20 Dog Breeds Who Have the Worst Breath

There is no denying that dogs are man’s best friend and are a hot favorite to many people when it comes to pet keeping. That is thanks to their affectionate behavior and their ability to listen to commands. However, keeping a dog as a pet is not always sunshine and rainbows, and apart from having to look for a good daycare to leave your dog at when you go to work, there are myriads of responsibilities which come with it. Also, they come with their share of downsides. For instance, most dog breeds tend to have bad breath. That is why you will hear most people say to each other “move your dog breaths away from my face.” It is pretty typical, and that is why pet owners have to keep on cleaning their dogs’ pearly whites or else, they will have to endure lousy breath on a daily basis. Nonetheless, some dog breeds tend to have more stinky breath than the others due to various factors. To help keep you in the know, we have put a list with the top twenty dog breeds which have the worst breath.


It is impossible to believe that these cute faced animals can be victims of bad breath and unfortunately it is the sad reality. The Chihuahua which is a favorite of many people comes in a small size which means it has a tiny mouth too. Due to the small size of their mouths, Chihuahuas teeth are usually overcrowded, and even in some cases, they get incredibly congested when their baby teeth don’t fall out a feature which is common in many of them. As a result, they get to remain with under bites every time they eat and hence become prone to gum diseases and infections. That results to bad breath. However, if your favorite dog breed is Chihuahua, don’t panic after realizing the problem with these breeds. Just like human beings, these dogs want nothing more than your love. By maintaining a regular cleaning routine, that situation can be easily handled and you can have a good relationship with your dog having a fresh breath.


It’s rare for big dog breeds to get bad breath but a schnauzer is among them. Bad breath in this species is as a result of the long hair around the mouth which traps saliva and food particles when the dog is feeding. Bacteria then attacks and feeds on the particles and saliva resulting in a smell no one wants. Again, if you are a lover of Schnauzers or wanted to have one, don’t give up. Given that there is always a solution to every problem, buy your favorite schnauzer but remember to regularly trim your dog’s hair which is recommended, not forgetting consistent oral cleaning.


We all love dogs from pug species particularly due to their big eyes and cute noses and even mouth. Nonetheless, being toy dogs, pugs are regular victims of periodontal disease which causes inflammation to their teeth. In return, these squishy faces end up having a breath which makes every one of your visitors not to pet them. At times, it is discouraging when your visitors look down upon your dogs, or when you can’t play with them due to the smell that comes out of their mouth. The only thing you want is for your beautiful dog to have a fresh breath always, and given that it’s part of the family, you can manage this problem because it’s not a permanent condition. It can quickly be tackled by taking your pug to the vet regularly and also maintain proper hygiene.

Yorkshire terrier

If you reside in an area where people are toy dog lovers, then you have probably heard the term Yorkie breath. The slang was coined owing to the dog’s bad breath. The cute and hairy terrier is prone to the tooth decay and the formation of plaque and tartar due to its small mouth and dental structure. Besides, they are also highly susceptible to mouth infections which cause bad breath. Therefore if you are Yorkie lover, then it’s high time you arm yourself with dog-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste to eliminate any chances of bad breath. You can also find the right dog chews which not only offer nutrition to your Yorkie but also help keep it mouth fresh.

Shetland sheep

The cute Shetland sheep dog breed is also on our list of dogs with bad breath. Due to its genetically inherited long and slender muzzle, the Shetland sheep dog is regularly a host of many dental issues. For instance, it is normal to find a few of its teeth missing and also abnormal incisors and overbites which act as a signal for you to be ready to tackle stinky smell. However, this problem should not keep you away from the love you have for Shetland sheep dog. The best thing you can do is to show love to your favorite pet by regularly taking it to a vet for checkup, and maintain high and proper hygiene.

Haliam greyhound

Judging from their smooth and long body, it may be difficult for you to believe that the Hallam Greyhound breed suffers from breath odor. Unfortunately, it does, and in their case, the stink is so severe, and some owners have even reported they cannot keep the windows up when the greyhound is in the car. Greyhounds suffer from stinky breath due to constant attacks of periodontal disease. They also get abscess in their gums which further worsens the condition. However, you can reverse the situation and enjoy kisses from your haliam by feeding it on the right food, taking it to the vet for checkups now and then, and make brushing a routine to ease the situation.


