The Best Tips to Get Your Dog To Go in the Water

The Final Day Of The Heat Wave

Summer is here, and you love sitting by water, or going for a dip. But what if your dog doesn’t? Not like you just want to abandon your best friend a the shore line while you go frolic by yourself. Plus, everyone knows dogs are the best frolickers when it comes to water and Summer. So what should you do if your dog is scared of the water or doesn’t want to go in? Here are some tips to get your dog to go in the water.

First off (and the best advice in general) is, you make the water the place that looks like the most fun. You can try to coax them in or use treats or other dogs, but the truth is, a dog is instinctual. It wants to be where the most energy and most fun is at (in most cases). So go in the water and splash and have fun and call to the dog. It might be hesitant, but the more fun it sees you are having, and the more eager you are to share that fun, the more eager your dog will be to join you.

But just like anything else, you can do all the “training” stuff like “slow introduction” and “Letting them know they are safe”. All those things are effective as well. But you would be surprised how quick a dog will learn to love the water if it thinks you are having fun without it.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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