every breed is the same. You might get one dog that behaves very well and never causes issues, and another breed that is so high-energy all it does is cause you issues. If you are interested in the Akita breed, we applaud you. They are wonderful dogs. However, they’re not for everyone (just like other breeds are not for everyone, either) they are a breed that you should learn about before you decide it’s the breed for you. It might be; it might be. We don’t know what you want in a dog, what you can provide for a dog and what your expectations are, so only you know if the Akita is right for you.

They are Big Dogs

They can weigh as much as 100 pounds. It’s important that you know this because the Akita puppy is small and cute and cuddly. But this puppy will grow into a very large dog, so you should know off the bat that this could happen and your dog will be quite large. It’s not a good idea to bring home this breed if you live in a small home or apartment and you have no yard.

They’re Quiet Unless They Have Reason to be Otherwise

The good news is that this is not a dog that likes to bark. Some Akitas – and not all of them – are talkative in that they will groan and grunt and make noises to carry on a conversation with you, but they do not bark. If you hear an Akita bark, you should be aware that something is amiss. There could be another animal in your yard, a person that the dog does not know coming to your home, or something else. They’re just not barkers.

They’re Temperamental

These are not mean dogs and you should not assume that all Akitas have a temper. However, the breed does get temperamental from time to time, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. This is a dog that likes to be in control, so it’s a bit stubborn. And they can become temperamental when they feel that they are being challenged or threatened by others. In fact, they can become quite aggressive if they feel threatened.

Small Animals are Often Prey

If you have a cat or another small dog or a yard full of squirrels, you might worry with an Akita present. This is a dog that is bred to chase and prey on small animals, and it’s a good idea not to have any in your home if you have a dog like this. Just so you know – not all Akitas will eat the cat or the hamster, but do you want to take that chance?

They’re Known for Their Aggression

This is an aggressive breed by nature. This does not mean the dog is going to go out and eat people or dogs or whatever, but they are very threatened by other dogs. They can become aggressive if they feel they are being threatened or treated unfairly. It’s something you have to watch for with this breed.

They’re Not Big on Sharing Food

Akitas are very loving, very friendly animals, but do not expect this dog to share its food. They are quite possessive of this, and it’s a good idea to keep the dog’s food away from that of other animals. There is no telling how angry this dog might become upon seeing another animal munching on its lunch.

They’re Alpha-Dogs

You have to be a very firm, kind and patient owner to have an Akita. They are alpha dogs, and they require this type of alpha dominance to keep them in line. Additionally, they do not do well with other dogs of the same sex. However, you can have a female and a male Akita or other dog breed in the same house and never have any issues. Put one the same sex in the same house and watch the fighting begin.

Akitas View Eye Contact as Aggression

The Akita Rescue group recommends that you never, ever get down on eye level with your dog or maintain eye contact when disciplining the dog for longer than a few seconds. This is something the breed views as highly aggressive and it’s a situation that could become dangerous. Please note not all Akitas will be like this, but the breed is known for it and you just don’t know.

They Are Very Family Oriented

These are wonderful family dogs. They love the people with whom they live. They are highly protective, very loving and they are very loyal to their family. The issue is that they do not do well being away from their families for long periods of time, which could mean you have some destruction on your hands if this dog is not taken care of while you’re gone.

They’re Very Calm Dogs

Despite their reputation for being protective, aggressive and dominant by nature, they are dogs that don’t have a ton of energy. They are sweet and they are loving; they are calm and gentle. They are a breed that is happy to be home cuddling with you and happy to be in the yard having a good time with the kids.

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