The cute toy dog which as the name suggests is hybrid of a Maltese and a toy poodle also suffers from a foul mouth. It is apparently genetically inherited because its hybrid parents are also victims of bad breath. The squishy faced dog has a lifespan of about thirteen years and usually wins many people over due to its small size and charming personality. Nevertheless, it is highly prone to plaque, tartar and dental infection which cause it to have breath odor. Like with many other breeds with similar problems, it is encouraged that Maltipoo owners ensure they have an oral cleaning routine and also feed them on the right food. The hairs around its face also encourage bacteria due to the particles which may get trapped there. Therefore, overall cleaning of the miniature dog is advised to deal with the problem. By so doing, you can enjoy a lively play with your maltipoo and never will you notice foul smell coming out of their mouth.

St Benard

Even the big cuddly and charming St Benard is on our list of twenty dogs with the worst breath owing to the long hairs and constant drooling. However, if you are a lover of this breed, that should not discourage you as that is common in many big and hairy kinds. Due to excessive drooling, some of the saliva gets stuck in areas around its mouth hence acting as a hub for bacteria. As a result, the St Bernards breed develops stinky breath. Regardless of how bad the smell is, you should not be discouraged as there is a solution to this problem. Proper hygiene is the best remedy for that. Ensure you make it a routine to brush its teeth every day, the fur around its neck and feed it on healthy dog gum chews to enjoy your cuddling sessions with it.


This little cute white bundle of fur also suffers severe lousy breath due to some reasons. They experience a lot of oral issues which cause its putrid breath. Gum disease is the number one culprit of their stinky breath, and chronic ulcerative stomatitis is another one. The second condition causes the formation of a mucous membrane in their mouth, and as a result, your Maltese pooch starts having smelly breath. Regular visits to the vet, a proper cleaning routine, and the right food will leave you with a fresh smelling Maltese.

Italian Greyhounds

The affectionate, mischievous and intelligent Italian Greyhound is also a victim of bad breath an aspect which is common in most Greyhounds. Italian Greyhound is a majestic dog which is usually highly liable to periodontal disease which causes inflammation to its gums and even in some cases, causes abscess to form. They get the disease even when they are as young as two years old which means that you should find ways to prevent the disease from attacking your greyhound in advance. They also suffer root exposure, tartar formation and generally, they have a history of having problems with their dental structure. Therefore, breath odor is not a new thing in the Italian Greyhound, and anyone who plans to adopt one should be aware of this. The good news is that you can easily manage this condition by ensuring that your dog gets the right food and that you maintain the right hygiene. In addition, ensure that you visit a vet regularly for checkup as this will ensure that your dog has fresh breath always and provide you with a good time to play around with your pet.


The Pekingese is yet another toy dog on our list. It is quite a tiny dog and typical to small dogs, prides itself over a lot of fur and hairs which go an extra mile in making it even more attractive and charming to those who love this type of dogs. Unfortunately, due to its small size, the Pekingese has a little mouth which in return causes its teeth to overcrowd. That leads to it being highly prone to dental infections, tartar, and plaque hence lousy breath. If you are the kind of a person who can’t get enough of small and hairy dogs, don’t be discouraged by the fact that they have bad breath. Being small makes it even better to play with your children, and therefore, corrective measures can ensure that your dog has a fresh breath that can’t keep you or your children away from them. Adequate veterinary care and ensuring that they get used to an oral hygiene routine not forgetting a healthy diet are the best remedies for the situation.

French Bulldog

English and French Bulldogs

We all love and adore bulldogs due to their affectionate, loving, intelligent and protective nature not to forget how cuddly they are. However, they too tend to suffer from stinky breath due to some reasons, their constant drooling being the number one cause. Apart from drooling they also suffer chronic ulcerative stomatitis which causes them foul breath. The signs and symptoms of the chronic stomatitis include oral sores which cause your bulldog to be uncomfortable during feeding. Therefore, if you notice them ensure you visit the vet but if not, then there is no reason to panic if your bulldog has terrible breath. Just clean its mouth and make sure it’s on a healthy diet because even sometimes the food matters a lot.

Cavalier king Charles Spaniel

These cute toy dogs come in some shades, but the most common ones are white with some brown spots making them perfect for both men and women who like small toy dogs. They are also adorable to children of all ages. Cuteness aside, they are a breed which also suffers severe lousy breath due to the constant gingivitis attacks, tartar build-ups, and even tooth loss. Luckily, it is not a permanent condition, and you can handle the lousy breath through brushing and giving it dog gummy treats every once in a while. This ensures that you can play around, hug and kiss your dog and never experience a bad breath.

