20 Things Only Airedale Terrier Owners Would Understand

In this time and age, dogs have become an important part of human existence. If you don’t adopt one to be your guard, then you have it for another obvious reason of companionship. With many breeds of dogs around, you might be in a dilemma on the one that will meet all your needs as a pet.

One of the most adorable dog breed is the Airedale Terrier famously known as Airedale. Airedale originated from Aire, an area in Yorkshire England. We can trace his ancestry from Welsh Terrier, Black and Tan Terrier (now Extinct), Tan Terrier and Otterhound which were common in the 19th century.

The Welsh terrier worked excellently together in both land and in water. In most cases, the Welsh terrier was used to hunt all types of games such as weasel, water rats, badger, and fox. Otterhound was excellent in swimming and did the actual water work.

It was until breeders decided to breed the Otterhound with the Welsh Terrier, to produce one breed of dog that can possess excellent scenting and swimming abilities, which makes the Airedale Terrier. He has another name as ‘king of terriers’ because it is the biggest of terrier breeds. Besides hunting, Airedale was also used as a rescue dog during the World War 2.

He was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1888, and how it became a favorite dog in almost every homestead in the U.S. remains a mystery. There are many things you might not understand, and that’s why we have gathered twenty things only Airedale Terrier owners would understand to guide you in case you wish to adopt one in future.

1. They are adaptable

You will agree with me that most people dislike adopting dogs because of the uncertainties of adaptability. Some of you fear that the dig you intend to keep might not do well in your house or apartment, and that they might be affected by weather uncertainties.

However, an Airedale owner will tell you that these are the breeds of dogs with the best adaptability. They do excellently in both apartments and houses and are not affected by climatic change. They have amazing coats that make them fit for any temperature.

During the cold season, you can let their coats grow to accommodate warmth, but during hot climates, it’s advisable to strip off their coats to keep away excess heat. This is something that you can never understand about Airedale unless you are the owner.

2. They are energetic

If you have a passion for dogs, then you must be fully aware of what breed of dog to keep that can match your qualities. Most people keep the dogs to be their guards without caring much about their needs.

If you are the kind of a person that likes spending the entire day sitting on the couch watching movies, an Airedale owner will tell you that this is not the breed of dog to look for. Airedale is an active dog that loves playing, leaping and bounding. They want a person who they can play and run along the neighborhood with.

They also enjoy daily long walks, playing ball games, jogging and swimming, as this is good for their proper physical and mental wellbeing. If you are an active person, this could be your breed.

3. They are easy to keep

If you are a career person who is always away from home on business trips and other long-term engagements, you might have something to worry about when it comes to adopting a dog. This is because you may fear that you can’t have enough time to take care of your dog.

However, an Airedale owner will tell you that these dogs are the easiest to keep. They do not shed which gives you a reason to smile. All you need to do is to brush his coat using a slicker brush once in a week. Besides, professional grooming and brushing should be done one in every two months.

You don’t have to trim him as he is naturally attractive, although it can be done yearly. You only need to bathe him when dirty, as regular bathing might soften his coat. Basically, this is all an Airedale requires from you. If you have busy schedules and want an ever good-looking dog without spending much of your time, Airedale is the breed for you.

4. They are good to train and manage

It goes without saying that most dog owners want a dog that is easy to train and manage, as no one wants to spend their entire lives training a dog without showing any signs of improvement.

That’s why unless you are an Airedale owner, you can never understand that these dogs are easy to train. He has an above average intelligence which makes them easy to train.

The fact that they are keen to please and love learning new skills makes them pay attention and accommodate fun reward-based training. However, Airedale owners will also tell you that these dogs have high tenacity which makes it hard to retain their attention if in any case they find something else more interesting than what is in training.

Instead of giving up on this breed, owners have succeeded in training them because they offer more eye-catching things during the training than the alternatives.

5. They have a strong prey drive

If you have a strong passion for pets, you have a reason to worry about when intending to adopt a dog. This is due to the obvious reason that dogs are carnivores and hunt other animals for food. When it comes to this reason, Airedale is no exception.

As stated earlier, Airedale was used for hunting rats and rodents. Even though they are not currently used to hunt, they still have that ancestry. That’s why an Airedale owner will tell you that these dogs tend to pursue small prey like rabbits.

