10 Ways That Dogs Are Smarter Than Humans

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Dogs are so sweet, and they are certainly the best of friends to many of the humans alive today and who lived in the past. Perhaps it is their sweet faces or their eager personalities, or the fact that – unlike the rest of the family – they are so happy to see you at the end of the day. Perhaps they love you more than your kids, or maybe they just don’t bombard you with demands the moment you walk through the door at the end of the day. For whatever reason, people love dogs so much, and it’s hard to deny it.

However, we do think that dogs are not as intelligent as humans or as cats. It’s a misconception that dogs are actually dumb in comparison to cats or humans. They are highly intelligent creatures, even if their tongues do hang out of the side of their mouths dripping their saliva on your hardwood floors and even if they do have ‘intimate’ moments with every object or animal that they encounter. Dogs aren’t dumb; and sometimes we actually think that they are smarter than humans. Read on to find out 10 ways we actually think that dogs are smarter than humans.

They have an impressive sense of smell

One of the things that makes dogs a lot smarter than humans is the fact that they can do just about anything better than we can if you stop and think about it. For example, dogs have a keen sense of smell that humans do not possess. This is what makes them such good hunting dogs and such good retrieval dogs. This is why law enforcement uses them to track drugs and even humans that they need to find.

One thing that is quite impressive about a dog’s sense of smell is his ability to sniff out certain types of cancer in patients even before they know that they have it. In fact, there is talk of using dogs to sniff out certain cancers in the general public to drop medical costs and make the use of expensive testing and machines necessary only when there is a valid and good reason to believe someone needs it. Now that is impressive.

They’re empathetic

Dogs understand what you are feeling, and they often do whatever it takes to be there for you when you are feeling anything less than happy. For example, dogs know when you are tired, and they know when you are sad. Haven’t you noticed that your dog always seems to find you when you’re down and pick you right back up?

They’ve perfected the look of guilt

Cats don’t look guilty for anything, and that’s their mistake. They make it far easier to get mad at their poor behavior. Dogs, on the other hand, make it so hard to be mad at them because they have the decency to at least look as if they regret whatever it was that they just did. They may or may not regret anything, but they definitely do have the decency to at least pretend that they do.

They have a huge vocabulary

Dogs can memorize words. It’s not something many people notice, since they’re not like kids who repeat all those words (especially the inappropriate ones) but they do know what you are saying. That’s why it’s so easy to train them and that’s why they seem so smart and can always bring you what it is you asked for.

They don’t hold a grudge

This is probably the best reason that dogs are so much smarter than humans. Dogs are smarter than we are because they don’t hold a grudge. How annoying is it to be unable to forgive and then forget? Wouldn’t life be so much happier and so much easier if we were all able to just forget the injustice and move forward in our lives so that we could be happier? Dogs get this, and we should work on it, too.

They made their way in the house

Did you realize that dogs don’t earn a living, yet they are in the house you pay for? They’ve gone from being wild animals to becoming domesticated. This means they’re no longer taking care of themselves. They’re letting their humans take care of them. That is a pretty genius move if you stop and think about it, right? They’ve gone from independent creatures to totally pampered pooches in very little time.

They’re great with body language

Your dog understands your body language very well. This makes them more likely to feel a certain way because they feed off your body language. They know you’re upset before you say a word.

They are great judges of character

Dogs know when a person is a good one and when a person is not. If dogs seem to dislike you regularly, you might want to check yourself and make some life changes. Dogs know a good person when they see them, and they recognize a bad person when they seem them. It’s a great thing, too, because that helps to make them very protective and very amazing to have at home. They are instinctual with this, and that can save your life.

They’re observant

Dogs see and notice more than you think. They might notice that you’re not looking at them when giving a cue, and that means they might choose to ignore you. They know when something has been moved, when something is not the same, perhaps a new treat or a different food. They are very observant, and they take notice.

They’re too smart to listen

Did you know that your dog is more likely to listen to you when you are looking at him? If he doesn’t think that you will notice, he will make like a child and not do what you say since he’s so smart he knows you’re not going to notice. Yes, that means he’s probably on the couch when you’re not looking.

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