20 Things Only Vizsla Owners Would Understand

The Hungarian Vizsla is a lovable and loyal pet. This breed was trained as a sports and hunting dog but is also as a companion dog which is rare in the history of breeding. The dogs are high energy and high maintenance, but a Vizsla owner would never complain.

The Vizsla makes a great pet for anyone wishing to have a devoted companion who will become your “shadow” and protect you while providing you with fun and amusing antics. Once a Vizsla owner, always a Vizsla owner.

Here are 20 things only Vizsla owners would understand.

1. They are well built

The Vizsla is a medium sized sporting dog bred to hunt and retrieve game. Vizslas have a golden rust colored coat that can be darker rust colored. The eye and nail colors blend in with the reddish color of hair. The male Vizsla is between 45 and 66 pounds on average and stands between 22 and 25 inches. The female weighs a bit less, usually between 40 and 55 pounds. The female Vizsla stands between 21 and 24 inches on average. Vizslas have a robust body yet they are lightweight and lean. The dog has defined muscles and a long skinny tail that extends when pointing toward game.

2. They are sports dogs

Bred for hunting, the Vizsla is a sports dog. The robust dogs are filled with energy and bred to hunt in forests, water and fields. As hunting dogs, Vizlas have an amazing sense of smell.

They can flush out any type of game and, with their high amount of energy, diligence and unwavering focus, the Vizsla won’t ever give up. These dogs can hunt in a variety of environments from field to forest to water and will remain steadfast.

Of course, as with other sports dogs like hounds and retrievers, this attribute can lead the dog on an incredibly focused chase that it can’t be distracted from. The Vizsla is a smart, scent oriented breed that is determined to find and retrieve its prey.

This can be distracting and annoying to some dog owners, but a Vizsla owner will be the first to tell you that these intelligent and affectionate dogs are only doing what they were bred to do and that is a part of what makes them so special to their owner.

3. They are mistaken for other breeds

The Vizsla is often mistaken for other breeds. The dog looks similar to the Weimaraner, the Redbone Conhound and the Rhodesion Ridgeback. However, the Hungarian Vizsla is smaller than those breeds and its muscles are much more defined.

4. They are full of energy

Like many hunting dogs, the Vizsla has a lot of energy. Vizsla’s don’t just have a lot of energy, they have an endless amount of energy. Vizsla owners know they can’t just take their dog out for an occasional game of fetch.

The Vizsla needs to have vigorous exercise more than once a day. Otherwise, the Vizsla will get into all kinds of trouble at home. A bored Vizsla is a mischievous dog.

The unexercised dog will find anything they can get into that their owner does not want it to get into, like garbage. The bored dog with pent up energy will chew and scratch and destroy your home.

5. They are loving

Why would any dog owner want a high maintenance dog that needs constant exercise and attention? Any Vizsla owner will tell you that the dogs are certainly worth the attention. Vizslas are highly affectionate and loving.

The Vizsla latches onto its owner and will provide constant loyalty. Vizsla owners call their dogs “Velcro” dogs and only a Vizsla owner can clearly understand the term. The Vizsla is so affectionate and loyal to its owner that it will attach itself to you like a second skin.

Yes, sometimes the attention can get a bit annoying, but any Vizsla owner will tell you the love and loyalty of this breed is a very big part that makes them so special.

6. They share the bed

As a “Velcro” dog, the Vizsla desires to be near its owner at all times. A lot of dogs like to sleep on the bed, the Vizsla will make sure it does. It’s not just that the bed is softer than the floor. Even a dog bed won’t do for the Vizsla.

This dog likes to snuggle. Their love and affection for their owner demands that they be close to him or her at all times, especially when they sleep. If you want to be a Vizsla owner, be prepared not only to have the dog as a “shadow”, be prepared to never go to the bathroom alone again, and be prepared to share your bed with this big lovable dog.

7. They are protective

Vizsla owners obviously need to be prepared for their dog to be a constant presence in their lives and to put up with lack of privacy and a crowded bed, but why? The loyalty of the Vizsla is evident in the protection it provide.

The Vizsla will not allow a stranger to bother its owner. The dog makes a very good guard dog. It is not about to let any stranger enter the home or get near its owner without permission. A Vizsla is not just a friendly and lovable dog.

A Vizsla is a loyal dog. Unlike some breeds of dog bred for protection, a Vizsla won’t simply protect its owner out of its nature, but a Vizsla will protect its owner of loyalty, affection and attachment to the particular person.

8. They are smart

The Vizsla is a very intelligent breed. They are highly trainable. With some hounds and retrievers, the breed is programmed to do its work. With a Vizsla, the breed is very intelligent and easy to train.

Although focused on its duty to hunt, the Vizsla will always be attentive to the particular needs of its owner. These dogs are one of the most intelligent of breeds. Yes, the Vizsla will get distracted by scents and the chase, but the breed’s intelligence allows a dog to easily be trained to fit the needs of its beloved owner.

The Vizsla is actually one of the most easy to train dogs.