Labrador retriever

With their irresistible cuddly and affectionate nature, it is difficult to believe that these dogs suffer lousy breath until you come close to them when they have not undergone their oral hygiene routine. Owing to their heavy weight and big size, Labradors are always drooling hence leaving some of the salivae around areas of their mouth. These parts attract bacteria, and the results are the foul smelling breath you get whenever your Lab tries to kiss you. Also, they suffer a condition known as chronic ulcerative stomatitis which is characterized by sizeable sores in the mouth hence causing it to have bad breath. Therefore, whenever your Labrador is extra smelly don’t just brush it off and assume it will go away. Ensure you check its mouth for sores, if there are none, you can now continue with your oral hygiene routine and also ensure you put on a proper diet because giving it chunks of raw meat every day are a sure way to get its breath stinking. Labrador retriever is one dog breed that everybody wants close to them. Therefore, oral hygiene gives you an opportunity to have a whale of time with your dog without experiencing any signs of bad breath.


Marking number 15 on our list of 20 dogs with the worst smell, are the beautiful poodles. Having a look at poodle from a distance can’t give you a hint that they are among the breeds with bad breaths. There are many reasons behind bad breath, but the main ones are as a result of their dental genetic issues. Although their pearly whites look perfect when brushed, Poodles suffer plaque and tartar build-ups. That is why it is essential you place them on a strict oral cleaning routine to ensure that they are free of any food debris.

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres is quite a unique and beautiful species which originates from Belgium. It is commonly black and is all hairy especially areas around its mouth which makes it the perfect pillow and also easy to camouflage. However, even with its almost flawless nature, it still has some of its flaws one being lousy breath. Thanks to the long hairs around its mouth, these species tend to get some of its food particles trapped. As a result, bacteria find that area the perfect home as they have enough to feed on and if you do not clean it regularly, then you will always be complaining about the smelly breath of your Bouvier des Flandres. However, do not panic as this is not a permanent problem unless you make it one. Oral hygiene is the best solution to their bad breath, which takes few of your minutes but ensures that your dog has a fresh breath all day.


This cute little bundle of prettiness is what most families with young children need. From its size to its highly playful nature, the Dachshund is guaranteed to leave your babies panting every single time they play with it. They are extremely good with babies and are very friendly with adults. Nevertheless, even the best things do not lack some flaws, and for the Dachshund, its lousy breath is enough for a defect. It tends to get tartar buildups and even plaque due to the closeness of its teeth. If you are a dachshund keeper, then befriending your neighborhood vet is a good idea as he will bless you with the best remedies. Also ensure you regularly brush its teeth using an electric toothbrush to be able to floss and remove all the debris and plaque from between its teeth.


For people who are not dog enthusiasts, differentiating a Pomeranian from a little fluffy ball might not be easy. This dog breed comes in a tiny size and mostly in white and brown shades which make them look even more like balls of wool. Due to their incredibly fluffy nature, they are prone to foul breath because saliva and food particles tend to get stuck around the hairs on their mouth. Their small mouths also contribute because the teeth tend to overcrowd hence making them victims of plaque and gum infections. You can solve that by getting them used to a brushing routine and healthy diet.


Closing our list is the cute hairy Papillion. The toy dog is quite a charmer due to its small size and friendly nature. However, its breath is not all that cute and at times tends to keep people away from it. It has a short muzzle which causes its teeth to be too close together and misaligned hence causing plaque build-ups and also making it a victim of periodontal disease. Getting it used to toothbrushes while it’s still young is an excellent remedy and putting it on a soft diet also helps keep their teeth plaque free making you an owner of a Papillion with fresh breath.


Although bad breath is not a common problem in Rottweiler’s, they are common victims of periodontal disease which causes inflammation to their gums. It also causes the gums to loosen and as a result your Rottweiler may end up losing its teeth. Therefore, if you notice any bad breath in a Rottweiler don’t just assume it’s normal although it sometimes is when you do not brush its teeth regularly and when you place it on the wrong diet. Take it to your vet for checkups and ensure you practice oral cleaning daily.

In a nutshell, there are many breeds of dogs with bad breath, some of which can’t cross your mind. Dogs are loving and accommodative. Besides, some dogs are attractive and adorable. Realizing that your favorite dog breed suffers from bad breath should not be a reason enough to sacrifice your happiness and go for a dog with fresh breath but not among your list of favorite dogs. The good news is that there are solutions to every problem, inclusive of bad breath. Thus, always make sure that your dog feeds on the right food, stick to a daily oral hygiene, and most importantly, take your dog to a vet for checkup. This will ensure that your dog has fresh breath all day.

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