This gives you a reason to worry in case you have other domestic pets and cats because any time Airedale can turn them into meat. You should closely supervise your dog and always keep him on a leash when you are not around.

6. They are good with children

Many people are afraid of adopting dogs because they are afraid that their children might get into trouble. When it comes to Airedale, owners will tell you that he is very friendly to children. He is kind, calm, good, and tolerant with young kids.

In most cases, you can find him playing with kids, meaning that they make a good and lively relationship in a home with children. However, it goes without saying that you should never leave your kids unattended because anything can happen and regret later after realizing your dog has injured the kids. The worst thing you can do is to allow your dog to assume the responsibility for babysitting children.

7. They are smart

Airedale owners can attest that these are exceptionally smart breeds of dogs. They learn quickly, and this makes them to understand your emotions. When you are sad, he will realize this and will try to kiss or cuddle you with the intention of regaining your normal moods. When you are happy, he will join you by jumping around you while wagging his tail. Airedale owners will tell you that he is the best breed to have as a companion as you can’t get bored with him.

Airedale Terrier

8. They are destructive

Unless you are an Airedale owner, you can never understand how destructive these dogs are. As stated, they are ever active and thus require being entertained at all times. If you are the kind of person who likes watching movies or playing your favorite video games indoors, you will be shocked on realizing the magnitude of harm Airedale can have on you.

You must be ready to keep him busy by engaging him in different activities, or else, don’t be shocked when you realize your dog is snacking on your favorite furniture and other belongings.

9. They have messy facial hair

If you ask many dog owners, 70% will tell you that they settled on their dog breeds due to their outward appearance. This is true because the outward appearance matters a lot when it comes to selecting the type of dog breed to adopt.

If this is the only reason that makes you keep the dogs, an Airedale owner will tell you not to consider this breed. Even though Airedale has an extremely beautiful coat, his beard is a big old mess. When he drinks water, he tends to carry some with his beards and brings it in your house.

When he goes to the yard to dig a hole, don’t be surprised after realizing the amount of soil he has brought in your house. Airedale is a beautiful dog, but this hair makes him dirty and out of control. If you can’t tolerate this behavior, don’t go for this breed.

10. They are very social

If you walk around your neighborhood and find that some of the homes lack a dog, the reason behind it is probably the same. They don’t like dogs because they are afraid that they will not accommodate strangers as the dogs will be aggressive towards them.

Regardless of how true this might be, an Airedale owner will tell you the mistake you make by not adopting him. He is a dog that is not only friendly to family members but also to the strangers. When you bring visitors in your home, he will be very pleased to welcome them and would want a chance to interact with them.

When you walk around the neighborhood with him, he will make a point to stop almost everyone to engage in a conversation. If you like visitors, your Airedale will like them even more.

11. They are family oriented

One of the principle reasons why people adopt a dog is to provide a playing toy for their children. If you are among them, Airedale owner will not hesitate to inform you that you are on the right track with Airedale. He is family oriented and loves being part of all of you. He likes resting on your couch and playing with you in the house and outside. It is one of the dog breeds that can never bore you because it’s always entertaining.

12. They love to share

Many people refer to dogs as greedy. This could be true because some of the dogs may snatch a pizza from your hands or look at your with malicious eyes as you eat. However, Airedale owners will tell you that these are exceptional types of dogs with a heart of sharing.

They are the kind of dog that can’t eat something on their own without giving you some. If they go outside and find a dead squirrel or bird, they will carry them and bring to your house.

They like to make a difference and please you, and that’s why they will bring something to you as payback for what you feed them. Therefore, if you are the kind of people who hate seeing dead things, Airedale might not be the right one for you.

13. Health

When it comes to health, Airedales are no exception from other dog breeds. They are healthy but are prone to certain health conditions. Unless you are an Airedale owner, you can never understand the common illnesses that might affect your dog, and that’s why many owners will tell you that this breed has common types of illnesses, such as Hip Dysplasia, allergies, hypothyroidism, Progressive retinal Atrophy (PRA), Umbilica Hernia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, and cancer.

Understanding these illnesses prepares the owners to notice any signs and symptoms associated with any of them, and take preventive measures to keep their dogs healthy.

