10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Aussie Shiba

Aussie Shiba

Australian Shepherds are a popular dog breed valued for their intelligence and enjoyable personalities. These hard-working dogs make some interesting crossbreeds. One of the best we’ve seen is the Aussie Shiba. If you’re not yet familiar with this hybrid Aussie mix, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Aussie Shiba that might make you want to welcome one into your home.

1. The Aussie Shiba is a hybrid breed

According to Dog Breed Info, the Aussie Shiba is a cross between the popular Australian Shepherd breed and the Shiba Inu. They’re also called an Aussie Inu. This hybrid is a designer breed that was crossed by breeders to produce dogs that offer the strengths of both breeds. Not all breeders arrive at a purity of fifty-fifty. Some Aussie Shibas come out with more traits and characteristics of one breed over the others, however, some breeders maintain multi-generation crosses to help achieve standardization in the offspring.

2. Aussie Shiba’s are only recognized by one organization

The Aussie Shiba has not been around long enough for any of the more prominent dog breed organizations to officially recognize them as a bona fide breed. However, the Aussie Shiba is recognized by the Dog Registry of America. The hybrid remains unrecognized by the American Kennel Club.

3. Aussie Shiba’s are clean dogs

The Aussie Shiba inherits his preferences for being clean from both sides of his ancestry. Both Inu Shibas and Australian Shepherds are dog breeds that prefer to be clean. They maintain a grooming habit that comes close to that of a cat. They don’t like to have dirt or debris on their coats. They will go out of their way to avoid stepping in a mud puddle if they see it in time. Keeping your Aussie Shiba clean shouldn’t be a problem.

4. The size can range from small to medium

According to My First Shiba, you never know how big your Aussie Shiba is going to be when you buy him as a puppy. Because of the lack of standardization of the breeding protocols, these dogs can grow to a variety of sizes at maturity. The range in height can be between 15 to 25 inches. Your pup may grow to a weight range that is between 20 to 40 pounds. It all depends on which traits the puppy inherits from each parent.

5. Shibu Inas are generally dominant

When looking at genetics and how they work in dog breeding. Shiba Inu have more dominant genes in crossbreeding. The Australian Shepherd features often take a back seat. A fifty-fifty breeding protocol can result in any mix of traits, however, the Shina Ibu’s pointy ears, longer body, and sleek and narrow face usually become predominant, but not always. Shina Ibu’s are proportionately configured with balanced muscle formation on the hindquarters and the front for a lovely aesthetic.

6. Aussie Shibas are fiercely loyal

Both Shibu Ina and Australian Shepherds are loyal dog breeds. When crossed, the most likely outcome is a dog that is fiercely loyal when raised with the proper love, nurturing, and socialization from puppyhood. They’re loyal to their packs and this translates into loyalty to their human masters and family.

7. Socialization is required to prevent aggression

The Aussie Shiba can be a sweet and loving pet if he is properly socialized from puppyhood. Shibu Ina dogs have a tendency toward aggressiveness and for becoming possessive. This is tempered by their friendly natures while the Australian Shepherds are more level in their disposition. Aussie Shiba can become aggressive if they are not taught their manners from an early age. It is possible for undersocialized Aussie Shiba to violently defend their family members if they perceive that there is a threat. This is something to keep n mind when raising a puppy.

8. Aussie Shiba’s are sensitive dogs

Aussie Shibas get their sensitivity from the Australian Shepherd, although both breeds are prone to anxiety. When it comes to reprimanding your Aussie Shiba, it’s essential to use positive reinforcement techniques. This hybrid does not respond well to harsh treatment or violence. Yelling and hitting your Aussie Shiba will cause deep psychological harm and it may sever the bonds of trust you have created with your dog. Use firm but gentle methods for training and correction.

9. Aussie Shibas are intelligent dogs

Aussie Shibas are smart dogs that receive a dose of high intelligence from both sides of the family. They learn quickly and can figure things out. They understand most of the words you use as adults, which makes them easy to train through positive rewards training. You can teach this hybrid to do some amazing and complex tricks. Aussie Shibas can also be very entertaining as they have amazing personalities. They’ll make you laugh with their antics. They’ll impress you with the amazing feats they are capable of with just a little training.

10. They need regular exercise

Be prepared to supply your Aussie Shiba with plenty of opportunities for daily exercises. Australian Shepherds and Shiba Inus both have high energy levels. The Aussie is a working dog by nature and is happiest when he has a job to do. The Shiba Inu comes from a line of work dogs that enjoys the same level of activity and responsibility. Both are good herd dogs and they’re exceptional guard dogs who watch over flocks when on the job. They need to burn off extra energy through exercise, and if you have a job they can do, they’ll be happy to do it. Both of these breeds need to have open space to run. It’s recommended that you take them out for a daily walk. If you have an enclosed backyard, let them roam freely to burn off their energy. They need daily exercise to keep their well-formed muscles toned and strong. A daily walk is also a good way to bond with your Aussie Shiba.

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