15 of the Best Lap Dog Breeds

lap dogs are great pets

Lap dogs are the best, because anyone can have one. Perhaps it’s never crossed your mind, but not everyone has the ability to care for a large dog with ample exercise needs and a lot of strength. Some dogs are just better suited for those who are not always able to get up and move around and those who haven’t the strength for a dog like that. This is why lap dogs are so important; they’re small, they’re easy to care for and most of them are not overly active or difficult to care for, but they still provide the best kind of companionship. Find out which lap dogs are the best ones.

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great lap dogs are cavalier king charles spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel        

Or, as I like to refer to this breed, the cutest dog in the entire world. This is the dog on my short list of small dogs if we do the small dog thing again. This very gentle dog has a very brave personality, and a very affectionate mind. He loves his people, and he makes every single effort to be sweet and cheerful and loving, and he is just a lover of children of all ages. He’s the perfect little lap dog in every sense of the word.

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the chihuahua is a lovely pet


If this is your kind of dog, more power to you. These are very proprietary dogs that find a person to love and stick to that person like glue. Everyone else is kind of chopped liver, and it’s been that way with every single dog of this breed I’ve ever met. Not particularly great with kids and not always very quiet, this is a dog that does think he is a bit larger than he really is, so he fancies himself a bit of a watchdog.

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the miniature pinscher is a great lap dog

Miniature Pinscher

These little dogs are not only cute, they’re also amazing with kids. They are energetic, but not so much that they don’t love to spend time indoors cuddling and being sweet. They love to play and they are very friendly. This is a dog that will spend hours with the kids or with a fun toy without interrupting his fun for anything else, and that’s what makes him such a great lap dog.

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the brussels griffon is a great lap dog

Brussels Griffon

This small dog is described as very alert and active, and not so great with kids. That’s all right, though, since not everyone has kids. This dog is very playful and outgoing, and it does have a huge sense of loyalty for those that it considers his own. Get ready for a dog that demands your attention and wants to be close and active all the time. It’s a nice feeling.

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the shih tzu is a lovely lap dog

Shih Tzu

This is a great lap dog for people without kids, I Shih Tzu not. I know, I know; but I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t. This little cutie loves to have one-on-one interaction with his people, and he is just as sweet as can be. He’s got a very cheerful personality and a very affectionate nature, and he’s also very alert. If he were less cute and a lot bigger, he might be a great watchdog.

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the miniature schnauzer is a great lap dog

Miniature Schnauzer

This little dog has the look of a dog that should be wearing a kilt and following Sherlock Holmes around the neighborhood looking for clues, but he’s actually a really great lap dog in every sense of the word. This playful and very sweet dog is great with kids, love to play and is highly intelligent. Everyone loves to have a smart dog in the house, so this is a great lap dog to consider.

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the bichon frise is a darling dog

Bichon Frise

We love this dog because it’s so cute. These little darlings have the most adorable faces, and it’s hard not to love them entirely. This is a dog that’s both affectionate and playful, sweet and cheerful and it loves kids. It is very responsive and wants to spend as much time as possible in the laps of those it loves, and that’s what makes it the consummate lap dog.

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the pug is a great family dog


With a face like this, does it matter what the dog is like in any other way? The simple answer is probably no, but we know better than that. This sweet dog has a face that some might say only a mother can love, but we beg to differ. This dog actually has the kind of face that anyone can love because, well, it’s the cutest darn dog on the block. We love this little guy and the fact that he loves affection and people of all shapes and sizes.

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the pekingese is a sweet dog


These sweet dogs are small and very affectionate, but they can also be quite aggressive is not properly trained (and what dog isn’t in that kind of situation?). The Pekingese is a sweet dog with so much love to offer, but it’s also a dog that has a very independent spirit and a very courageous attitude. It has a difficult time remembering that when it’s not relaxing on your lap, it’s not a guard dog.

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the papillon is a wonderful lap dog


With those big ears and that small face, what’s not to love about this tiny lap dog? It’s got a great love of children, plays nicely with them and is very gentle. This is a friendly dog that does not know a stranger, so do not be fooled into thinking this little guy will protect you in case someone comes in who is not welcome. He will just lick them to death and be their new best friend forever.

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the havanese is a great dog


This little dog is a great lap dog. Small and affectionate, he loves to cuddle and he is not overly energetic or out-of-control. In fact, this is a dog that loves to spend his quiet time just cuddled up watching television with you or taking a little nap. He’s a sweet dog that gets along wonderfully with dogs of all sizes and he is so sweet to keep in the house.

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great lap dogs are maltese breeds


Affectionate and alert, this is a very gentle dog with a curious nature. We once had a malti-poo that loved our kids endlessly, loved to be close to us and was so sweet and good-natured. He was never in a bad mood and nothing bothered him except maybe when you got up and moved him from his place of comfort on the couch. He is a super sweet dog with a great personality, and we do adore him.

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the french dog is a wonderful pet

French Bulldog

He might have an interesting face and a little bit of a problem with flatulence, and he might not love kids all that much, but this breed makes a great lap dog for those who want to have someone in the house that is affectionate and loving, calm and not overly interested in spending a lot of time exploring the great outdoors and getting too active.

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the pomeranian is a family pet


These are kind of scary little dogs in that they can be very protective of their families. I’ve never met one that’s overly friendly until he gets to know you, and he is always in front of his humans with a very protective stance. I’ve known two and both are very loyal and protective. However, they are good with kids and they are cheerful, but they do need to get to know people before they are overly friendly with them.

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the dachshund is a lovely lap dog


Super sweet and as cute as can be, these are the kind of dogs that everyone wants in the house. They are wonderful with children and adults, they are very gentle and they are very smart dogs. These are the dogs that always end up being the best friend that your kids have always wanted, and they are just as loyal as can be. There is nothing wrong with this lap dog that we can find, which is why it’s such a popular dog to have.

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