A State Trooper Adopts a Pit Bull He Saved from The Highway

Once one of the most feared and rejected dog breeds, we’re reading more stories of pit bulls rescued from roadways and other places careless owners abandon them. More people are realizing that pit bulls are dogs that have the same potential to become loving household pets as any other breed. Most animals have the potential for violence, but we’re seeing that humans exhibit the same potential for love or violence in an era when the world seems to be filled with sad stories of tragedy and loss. It’s essential to hear about the good things that are happening between dogs and people. We heard about an abandoned pit bull on an Ohio highway that became the focal point of attention for a State Trooper who was moved by the plight of the dog, and willing to give her a chance to prove her merit.

Ohio State Trooper Adopts Pit Bull He Saved from The Highway

Daily Paws shared the story of Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Rick Gable. He was on duty patrolling the roads near Cincinnati when he came across a dog in the middle of the road. The officer secured the area with his patrol car lights to deflect traffic while he checked out the situation. When he opened his passenger car door, the dog jumped into the seat and sat beside him. He followed protocol and called the local animal shelter to take possession of the stray he rescued from the highway. The two had time to bond while they waited for the agency to arrive. There was something about the female pit bull that got his attention and stole his heart. He checked in on the dog to make sure it was returned to its owners, but when nobody stepped forward to claim her, he completed the process of adoption to bring her into his home as a new member of the family. Officer Gable reported that the pup had a sweet personality and was comfortable enough with him to fall asleep in his lap while they waited for animal rescue to arrive. It’s a touching story about how a chance encounter ended in a beautiful relationship between dog and man. He named her Zoey and she has become an integral part of the officer’s family, now in her forever home with a loving family. Fate brought the two together.

Why pit bulls get a bad rap

There is still a great deal of fear and apprehension toward pit bulls from the general public in the United States and Canada. Statistics show that more than half of dog attacks that result in severe disfigurement or death of the victims come from pit bulls or pit bull mixes. The National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Organization reports that 53% of attacks reported in 2021 were from dogs of the breed. The organization claims that pit bulls are a danger to families, farm animals, domestic pets, and communities. It cites recorded attacks and the damages caused by pit bulls and attacks that in many cases are unprovoked. The adoption of pit bulls with unknown backgrounds has increased the number of unprovoked attacks. It’s hard to argue with hard-core data like that. Still, some animal lovers view pit fulls simply as dogs who need the same love, care, and affection as any other breed.

Are pit bulls an inherently dangerous breed?

NBC News highlights the ruling of the Maryland Court of Appeals that deemed the breed and its hybrids to be “inherently dangerous.” Some cities and counties have banned ownership of pit bulls within their borders because of fear of the potential for violence and unprovoked attacks from pit bulls. While some municipalities and lawmakers promote fear of the animals and discourage ownership, Scientists and researchers looked into the conflict over pit bull temperament and suggest that the science says something different. Many experts on dog behaviors believe that the court exceeded its authority and possibly made a ruling that is incorrect and not based on actual science. Studies show that pit bulls are not even at the top of the most common biters in the dog world. They’re Jack Russell Terriers, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds. The facts stand for themselves and reports of pit bull attacks continue to happen, but it’s likely because they are the most widely reported. Pit bulls were popular as family pets in the early part of the century. The violent streak we’re seeing and hearing about is likely due to the high numbers of breeders to breed and train the dogs for illegal fighting. Pit bulls bred to fight other dogs seem to become more aggressive, and the tendencies can appear for up to three generations down the line with violent personality traits. It’s a personality trait for some dogs created by unethical training methods. Some dog experts are willing to take their opinions to public forums. They hope that educating the public can help more people realize that well-trained pit bulls that are highly socialized do not present any greater risk of violent behaviors than any other breed.

Final thoughts

Pit bulls have been on the receiving end of a bad rap for decades. Some people are learning that the breed is as trainable as any other dog, and they have the potential to become loving members of the family with proper training and socialization. A pit bull, like any other dog, or human, develops its unique personality over time and is influenced by its environment and social interactions. Banning the breed because of the number of reported attacks is comparable to claiming that all humans with guns have the potential to become school shooters. Officer Gable can vouch for the sweet personality of the rescue pit bull he adopted after finding her helpless on an Ohio highway. She’s become a part of his family and continues to fit in as a part of the family.

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