14. Feeding

Just like human beings, dogs should also be subjected to a balanced diet. Given that they are carnivores, protein must be provided in their daily feeds. However, unless you are an Airedale owner, you can never understand how to efficiently feed your dog.

It is recommended that you feed your dog twice a day on ½ to 25 cups of high-quality dry food every day. The amounts of food you provide depend on your dog’s metabolism, size, build, age, and the level of activities. Don’t just leave food out all day long, as this can encourage obesity.

You should monitor your dog’s size through a hands-on test and eye test to ensure he does not become overweight. However, unless you are an Airedale owner, you cannot understand this.

15. They have high life expectancy

It goes without saying that everyday wants a dog they can have a long-term relationship with. Dogs are usually attached to human beings, and the last thing you could expect is for your dog to die the only time you have developed affections with him.

But unless you are Airedale owner, it could be hard for you to understand that this breed has high life expectancy. Males grow up to 23 inches tall while females are slightly shorter. The weight of male Airedale ranges from 50 to 65 pounds, while that of female ranger from 40 to 55 pounds. Their life expectancy ranges from 10 to 13 years under good care and proper nutrition.

16. One lived in the White House

Unless you are an Airedale owner, you cannot be interested in knowing more about the origin of this breed and the kind of relationship they have had with various people. That’s why an Airedale owner will tell you that one of them lived in the White House.

His name was Laddie Boy and became the most famous dog to have a wonderful time in the White House. The dog would be seen in the company of President Harding from attending cabinet meetings to golf games. President Harding loved this dog to the extent of having 1000 bronze miniatures that resembled the dog made so that he could give to his colleagues and close friends.

Laddie Boy attended fundraising events and even met with many celebrities. Upon Harding’s death, many people became concerned about Laddie Boy’s future, and it could take you no time to realize that the dog was famous.

17. British Army used Airedale as Messengers

With the captivating history of Airedale, you will agree with me that it is one breed that is close to human beings. In addition to their intelligence, they are known for their athleticism, tenacity, and eagerness to please which contributed to them being used as messengers.

During the World War 1, Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Hautenville Richardson proved that dogs could be used as soldiers. Airedales were the best choice and soldiers used them to locate fallen soldiers and even carry messages.

They were also very helpful as they were placed in front lines where they were expected to warn the troops when their enemies were approaching. Interestingly, Airedales were allowed to go to the field with packs of medicine strapped to their bodies with an intention of saving the lives of injured men. Unless you are an Airedale owner, you can never know this.

18. They are food finicky

With many people adopting dogs, they have an impression that their dog will always eat any food presented to them. That’s why many walk in the malls and choose any food for their dogs. When their dogs fail to eat, they are disappointed. Unless you have never come across this, an Airedale owner will tell you that this is a common thing to see on these dogs.

They tend to be finicky and choosy. You will have to try different brands of food before you get that one that pleases your dog. If you plan to adopt an Airedale, be prepared to try as many dog food brands as possible.

19. Airedale is a royal breed

Many people adopt dogs because they want to have a guard, while others want to bring a toy to their children. Either way, they keep the dog to satisfy their needs without having the actual reason for adoption. Unless you are an Airedale owner, you can never understand the meaning of these dogs.

Airedale is a loving dog that attracts many people. In the history, three presidents were believed to have this breed as their favorite pets. Interestingly, they were three presidents in a row. If this has found you in surprised, don’t worry as you would have an idea had you been an Airedale owner.

These presidents were Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, and Calvin Coolidge and named their Airedale as Davie, Laddie Boy, and Laddie Buck respectively. Therefore, unless you are an Airedale owner, you can’t understand that this is a royal breed that everybody wants to have.

20. They bark for a good reason

It goes without saying that many people adopt dogs to be their guard, and inform them of an unexpected company in the form of barking. However, some people have developed a hatred for dogs because they bark excessively and unnecessarily, thereby becoming a nuisance to families with small children.

That’s why you can hardly understand much about Airedale unless you are the owner. Airedale is a family-oriented dog that looks forward to pleasing the owner. This means that everything he does is in moderation. When you leave him out, sleep soundly and believe that he is guarding you and will alert you in case something is not right.

He is not a great barker but believe that when he does, there is a reason for that. Probably, there could be an intruder trying to break in or a strange animal. Therefore, if you are among the people in love with silent dogs, Airedale is the best choice.

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