Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed: What You Need to Know


Hunters don’t hesitate to mention that the Black Mouth Cur is the dog to have; it’s the epitome of a hunting dog. It’s everything that a hunting dog needs to be, should be and could be; it’s the hunting dog of all hunting dogs. That’s what makes the Black Mouth Cur such a popular dog, particularly in the south were many families live for hunting season. Stealth and swift, the Black Mouth Cur is a champion in the woods, and no other dog comes close to meeting the same expectations hunters have of this breed. Rugged and strong, brave and fearless, this breed was born for the wild. However, there is more to the Black Mouth Cur than meets the eye.

Personality and Temperament

Fearless and loyal to the death, the Black Mouth Cur is the dog to have in the woods and at home. While this breed loves to hunt and has been known to train itself to do so without any formal education in the matter, it’s a dog that also does a magnificent job at home with a family. It loves the people it calls its own, and it would do any and everything necessary to ensure its family is always safe and cared for. Affectionate and very gentle when with its humans, the BM Cur will never back down to another animal or any form of danger.

Very eager to please, the Black Mouth Cur does whatever it takes to ensure that its master is happy with him. It’s a breed that is wonderful with children no matter their age, and very kind to those it loves. This breed almost has a sixth sense for women and children, becoming immediately gentle and kind in their presence. A big more on the shy side with strangers, this is not a breed that is quick to trust anyone else, and it really does not do well with small animals at home. It does get on well with other dogs, but cats, bunnies and other small creatures that roam the yard and house are in danger with the Black Mouth Cur running around. Without hesitation, the dog will pick them up and kill them – he is a natural hunter and will not go against this instinct with anything smaller than him or even closer to his size.

Before you bring home a Black Mouth Cur, ask yourself this question; are you good with dogs? Have you had a dog in the past? Are you a natural leader with a firm personality as well as a consistent one? The Black Mouth Cur relies on this behavior from its owner. If you allow this breed to think that you are not in control, it will begin to exert its natural instinct to take control on his own, which is never good for family dynamics.

Size and Life Span

The Black Mouth Cur looks like a dog that is larger, but trim. However, it is a little heavier than many people like to give it credit for being. Standing around 25 inches tall and weighing as much as 95 pounds, they can become quite large; don’t let their trim and muscular stature fool you. Additionally, not all BM Curs become this large. It’s not uncommon for them to become full grown adults that stand only 16 inches tall and weigh as little as 45 pounds. Though that will not stop this dog from being a fierce hunter, and from being fast.

Another important factor to consider is that this is a dog that is typically around for a long time. It’s not a dog with a short lifespan, so you need to ensure that you and your family are ready for a commitment that might last as long as 18 years, which is not all that unlikely for the Black Mouth Cur. Long lives, healthy bodies and a love of exercise help this dog live long.

Lifestyle and Expectation

Most people are perfectly aware of what to expect in the field hunting with a Black Mouth Cur, but they are less prepared for what to expect at home, which is often the reason a few owners are unable to handle this breed anywhere but the woods. This breed is not for the weak or the lazy. Very active, in need of ample exercise and in need of at least one long and very brisk walk on daily basis, the Black Mouth Cur is great for anyone who is looking to get fit and exercise a bit more. However, it’s not a dog that does well when you miss an opportunity to take him outside and exercise with him.

Because the Black Mouth Cur is a highly intelligent dog, it needs a job to keep it stimulated. A good idea for this dog is a large yard with a fence that the dog can protect. This is a job to the dog, and he will take it very seriously. This dog will not do well in an apartment or a small home without a yard, so cross it off your list until you realize your own American dream of homeownership with that picket fence.

Generally a healthy dog, there are no real breed-specific issues to watch out for in terms of the Black Mouth Cur’s health. This is a dog that really does have a wonderful genetic history as far as health is concerned, though it’s always likely that your dog might develop some sort of infection or be diagnosed with a disease. There is just no telling whether or not this will happen with any dog, so it’s best to never assume that because it’s a generally healthy dog that it’s guaranteed not to ever get sick.

Breed History

The Black Mouth Cur has a very shady past in that no one is particularly certain where this dog comes from. What is known about tit is that there were many different cur type dogs that used to roam the south where hunting is prevalent, and hunters began using the dogs and their innate ability to hunt like professionals in the woods. They would breed them and provide dogs to other hunters, and that is how they became so famous and so beloved – particularly in the south.

Fun Fact

A Black Mouth Cur was the lucky dog that got to make itself famous in the world famous movie “Old Yeller,” playing the lead role of, you guessed it, Old Yeller.

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