9. They like to chew

Vizslas like to chew. Most hunting dogs have a tendency to mouth, and the Vizsla is no exception. The dog will constantly mouth its owner’s hand. This can be charming and affectionate at first, but can soon become annoying.

To prevent this habit from becoming annoying, Vizsla owners need to have plenty of chew toys on hand. This will prevent the dogs from constantly grabbing your hands and leaving their drool over you.

10. They have long history

The Hungarian Vizsla dates back to the 10th century. The dogs were bred by the Magyar tribes living in the Carpathian Basin. The dogs were not only a favorite hunting dog of the Magyar tribes, but also served the role of companion.

The Vizsla may have been bred long before the Magyar tribes. The breed can be seen in stone etchings along with Magyar hunters and falcons on a hunt.

11. They were written about

In the 1300’s, the Vizsla was mentioned in the Vienna Chronical prepared by the Carmelite Friars for King Lajos the Great. Apparently these hunting dogs also served as companion dogs for early barons and warlords of the era.

The dogs continued to be bred as both hunting and companion dogs for the aristocracy who helped continue the development of the dogs’ hunting skills. At that time, the Vizsla were called “yellow pointers”. The Hungarian Vizsla were written about often during the next six centuries.

12. They are sensitive

Given its nature, the Vizsla is a very sensitive dog breed. Owners of Vizslas realize how important it is that the Vizsla receive plenty of reassurance and love. This is especially true given that the Vizsla is so loving, affectionate and loyal to its owner.

The Vizsla needs plenty of reassurance to promote self esteem. Any Vizsla owner will understand how these dogs thrive on positive reinforcement from their esteemed and trusted owners.

13. They are easy going

Vizsla owners will understand that despite the need for attention and the need for constant exercise, the Vizsla is actually a very easy going pet to own. He or she simply needs a solid and steady home to live in and an owner that is truly understanding of his or her energy and drive to please.

Yet these dogs have the complex character where they can be a bit high maintenance yet easy going in nature. This is a factor that only a Vizsla owner can truly understand.

14. They like the water

Any Vizsla owner will understand that their dog not only enjoys the hunt, but water won’t stop the hunt. Unlike some other breeds, the Vizsla will find water play and water hunting enjoyable.

Some hunting dogs don’t really like to have to go into the water to retrieve fowl. The Vizsla will never back away from the task. In fact, and maybe because Vizslas are so incredibly full of energy, the breed will never back away from water.

The Vizsla is a water lover and can swim for many hours at a time. Keeping this in mind, Vizsla owners need to train their pups to learn how to easily access the water and how to exit the water as well. Of course, if your Vizsla is in open water, undertows must be taken into consideration.

15. They are somewhat Presidential

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino owned an adorable and lovable Vizsla named Henry. Henry was a very important part of Perino’s life. Perino also co-hosted “The Five”.

When Henry died, Dana Perino did what any Vizsla owner would do. Ms. Perino needed another Vizsla to compensate for the loss. Her second Vizsla was named Jasper.

16. They make great models

Sean Ellis is a filmmaker and photographer who is world renown. British filmmaker and photographer Sean Ellis published a photography bood in 2011 called “Kubrick the Dog”.

The book featured Kubrick, a beautiful Vizsla. Sean Ellis nailed it by featuring this beautiful Vizsla named Kubrik with its beautiful musculature and distinguished features. The Hungarian Vizsula certainly makes a great photography model as well as a faithful and loving pet.

17. Howard Stern Connection

No one would ever guess it, but the beautiful Vizsla has a connection to one of the world’s most notorious radio talk show hosts, Howard Stern. However, given that Stern’s wife is well known as an animal rescuer, this is not that odd.

The connection between the Vizsla and Howard Stern is actually Stern’s sidekick, “Baba Booey”. Howard Stern’s Producer, Gary Dell’abate is a proud Vizsla owner. Dell’abate’s Vizsla is named Murphy and has been featured on the radio show.

18. They are famous service dogs

Only die hard Vizsla fans could truly understand the breeds perfect ability to be a service dog. There is a YouTube series called “Dog Vlog” that features an amazing and talented Vizsla. The Vlog was created by comedian Drew Lynch. His pet Vizsla’s name is Stella. The owner and pet share their service dog experiences on YouTube’s “Dog Vlog”.

19. You will become co-dependent

Even if you think you are the person who will never cave to the desires of any of God’s creatures, if you are a Vizsla owner, you will. Vizsla owners quickly become an amazingly important part of their dogs lives.

Vizslas are so incredibly endearing and lovable that no matter what you try to do, if you own one, you will move boulders to make your dog happy because your Vizsla will do the same for you.

20. They are addictive

Only the Vizsla owner will understand how special this dog is. The breed is loving, affectionate and loyal to a tee. The Vizsla is protective and fun to be around. The dog is high energy and high maintenance.

Vizsla owners will find themselves in a codependent relationship. This isn’t just any pet, it’s a companion. It takes a special, patient and dedicated person to own a Vizsla. What any Vizsla owner will tell you is this: the dogs are addictive.

A Vizsla owner will eventually want another Vizsla to share their lives with. One pet Vizsla is never enough, and two will not be enough either.

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