Chiweenie Dog Breed: 10 Things You Should Know Before Owning One


Have you ever considered owning a Chiweenie?  While it’s not a purebred dog, that doesn’t matter so much today as it did in the past. The Chiweenie is what you call a hybrid dog, a mixed breed that’s become a ‘designer’ dog people will pay big bucks to have. In the past, these were often referred to as mutts and were easily found at local shelters free of charge because it was all about the purebred pup. Today, however, it’s considered hip and cool to have a mutt that’s labeled a designer dog – and you’ll pay top dollar for these dogs.

The chiweenie is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, which are both adorable dogs. The breed is made to create a unique appeal for certain buyers. But as adorable as this little hybrid is, it’s not for everyone. Not all dogs are made for all people. Some families assume they know what they want in a dog, but they have no idea until they do a little research to find out what a breed actually brings to the table that it might not be the right breed for them. Do not be one of those people that picks up a dog that’s cute and assumes it will fit right into your lifestyle. It might not, and that can lead to a lot of issues – such as the desire to give up your dog.

Here’s what you need to know about the Chiweenie before you make any decisions about getting one of your own.

Chiweenie Puppies are no guarantee

When you decide to go with a hybrid, you have no idea what you’re going to get as far as personality and temperament are concerned.  So while you might see some cute Chiweenie puppies in the store don’t be fooled by their adorable looks.  A hybrid could take after either side of his or her heritage, and that means you have to look at both dogs to get a good idea of what you might get, and even then it’s no big guarantee that you will like the dog you get.

This dog lives a long time

The Chiweenie is a commitment breed in that you could spend as much as 16 years of your life caring for this particular dog. Before deciding to get a dog like this, ask yourself if you can commit this kind of time to loving and caring for an animal. It’s a long-term deal, and people need to know that.

Chiweenie’s are tiny

Usually topping out around 12 pounds and sometimes much smaller than that, this is not a particularly large dog. It can be long, but it’s short and it’s not going to weigh very much. Of course, that’s a given considering both its parents are small dogs with their own set of very particular looks and traits.

Be prepared to run around

If you want a small lap dog that’s going to make you feel comfortable and good by sitting around and not really needing or wanting anything more than your love and attention, the Chiweenie is not the dog for you. This is a dog that likes to play. It likes to run and chase and be active, and it will demand some serious exercise. This is not a lap dog in the same manner some other small dogs are.

They are Playful

This dog loves to play. If you decide upon this breed, know that you are going to spend a great deal of time playing catch and letting it run around the yard. It’s not a dog that likes to sit still and it wants attention as well as someone who will play with it as often as possible.

Chiweenie’s are not ideal for kids, especially puppies

While this dog is great with older children, it is not ideal for smaller children. The reason is that it’s such a tiny dog. Even if your kids don’t mean to hurt this dog, it can easily happen at any given moment. A toddler tripping and falling on top of something so small can be a disaster, and it’s just not a good idea to keep small dogs with small kids, especially a Chiweenie puppy which is beyond tiny.

They are Territorial

This dog loves its family and wants other people and animals to know you are his. It’s not the most territorial dog in the world, and it might not even show any signs of being territorial for some, but this is a hybrid breed that does occasionally show off this particular personality trait.

It’s a Good Watchdog

It’s small, but it has a mighty bark. Unlike some small dogs, it’s not yappy. It’s actually a very good watchdog in that it can alert you to anyone approaching your home or yard. It has a series of short, sharp barks you will learn means that someone is coming and the dog wants you to know that this is happening right now.

They Make Great Travel Companions

Because it is such a small dog, it makes a great travel companion. This breed is easy to carry with you when you are in the car and when you are on a flight. Despite its active personality, it will make sure to be quiet and well-behaved when traveling because it finds the act very exciting. It just wants to be near you and not left alone at home so you will find that it’s a good dog to travel with.

They Tend to Suffer from Allergies

The Chiweenie is a very healthy breed. Some small dogs suffer from some health issues that are more common to small dogs than large, but it is a very healthy breed as a whole. The biggest real health issue you might deal with when it comes to this breed is allergies. For some reason, this breed is very bad with allergies and might suffer tremendously. Your dog’s vet will be able to help you out with this issue, which is a welcome change. Just make sure to keep all appointments with the vet to ensure that you are on top of all issues from which your pet might suffer. It’s the best way to ensure good health.

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