10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Morkie


If you’re looking for a small, sweet and ridiculously adorable dog to call your own, you might consider the Morkie. This little dog is the product of breeding a Maltese with a Yorkie, and the result is absolutely adorable.

Small and sweet, intelligent and curious, playful and friendly, this dog is one that certainly makes for a great companion. What we love about the Morkie is the fact that it’s the kind of dog that works well for just about any family.

It plays well with kids, it gets along with singles and it’s great for those who are active, not active and those who live just about anywhere. They don’t need a big yard in which to play; they’re perfectly happy being walked to the park.

This is a dog that makes a great pet. But that does not mean that this is the right breed for all people. Not all breeds are made for all families; some are made for you and some are not going to fit into your life in the least.

What this means is that it is time for you to learn as much as you can about the Morkie before you buy one of these designer hybrids so you can ensure this is the right dog for your family.

1. They are a Stubborn Breed

Something all potential Morkie owners should know is the fact that these are a stubborn breed. They like to do things their way and they like to make sure you know where they stand as far as their personalities.

They’re good dogs, but they can be a bit difficult to make listen at times, which can be a bit of an issue for those who aren’t quite as dominant as others.

2. They Live a Long Time

The Morkie lives approximately 10-13 years. What this means for you is that it’s a long-term commitment. You cannot just get a dog like this and then decide you no longer want it and would rather see it somewhere else, like the shelter. It’s not fair to the dog if you cannot give it the kind of time and attention that it actually needs.

3. They’re Small

A very little breed, the Morkie typically makes it to about 8 pounds. What this means is that you will end up with a very puppy-like dog for the rest of its like. Some are not quite so big and will not grow to this size, and some will end up a big larger because they are fed an inappropriate diet for the breed.

4. They’re Easily Hurt

Something that is worth considering is the fact that this very small dog can be easily hurt by other animals and by small children. While they do get along very well with kids, smaller ones might inadvertently hurt this dog by playing with it a bit too rough and a bit too much. It’s a dog you have to keep a constant eye on when kids are present.

5. They Don’t Require Much Exercise

What some people look for in a dog is one that will get them up and active, and this is not that dog. it does not care much for very long walks. This breed does, however, like short walks. A quick five minutes around the block might be all this dog needs to ensure it is getting the kind of exercise it needs and wants. Anything longer and you might find that it wants to be carried home.

6. They Eat a Lot

It’s a very small dog, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a hungry breed. It wants to eat all the time, and you have to make sure it does not. Do not let its whining fool you into thinking that this dog is going to be okay with you feeding it all the time. The Morkie will eat what it is given, and this can lead to issues you haven’t yet considered, like obesity.

7. They’re Animal-Friendly

If you have other animals at home, you might be happy to know that this particular breed will be very good with that. It’s a happy breed that gets along quite well with other animals, including cats and dogs. It’s friendly and outgoing, and it can turn even the most snobbish and aloof animal into its fast friend when the two are introduced.

8. They Bark a Lot

You might know that many small dogs are a bit yippy and yappy, and this one is no exception. The Morkie is a breed that does like its noise and does make a lot of it at times. If you have kids that nap often or go to bed early, this might not be the best breed for you. It’s going to bark at every car that drives by, every person that walks down your street, every knock at your door; and if you have a neighbor that spends a lot of time in the yard, forget it. This dog will bark nonstop.

9. They do Have Some Common Health Issues

Because it is a small dog, it has some common health issues. Many dogs have breed-specific health concerns, and small dogs are especially concerning as far as their health is concerned.

While this does not guarantee that your dog will end up sick or ill by any means, it does mean that you might have a bit of an issue worrying about the dog. The best thing you can do for it is take it to the vet for each of its scheduled appointments and ensure that it is always being looked out for so that any potential health problems are caught as early as possible.

10. They are Very Fragile

You know it’s a small dog and you know it can be easily injured if not handled with care. But because it is such a fragile dog, it can be injured in so many ways.

For example, this is a dog that can be injured if you accidentally sit on it, walk into it, step on it or even roll over on it at night. Please be sure that if you decide this is the breed for you that you take the time to insure it’s treated as carefully as possible.

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